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  1. How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost?
  2. What Is The Boat Shipping Cost  Per Mile?
  3. How to Get A Boat Ready for Shipping
  4. What Does The Boat Shipping Cost A Houseboat?
  5. Preparing Your Boat for Shipping
  6. How Much Does It Boat Shipping Cost?
  7. Make A Transportation Plan for Your Boat
  8. What Is The Process of Boat Shipping Cost?
  9. Boat Shipping Cost and Calculation Shipping Prices
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How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost?

Do you want to know how much it costs to transport a boat? You've arrived at the correct location. At auto shipping companies, companies specialize in assisting boat owners and dealers locate reputable shippers at the most competitive prices.

Car shipping company specialists realize that shipping a boat may be stressful, so picking a dependable and trustworthy carrier is critical to managing your valuable vehicle.

That is why the company has established a service page with helpful information on the elements determining the Boat shipping cost.

The car shipping company is here to help you every step of the way, from receiving a price to choosing the appropriate carrier and ensuring your boat reaches safely at its destination.

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Boat Shipping Cost

What Is The Boat Shipping Cost  Per Mile?

Depending on the size of your boat and the distance it must be transported, the cost of boat shipping per mile may range from $1.25 to $15.00 per mile. Obtaining quotations from many carriers to evaluate rates and services is critical. Furthermore, certain companies may provide savings for numerous boat shipments or during off-season periods.

How to Get A Boat Ready for Shipping

Depending on the degree of service the boat shipping cost firm provides, you may need to prepare your boat substantially, or the company may handle the job for you.

  • Remove all personal belongings from the boat.
  • Drain the gasoline to one-quarter tank capacity or as the boat transportation firm directs.
  • Secure engines
  • Remove all antennas, satellite dishes, and radar systems.
  • Windows and doors should be closed, locked, or latched.
  • Remove the batteries.
  • Tanks for draining water
  • All lines must be secured or removed.
  • Check that all keys are accessible.
  • Check with your insurance agent to double-check your coverage.

Boat Shipping Cost

What Does The Boat Shipping Cost A Houseboat?

As previously said, the boat shipping cost will vary depending on several variables. It would help if you also considered your boat's weight, shipping distance, and vehicle trailer type.

These are the most important aspects influencing the total boat shipping cost service. The cost of transporting your houseboat will vary depending on the distance travelled and the dimensions of your vessel. You should budget roughly $1.60 per mile for houseboat transportation.

Preparing Your Boat for Shipping

After reviewing your bids and deciding on one, you must prepare your boat for shipping. Some of the measures you should take are as follows:


You may need specific documentation if you sell your boat or go overseas. To prevent any last-minute accidents, make sure you have them on hand.


It is a good idea to properly clean your boat before transporting it. Not only will this allow you to remove any personal possessions and valuable electrical equipment that you don't want to lose during transportation, but it will also allow you to obtain a solid understanding of the state of your yacht before pick up if anything goes wrong.

You should also secure any loose goods that will remain aboard the boat, such as lifejackets, and disconnect and tidy the wires.

Boat Shipping Cost

Empty Liquids:

Before pickup, you should empty the bilge, garbage storage, and the bulk of your gasoline and disconnect the fuel tanks. This will make the boat lighter to carry and prevent leaks during travel.

Remove Sails :

If you're transferring a sailboat, you must remove all winches and rigging from the mast.

Photographic Evidence:

The company strongly advises you to take time-stamped images of the state of your vessel before it is picked up since this will serve as documentation of its previous condition if any damage occurs while it is being transported.

How Much Does It Boat Shipping Cost?

The cheapest method to send a boat is with an open carrier or flatbed truck since these alternatives are often less expensive than enclosed or specialty trailers.

While this alternative may save you money, remember that your boat will be exposed to the weather. To obtain the most significant rate while assuring safe and dependable transportation, compare quotations from several carriers and read their ratings.

Make A Transportation Plan for Your Boat

Boat transport firms advise you to prepare beforehand when selecting a day and time to transfer your boat. The cost of boat hauling varies according to the season and the demand for transporters. Contact several boat transport firms ahead of time to find out how their charges fluctuate at different periods of the year.

You can save money by being flexible with your boat transit days. The weeks leading up to and after summer are the busiest seasons of the year for boat transport firms. If you relocate your boat outside this peak season, shipping charges will be much cheaper.

What Is The Process of Boat Shipping Cost?

Several boats are loaded onto a ship and transported to their destination port. When these boats arrive at the port, they are mounted to trucks and transported to their destinations.

Your boat will be stored during this handover. The longer the boat is stored, the more money it will cost to move it.

Boat Shipping Cost and Calculation Shipping Prices

There are different ways to ship:

If you want to move your boat across the country, you'll find prices like those above. Depending on how big the ship is, the shipping company may pull it with a single truck or put it on a trailer. But only some transportation plans will go straight to a place where cars can drive.

Calculate the cost of shipping:

Just one part of the problem is how far your boat needs to be moved. The size of the ship is another important thing that affects the price.

A boat with a longer length takes up more space and tends to be heavier, which could put more pressure on the vehicle that brings it to you.

With this information in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that a giant vessel will charge more per mile for boat shipping costs. The exact cost will rely on who you hire to do the delivery, but here are the usual prices for boat shipping cost services:

  • 12 feet: About $2.75-$3.75 per mile
  • 12 feet long: About $2.50 to $3.50 per mile
  • 11 feet long: About $2.25 to $3.25 per mile


Calculating shipping expenses for your boat and trailer is complex, particularly when the vessel has specific attachments or is imported from another nation.

As a result, by researching each factor that determines transportation prices and picking the correct shipping firm, you may save significant money while ensuring your boat arrives safely!


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