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Lowboy Trucking

Lowboy trailers are the workhorses of the heavy equipment transportation sector. They're used for moving equipment, machinery, and cargo in a variety of sectors. Around the world, they are almost commonly employed in agriculture, mining, construction, and freight transportation. Lowboy trailers are also known as a double drop, low loader, low-bed, or float depending on where you are in the world. A drop deck semi-trailer is the name given to all of them. Rapid Auto can carry your trailer by itself, or we may deliver your freight using a lowboy trailer.

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  • Lowboy Transportation For All Heavy Equipment And Machinery

    The heavy equipment transportation industry's workhorses are lowboy trailers. They're helpful in a range of industries for transporting equipment, machinery, and goods. These are virtually universally used in agriculture, mining, construction, and freight transportation around the world. Depending on where you are in the world, lowboy trailers are also known as a double drop, low loader, low-bed, or float. They're all referred to as a drop deck semi-trailer. Rapid Auto can haul your trailer alone, or we can offer the lowboy trailer to deliver your freight.

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    Lowboy trailers are used to transport huge machinery such as bulldozers, backhoes, and dump trucks that aren't road rated despite having wheels. They're built with two drops on the trailer, allowing taller, non-disassembled equipment to ship through low-clearance zones. Freight height requirements are typically 8', which many larger machines may surpass if transported on a different type of trailer. The maximum weight for a two-axle lowboy trailer is 40,000 pounds, however, depending on the number of axles necessary, the weight restriction can be increased to 80,000 pounds total weight and load. We have everything you need to transfer equipment on a lowboy trailer at Rapid Auto Shipping.

  • When And What Is Need Of Extendable Lowboy Trailer?

    When large weights exceed the regular lowboy trucking maximum length dimensions, an extended lowboy trucking, also known as a stretch lowboy trucking, is used. When this happens, the length of a standard lowboy trucking can increase from 28 to 50 feet. There are extension stops every 24 inches as well. This makes it possible to transport longer, heavier equipment in a safe manner.
    The best extendable lowboy trailers are available from Rapid Auto Shipping and are ready to haul. If a stretch lowboy trailer is the best option for your enormous load, an expert logistics agent will determine it. Each lowboy extendable trailer carry is properly secured and delivered by the most qualified driver available. We offer dependable stretch lowboy trucking service so you can rest assured that your heavy equipment will arrive safely. Now is the time to call and get started!

  • Lowboy Trailer Shipping In All States

    Lowboy hauling is available in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Lowboy trailers can be found at some of the best prices at online auctions. The disadvantage of buying trailers online is that you will need to arrange for reliable transportation for any new trailers you purchase. There's no need to be concerned with Rapid Auto Shipping. We provide high-quality lowboy trailer transportation throughout the United States.

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    We'll get you any permits or escorts you need to safely and quickly transport your lowboy trailer wherever you need it. And, don't worry, you'll be in constant contact with your transportation team. You can count on us to deliver high-quality lowboy trailer transport.

  • How To Ship Lowboy Trailer With Rapid Auto Shipping?

    We must first establish the sort of haul you require in order to move a lowboy trailer. There are power-only options for shipping the lowboy trailer on its own, or it can be carried on a separate trailer for travel. Lowboy trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of transport applications. Each model of lowboy has its own set of features that cater to a specific demand for transporting varied heavy loads. The fixed gooseneck, or FGN, has a longer deck length and is the lightest of the three options. Although the decreased weight is advantageous, the fixed neck eliminates the ability to detach and load over the trailer's front.

    The MFGN, or mechanical folding gooseneck, has a deck that folds down to the ground, creating a ramp for simpler trailer loading. When transporting a lowboy trailer, the structural differences between these and other types provide their own set of issues. You should use professionals who are familiar with the challenges that arise while towing a lowboy trailer, so you can be assured that your investment is being properly prepared, loaded, and sent. With Rapid Auto Shipping, a professional logistics agent will gather all of the required information to deliver the type of lowboy transportation you require. We also rovide lowbed trucking.

  • Our Company Transports Lowboy Trailers With Reliability

    On a lowboy trailer, transporting heavy material and equipment is a task for professionals. Rapid Auto Shipping works with qualified, bonded drivers who have been verified to ensure that their rigs and trailers conform with all North American shipping standards. We don't work with just anyone at Rapid Auto. We make certain to discover the best option for transporting your lowboy trailer. Rapid Auto Shipping has been moving lowboy trailers and large equipment for over a decade. We are aware of the actions that must be taken to ensure a safe transportation experience.
    We also provide cranes ,forklifts and lowbed trucking if your freight needs loading or unloading help. Most oversize lowboy trailer transports necessitate the use of pilot cars or escort vehicles, which we will arrange for you. We'll get it done whether you require power-only shipping for your lowboy trailer or need to move it on a separate trailer. For all of your lowboy trucking services needs, your personal logistics specialist will select the best driver, vehicle, and trailer.

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  • We Are Your Lowboy Hauling Experts

    When you engage with Nationwide Transport Services, you'll be assigned a logistics agent who will coordinate all aspects of your transportation with lowboy service firms. Our load specialists are highly trained professionals who will plan everything you'll need for a safe and efficient delivery. Your logistics agent knows everything there is to know about your request. As a result, you'll always be able to get updates from someone who is familiar with your shipment. When you contact us, a logistics representative will obtain information regarding your request, such as:

    (->) Your freight's height, length, width, and weight.

    (->) The origin and destination ZIP codes for the freight.

    (->) If any more services are required.

    (->) Your load consultant will evaluate the cost of shipping your freight and begin the planning process. The following are some of your logistics agent's responsibilities:

    (->) Choosing the best mode of transport for your cargo.

    (->) Hiring a driver and any additional workers that may be required.

    (->) Creating a path between points A and B.

    (->) Assisting with paperwork and permit applications.

    (->) Communication with clients and transportation specialists.

    (->) Using problem-solving techniques to handle issues that arise during transportation.

    (->) Assuring that your cargo arrived at its destination on time.

    We also offer lowbed trucking.

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300104 people shipped using
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Getting a quote is easy with our online quote form, enter your name , email and number, our executive will assist you and book your reservation online or by phone!

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Getting a quote is easy with our online quote form, enter your name , email and number, our executive will assist you and book your reservation online or by phone!

lowboy shipping services
lowboy shipping services
lowboy shipping services

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