About Our Company

Rapid Auto Shipping is one of the best auto shipping companies in the United States. Rapid's founders are seasoned, successful businessmen with a goal to revolutionize the auto shipping sector. We learned how unreliable the car shipping industry can be during the course of multiple cross-country moves. From ardent vehicle collectors to everyday drivers across the lower 48 states, we are the only auto shipping company customers choose to partner with. We've earned a reputation for reliability, consistency, and accessibility, which is exactly what consumers want when they need to ship a vehicle. We saw the worst of what's out there, from dented bumpers to no-show drivers, and we felt we could do better.
Much, much better. One way we're changing the vehicle shipping market and enhancing the customer experience is through our Clean Car Guarantee, a new service we've launched. We made the decision to apply our experience in corporate leadership, technology, and customer service to the weary, unreliable auto transportation industry. What's the end result? Our main principles are excellent service and safety. Our patented ranking and scheduling algorithms ensure that your vehicle is assigned to a driver with a perfect service and safety rating. We monitor carrier performance to ensure that our customers' automobiles are handled by only the most qualified specialists. We're here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing real-time information on your vehicle's development.
Rapid Auto Shipping is dedicated to providing the transparent and stress-free auto transport experience that every car shipping customer deserves. We're the auto transportation business you can rely on through all of life's changes.

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Our Objective

To genuinely be where Auto Transport Meets Technology when it comes to Rapid Auto Shipping. We want to make shipping a vehicle such a proven process that it's a no-brainer to use our firm for all of your auto transport needs.

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Our Goal

From the top-down, every Rapid Auto Shipping employee is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the greatest possible experience from start to end. When it comes to exporting vehicles, there are a lot of moving factors, whether we're dealing with a single car relocation, a large enterprise, an auction house, or one of our business partners.

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Moving Ahead

It's critical for our company's success that we, as leaders, recall how we got here. We always do the right thing, and we consider our integrity to be the most important aspect of our company. We are a forward-thinking group of people who aren't hesitant to take risks in order to improve our processes, even if it means going backwards first. We are certain that we have the most advanced technology available, allowing experienced shippers to actually Do It Yourself, saving you money while ensuring that your transfer is backed by the Rapid Auto Shipping team's full assistance.

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Calculating Price

Rapid Auto Shipping has set a new bar for auto transport firms. We were the first to provide a quick vehicle shipping quote to web visitors. Rather than contacting around for various quotations, you may use our calculator to acquire multiple quotes in seconds. We were the first to offer a quick online auto transport quote. Our car shipping calculator remains the most advanced and accurate in the industry. It's also one of the most straightforward and confidential, as we don't require any personal information to provide you with a quote.

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Our Expert Representative

We have a skilled customer service team ready to answer your concerns and assist you with the logistics of your vehicle relocation. As one of the best auto transport companies, we handle minor difficulties before they become major problems, and we have a solid reputation in the auto shipping sector. People keep working with us because we're keen to remove the ambiguity, complexity, and hassle from the car shipping process. We believe it should always be simple and accessible. That's why, when it comes to customer service, we routinely rank among the top vehicle transport businesses. Our team members will help you with every issue.

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Our Quality

We are one of the best automobile transportation businesses for a variety of reasons. Every Rapid Auto Shipping driver, for example, has been thoroughly vetted, has a spotless driving record, and is in good standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). As a result, we have one of the best safety records in the transportation sector. Finally, we've learned which routes are the most efficient and cost-effective over time, and as a result, we can offer you the best possible price for the whole transportation of any vehicle.

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