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I needed to ship a car from Texas to California for my son, so I contacted Rapid Auto Shipping Transport here in Texas, and they were able to make it happen. Excellent service and a smooth, dependable, and professional process.

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What's In This Article?

  1. What is the Cost to Ship a Bus? 
  2. What is the Cost of Shipping a Bus Overseas?
  3. Rapid Auto Shipping: The Best Way for Shipping a Bus
  4. Rapid Auto Shipping Provides All Kinds of Buses Transported
  5. What are the Benefits of Bus Hauling Services?
  6. Ensuring Safety When Shipping by Bus

What is the Cost to Ship a Bus? 

Shipping a bus is a responsible task, and Rapid Auto Shipping professionals have the expertise to do it correctly. Mostly specialized flatbed or lowboy carriers are the go-to choices for these behemoths of the road. Here's a breakdown of costs with this top-tier auto shipping company: For a journey of 500 miles, you're likely looking forward to a figure of around $2,000. Increase to  1,000 miles, and the price takes a hike to approximately $3,500. Stretch the distance to 1,500 miles, and Rapid Auto Shipping typically quotes somewhere from $4200 to $5,000. Now, for those ambitious trips going beyond 1,500 miles, the starting rate varies around $5,500 but can vary based on the routes. With Rapid Auto Shipping at the service, you can rest easy knowing you're getting value and expertise every mile of the way.

The cost to ship a bus can vary depending on several factors, including the distance, size of the bus, mode of transportation, and additional services required.

Shipping a bus requires specialized handling and transportation methods, which can influence the overall cost. Here are some key considerations when determining the cost of bus shipping:

Distance: Size and Weight:
The distance the bus needs to be shipped will significantly impact the cost. Costs of shipping often increase as distance increases. The size and weight of the bus will also affect the cost. Larger and heavier buses will require specialized equipment and may incur higher fees.
Mode of Transportation: Specialized Equipment:
The transportation chosen for bus shipping affects the cost. There are generally two primary options: road transport and ocean freight.
Road transport suits shorter distances, while ocean freight is used for intercontinental shipping. Air freight is another option, but it is usually more expensive and reserved for urgent or time-sensitive shipments.
Bus transport often requires specialized equipment, such as flatbed trailers, low loaders, or shipping containers. The need for these specialized tools can increase the shipping cost..
Customs and Permits: Fuel Costs and Market Rates:
If you are shipping a bus internationally, customs duties, taxes, and import/export permits need to be considered. These fees can vary depending on the destination country and may add to the shipping cost. Fluctuating fuel and market rates can influence shipping costs. Obtaining quotes from bus hauling services to compare prices and find the most competitive rate is advisable.
Additional Services:
Additional services, such as door to door delivery, insurance coverage, or expedited shipping, can increase the overall cost. It is essential to consider these services based on your specific requirements.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Bus Overseas?

The cost of shipping a bus internationally or overseas can vary. Standard ocean transport services can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Furthermore, it is essential to consider the expenses associated with port fees, taxes, and other financial technicalities.

To accurately calculate the shipping cost for transporting a bus overseas, it is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable specialist in heavy equipment international transportation.

The complexity in determining the cost of an overseas or international shipping job is due to the numerous variables that need to be considered during the calculation process. Our shipping and hauling company has a team of experts who can readily address any inquiries.

Rapid Auto Shipping: The Best Way for Shipping a Bus

Rapid Auto Shipping is a bus shipping company dedicated to assisting you. We aim to help you save on mileage and reduce the wear and tear of long-haul bus travel.

Our logistics team is ready to assist you in coordinating the transportation of your bus, whether it's a large double-decker tourist bus needed downtown or a new minibus that needs to be shipped across the country.

We have a team of highly-trained specialists in minibus shipping and professionals in oversized bus transport. With their expertise, we are ready to assist in safely transporting your bus to its next destination.

By choosing Rapid Auto Shipping, you can eliminate the need to find appropriate trailers and drivers for transporting a bus.

Our logistics team is reliable and can handle tasks such as assigning the proper trailer, planning the most efficient route, completing all required paperwork, and coordinating international and cross-border bus haulage.

Our transporters are dedicated to handling your equipment with the best care and attention it deserves, whether you must go through congested city streets or move a bus to regions with restricted access. Please call now! +1 (833) 233-4447

bus shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping Provides All Kinds of Buses Transported

Buses are available in various shapes and sizes. We have the expertise and capability to assist you with shipping any bus you need. Whether you need to ship a school or a passenger bus, we are here to help you. We can transport buses of all types to various locations around the world

  • Highway Bus
  • Electric Bus
  • Double Decker Bus
  • Articulated Bus
  • Passenger Bus
  • Minibus Shipping Services
  • Charter Bus
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Prison Bus
  • School Bus
  • Party Bus
  • Trolley Illustration
  • Coach Bus
  • Church Bus
  • RV Bus
  • Limo Bus
  • MotorCoach Bus
  • Transit Bus

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What are the Benefits of Bus Hauling Services? 

