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What's In This Article?

  1. Transportation With Forklifts is Safe and Secure
  2. The Price of Hauling a Forklift
  3. Providing You With a Pricing Quote for Forklift Transport
  4. Any Kind of Forklifts Should Be Transported
  5. Using Trailers and Trucks to Move Your Forklift
  6. Advice for Shipping Your Forklift Successfully
  7. Important Things to Keep in Mind When Moving a Forklift
  8. Request a Free Estimate From Rapid Auto Shipping for Shipping a Forklift
  9. Shipping of Electric Forklifts
  10. Why Go for Rapid Auto Shipping When Hauling Forklifts?

Transportation With Forklifts is Safe and Secure

Forklift transport is handled by licensed drivers, and Rapid Auto Shipping is fully insured. We make significant financial investments to ensure that your transport request is performed flawlessly. Rapid Auto Ship makes a significant effort to ensure the security and safety of your request for forklift transport. 

The client and their demands will always come first for us. There are hundreds of reviews and outstanding ratings for Rapid Auto Shipping.

Simply read some of the prior customer testimonials, which will persuade you that Rapid Auto Shipping should be your first choice for transportation.

forklift moving

The Price of Hauling a Forklift

Your forklift transport service cost will vary depending on a number of variables, including:

  • What size forklift do you have? 

There are several different sizes of forklifts. It will probably cost you more if you have a really large forklift, and vice versa.

  • How far does your forklift need to travel? 
  • How far will we need to move it? What is forklift transportation's final destination?
  • Is it simple to follow the path, or is it complicated? 
  • Do you like to have your forklift transported inside or between states?
  • Do you prefer forklift transport in closed or open-air containers?

Providing You With a Pricing Quote for Forklift Transport

When it comes to forklift transport, you should be asking yourself the questions listed above. Rapid Auto Shipping will respond to your questions and assist you in defining the specifics of your forklift transportation.

We'll take into account each of these things when we give you a price quote. You will discover that our pricing is incredibly competitive, and we will explain in detail what and how you are being charged.

For our clients' convenience and peace of mind, we at Rapid Auto Shipping want everything about forklift shipping to be transparent.

ship forklift

Any Kind of Forklifts Should Be Transported

Short-distance material lifting and transportation are done with forklifts. Forklifts come in two varieties: construction and warehouse. While warehouse forklifts operate in smaller settings, construction forklifts are built to manage high loads on open work sites.

Forklifts used in warehouses can run on electricity, propane, natural gas, or gasoline. Diesel is used in construction forklifts. Basic forklift models include:

Forklift transportation for construction

Telehandlers and rough-terrain forklifts are the two main forklifts used on construction sites. Large attachments are available on rough-terrain forklifts, whereas telehandlers have telescoping booms. Both employ RGNs.

Forklift transportation at a warehouse

There are so many different kinds of warehouse forklifts, including low-lift, stacker, picker, reach-trucks, and side-loaders. Inquire with your transport representative about finding room for your single warehouse forklift as partial cargo.

A typical construction forklift is nearly twice as hefty as an ordinary warehouse forklift, which weighs 10,000 pounds. Construction forklifts typically require their own full-size trailer while being transported. Smaller trailers can transport warehouse forklifts, especially when traveling short distances.

forklift moving

Using Trailers and Trucks to Move Your Forklift

Ground clearance is the primary distinction between the two types of forklifts when it comes to shipment. Construction forklifts can easily maneuver around construction sites thanks to their high ground clearance. Warehouse forklifts have a low ground clearance because they operate on flat concrete floors.

When pushing a machine up ramps for loading, clearance is important. It can be challenging to transfer a warehouse forklift onto a flatbed when the ramps are steep. Forklifts are transported using trailers like these:

Trailer for RGN

RGN trailers are only necessary for transporting the largest construction telehandlers. On a step deck, even your rough-terrain forklift should fit.

Trailer with a step

The standard trailer is used to transport forklifts during construction. On the upper deck, smaller warehouse forklifts can be carried partially.

Trailer on a flatbed

Ideal for shipping the majority of warehouse forklifts. You need a dock to load and unload a forklift from a flatbed; we can't stress this enough.

forklift movers near me

Advice for Shipping Your Forklift Successfully

If you're delivering your attachments together with your forklift, don't forget to measure them. You must factor in the size of construction-related forklift accessories like buckets and grab bars because they are quite large.

Drum handlers and man baskets are two examples of warehouse forklift accessories that must also be weighed and measured.

Back your forklift onto a flatbed trailer if you're utilizing a dock. Booms ought to be pointed backward. Other pointers for successfully transporting your forklift comprise:

Place the forklift in the trailer's center

Your forklift should be positioned in the middle of the trailer unless you have other tools to balance your load.

On the trailer, carefully position the forks 

The prongs should be pointed away from the driver for safety. Lower the forks and slant them forward after loading.

Five feet is the average height of a flatbed. That offers you an additional eight feet, six inches before you go above the height limits of the majority of states. You must ship your forklift on a hotshot trailer or step-deck trailer if it is taller than eight and a half feet.

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Moving a Forklift

Before loading a forklift onto a flatbed truck to ship it from point A to point B, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you don't know what you're doing, transporting a forklift may be challenging, time-consuming, expensive, and even dangerous.

To guarantee that your forklift is shipped effectively, you must plan carefully before any forklift towing activity starts.

