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Auto auctions are an excellent way to get a great deal with a used car. Online auto auction services such as Copart and Manheim often can help you find cars for a good deal.Auto auctions are an excellent way to obtain a great price on a used car. Online auto auction services like Copart and Manheim can often help you find cars for a bargain. The majority of auto transport companies on the road vehicles to and from auctions, and we can assist you with our excellent auto auction shipping services!

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Auto auctions are a fantastic method to get a good deal on a secondhand car. Many times, online auto auction services such as Copart and Manheim can help you find cars for dirt cheap. The majority of auto transport carriers on the road transport autos to and from auctions, and we can assist you by providing excellent auto auction shipping services! When purchasing a vehicle at an auction, save all of the information they give you since we and your carrier will need it to pick up a vehicle from an auction site. Please also specify that your vehicle is being shipped from an auction!

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These days, auto auctions are very popular. Automobiles, like so many other things, have witnessed a significant growth in the number of purchases made online. This is particularly true in the case of auto auctions. Many people look for vehicles they want at auctions, even if they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away! As a result, vehicle auction shipping services are becoming more popular. When you buy a car at an auction, you have the option of having it shipped if you are unable to pick it up yourself. This is why it's critical to know what type of vehicle you're buying before looking for auto auction shipping services. Online auto auctions should include photographs of the automobiles you're bidding on, and if they don't, we wouldn't trust them.

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You may buy a wide range of vehicles from junkers to project cars to costly, high-end autos at online auto auctions. It's critical to pick the correct auto auction transport carrier for the sort of vehicle you're shipping, and not all automobiles require the same carrier. You'll need a truck with a winch if you need car shipping services for a vehicle that doesn't run. Unless a forklift is present at both pickup and delivery, winches are necessary to load and unload automobiles. Forklifts are frequently found at auctions, although they are rarely found in private residences. This is why, when booking your shipment, you must specify whether your vehicle is running or not.

How much does it cost to transport a car from an auto auction?

Transporting autos to and from auctions is often not much more expensive than house-to-house or dealer-to-dealer auto shipping because there are so many vehicles travelling through auction houses. We collaborate with you to identify the best options and develop an accurate cost and time estimate. The majority of the auction transportation cost is based solely on mileage, therefore a closer auction delivery will be significantly less expensive for you. Other considerations come into play, such as loading fees or gate fees, which are charged at some auctions. This is in addition to the standard costs. The price will vary based on the difficulty and proximity of the pick-up and drop-off points—your need for enclosed or large-vehicle carriers rather than open-air trailers. Even the time of year can affect the final price and the amount of time it takes to travel.

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We'll strive with you to keep these prices as low as possible while still providing a high-quality auto auction shipping service with fair transfer timings. To get started on your auto shipment quote for your next auction purchases, contact our customer service team at Rapid Auto Shipping. From the time you place your last bid until we deliver it to your home or company, Rapid Auto Shipping is committed to providing you with the greatest auto auction transport experience possible. On-time delivery, excellent customer service, and fair prices on new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as immaculate antique and exotic cars. Work with one of the auto auction transport industry's fastest-growing auto transport teams! Get in touch with Rapid Auto Shipping right away!


You'll need to provide your shipping firm with various pieces of information from each auction. This information will be provided by the auction itself, in the form of an email sent to you after you've won the auction. This information may contain, but is not limited to, the following: The number of the lot in which the vehicle is physically located is referred to as the lot number. Even if it isn't called a lot number, every auto auction will have one. This information is required so that the carrier can tell the auction house which vehicle they are loading. A buyer number is a one-of-a-kind number assigned to a vehicle buyer at an auction. Each buyer number is unique and is used to identify the person who purchased a certain vehicle. This, along with a lot number, is usually sufficient to meet the auction's standards for releasing a vehicle to a carrier. Depending on the auction, this may be referred to as a customer number or anything else, but it's all the same thing.

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To release a vehicle, most big auctions merely require a lot number and a buyer number. Some smaller auctions, on the other hand, may need the presentation of a physical form in order to transfer a vehicle to a carrier. If this is required, the auction house where you purchased your vehicle will provide it to you. When you place your order, you must supply us with this information. If we find a carrier for you and schedule your vehicle for pickup at an auction, the auction house will simply not release the vehicle to them since they lack the necessary information. This can lead to delays, canceled dispatches, and even carrier-imposed dry run fines if the carrier has to leave empty-handed. Before we choose a driver for you, make sure you send us all pertinent information.


A vehicle can be shipped from any auction. Some auctions even offer their own auto auction shipping service for vehicles purchased at the auction. However, because they're usually the simplest to find, you'll probably end up shipping with a nationwide automobile shipping firm that specializes in auction auto transport. Hundreds of various vehicle auction places may be found across the United States, and some, such as Mannheim, IAA, and Copart, prefer to hold auctions both online and in person. If you're shipping to or from an auction and aren't shipping locally, your best chance is to find an independent broker who specializes in vehicle auction transportation.

Auto Auction Shipping: Open vs. Enclosed

When transporting to or from an auto auction, you might discover both open and enclosed auto transport services. Some auctions sell high-end or luxury vehicles that require enclosed auto shipping, but for the vast majority of online auto auctions, open auto shipping should suffice. When picking between open and enclosed car transportation, a decent rule of thumb is to look at your vehicle. If you drive it to and from work every day, lug the kids around, or just use it as a commuter, open auto shipping is probably safe enough.

auction car hipping Though your car is exposed to the weather and elements of the interstate transportation system, a commuter car is subjected to the same circumstances every day, therefore enclosed shipment isn't necessary.

Even when it comes to enclosed auction car transport services, enclosed car shipping is more expensive, and you should only use it if your vehicle is a car you don't normally drive, like something you take on a jaunt up the coast when the weather is nice, or something you keep in a garage because you don't want it to get rained on or whatever. If you're concerned about the condition of your vehicle when you leave it, enclosed auction car transport services are well worth the money.

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300104 people shipped using
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