Bus hauling services offer several benefits to individuals and businesses. Here are some key advantages:


Bus hauling services are often more cost-effective than other transportation options. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a fleet of buses, companies can hire bus hauling services as needed. This eliminates the need for long-term investments and reduces operational costs.


Bus hauling services provide scheduling and route planning flexibility. Whether it's a one-time event, a regular transportation service, or a specialized route, bus hauling services can accommodate various needs. They can be tailored to suit specific requirements, ensuring efficient transportation solutions.


By outsourcing bus hauling, individuals and businesses can focus on their core activities without worrying about transportation logistics.

The service provider takes care of the maintenance, repairs, insurance, and other administrative tasks, saving time and effort.

Expertise and Experience:

Bus hauling service providers have extensive experience handling transportation needs. They employ skilled drivers who are trained in safety protocols and have in-depth knowledge of driving large vehicles. This expertise ensures reliable and professional transportation services.

Safety and Reliability:

Bus hauling services prioritize safety, adhering to strict regulations and standards. They maintain their vehicles in optimal condition, regularly inspecting and servicing them. Additionally, professional drivers are trained to prioritize passenger safety, ensuring a secure and reliable transportation experience.


Bus hauling services can easily accommodate varying passenger capacities. Whether you require transportation for a small group or a large crowd, the service provider can offer different bus sizes and configurations to meet your needs. This scalability allows for efficient resource utilization and cost savings.

Environmental Sustainability:

Utilizing bus services can contribute to ecological sustainability. Consolidating transportation needs into a single vehicle reduces the number of individual cars on the road, resulting in lower carbon emissions and reduced traffic congestion.

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Ensuring Safety When Shipping by Bus

Ensuring the safety of our clients and customers when entrusting their buses to Rapid Auto Shipping is of utmost importance to us. We want to ensure you have peace of mind, knowing that a highly reliable and trustworthy company handles your bus transportation.

You can trust that you will feel safe when embarking on this journey with Rapid Auto Shipping. We have developed a strong confidence in our bus hauling services due to our extensive years of experience.

Rapid Auto Shipping boasts a team of highly skilled experts who have been carefully selected for their exceptional abilities in their respective roles.

We possess the requisite knowledge to ensure a smooth and error-free Bus Transporting process from start to finish. At Rapid Auto Shipping, our utmost commitment is to provide exceptional bus hauling services.

Rapid Auto Shipping

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We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

best car shipping in USA

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

best car shipping in USA

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You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

Are there any additional fees besides the shipping cost?

Yes, there may be extra costs. These can include the cost of insurance, permits, tolls, customs fees (for foreign shipments), and any changes or preparations to be made to the bus before it can be shipped.

Should I get multiple quotes from shipping companies?

It's always a good idea to get prices from more than one shipping company. This lets you compare prices, services, and reviews from other customers so you can make a smart choice.

How can I reduce the cost of shipping a bus?

Here are some possible ways to cut down on shipping costs: • Choose an open case instead of a closed one if it works for the bus. • Choose terminal-to-terminal delivery instead of door-to-door delivery. • Be open about pickup and delivery dates to get lower rates during off-peak times.

Are there any legal requirements for shipping a bus?

Yes, there are laws about moving a bus, like making sure you have the right licenses and don't exceed the size and weight limits. Work with a shipping company that has moved buses before to ensure all legal requirements are met.

Can I track the progress of my bus shipment?

Track your bus shipment with Rapid Auto Shipping. The shipping supplier usually provides a tracking number or reference code. Their online tracking system or customer assistance can tell you where and how your bus is.

How long till my bus arrives?

Your bus should be picked up within 12–72 hours following ordering. Please inform us of any urgent needs. We'll gladly help!

How long will it be until my bus arrives?

The Department of Transportation regulates overland shipping. The average day for a commercial driver is 500 miles. Open container shipping will take about 7–10 days to move something across the country.

How does payment operate?

When you book Rapid Auto Shipping, you must pay a deposit that will be taken out when the Network Carrier picks up the car. If there is a balance when the item is delivered, it should be paid in full with a cashier's check, a certified check, or cash. Before the car is delivered, you can set up other ways to pay.

Have you gotten insurance?

Rapid Auto Shipping has a license and is backed by a bond. Also, every carrier and transport worker who helps you ship your car has a liability and cargo insurance policy to protect it while in transit.

What happens if my bus gets damaged?

We take every measure to protect your bus during shipment, but damage can occur, especially if the bus is incorrectly prepped. Rapid Auto Shipping and its carriers provide thorough guidelines to reduce these dangers. Dispatch mechanical issues. Every carrier is licensed and insured in case of vehicle damage.


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