Acquire knowledge:

Given that there are numerous varieties of forklifts, you must share all pertinent information with the shipper. Freight firms will require particular equipment to convey it, depending on its dimensions and weight. Additionally, they will need this information to estimate the cost of transporting the forklift for you.

Security first:

Forklift transportation service is a serious undertaking and is not for the faint of heart. To prevent major injuries, each person loading the forklift must get the appropriate training. Anyone using the forklift should be familiar with how to utilize it and wear the appropriate PPE.

Aboard the Trailer:

The person operating the forklift must make sure it is in the center of the trailer or truck being used to move it. The trailer must be on flat, level ground during loading so the forklift won't roll off.

You must make sure the brakes are locked, the wheels are resting on blocks, and all doors, storage compartments, and tailgates are firmly fastened to the trailer.

Hauling with a forklift: 

Think about how far the forklift will be towed. Longer trips can be more challenging. A vehicle with a lot of personnel is something you'll need, which is not always simple to find.

You must take these variables into account before transporting a forklift. Things can go wrong quickly and with potentially disastrous results if not transported properly.

It makes sense to choose a seasoned business to relocate your forklift because they are aware of the necessary safety precautions, laws, and regulations.

forklift hauler

Request a Free Estimate From Rapid Auto Shipping for Shipping a Forklift

Fill out our free estimate request form if you're thinking about exporting a forklift. It won't take more than a minute, and you'll get an immediate free quote from a reliable source.

We can assist you with your needs and have experience in shipping forklifts. You can always get in touch with one of our own agents at any moment if you have any queries or concerns.

Shipping of Electric Forklifts

In many aspects, 3-wheel electric forklifts and 4-wheel electric forklifts are identical, but 3-wheel electric forklifts have several unique qualities that make them more suited for specific duties.

For example, 3-wheel electric forklifts have a smaller turning radius than four-wheel electric forklifts, making them better suited for tighter locations.

Why Go for Rapid Auto Shipping When Hauling Forklifts?

Why should I use Rapid Auto Shipping for my forklift transportation service needs? You may be asking yourself or wondering. Here at Rapid Auto Shipping, we operate a little differently from other businesses. This is how:

  • Customer-focused services. The consumer, in our opinion, should always come first in decisions concerning how forklift transportation should be conducted.
  • Low shipping charges. We don't want to burden you, so we always consider the cost of shipping in your favor.
  • Support is available 24/7. With Rapid Auto Shipping, our skilled personnel will make sure you receive the assistance you require whenever and wherever you are!
Rapid Auto Shipping

Want to Start Shipping With The Best?

If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at

Advantages using Rapid Auto Shipping

best car shipping in USA

Top Rated Auto Shipping Company

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

best car shipping in USA

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

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24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

How Do Forklifts Work?

A forklift is a piece of material-handling equipment used to lift and move things quickly. An electric two-pronged forked platform at the front of a typical forklift can be raised and lowered to lift and carry anything. Pallets or wooden platforms are frequently utilized with it. Other names for a forklift include lift truck, forklift truck, and fork truck. Forklifts are helpful in the building, manufacturing, distribution, storage, and transportation.

What Kinds of Things Can a Forklift Carry?

Forklifts have weight restrictions. It's usually on the equipment's data plate. To keep your site secure and efficient, don't exceed this limit. Loading an object on a pallet before fork lifting is also recommended. Following the load center is crucial. For stability, tilt the mast back and position the heavier end closer to the front wheels. Special loads can be attached. Forklifts shouldn't transport passengers since it's dangerous.

What Kinds of Accessories Can I Add to My Forklift?

The appropriate attachment can maximize productivity and load safety.Popular forklift attachments include: Sideshifters help shift loads. Adjustments are simple. Fork positioners enable you to alter fork spacing to handle different pallet sizes. Handle long and awkward loads using fork extensions. Rotators rotate forks 360° to invert and dump cargo. Paper roll clamps protect rolls.

What Can a Forklift Carry?

Forklifts have weight restrictions. It's usually on the equipment's data plate. To keep your site secure and efficient, don't exceed this limit. Loading an object on a pallet before fork lifting is also recommended. Following the load center is crucial. For stability, tilt the mast back and position the heavier end closer to the front wheels. Special loads can be attached. Forklifts shouldn't transport passengers since it's dangerous.

How to Maintain a Forklift?

Before each operation, inspect forklifts to discover faults. Operators and other site personnel are protected. Forklifts should be cleaned and oiled periodically to extend their longevity. Follow the manufacturer's maintenance program. For instance, some manufacturers recommend a thorough inspection or service after a specified time or use. This may involve oil changes, spark plug replacements, and more. Make sure only qualified people service and maintain equipment.

Is Training Required Before Operating a Forklift?

You must receive training before you can safely and correctly operate a forklift. You will receive instruction in using this equipment to handle materials in a workplace setting. You will gain knowledge on how to conduct pre-and post-operational procedures, carry out simple preventative maintenance, and operate a forklift productively, among other things. Additionally, the safety procedures that can lower the chance of accidents will be taught to you.

In what range does a forklift fall?

The two key variables affecting pricing are the truck's load capacity, the weight it can lift, and the energy source it uses. Price increases with increasing load capacity. At the moment, combustion engine forklifts are more expensive than electric ones. But as fuel prices rise and electrification becomes more popular around the world, the price gap is narrowing.

Is a license required to operate a forklift?

. You simply need a fundamental automobile driver's license if you intend to operate the forklift on public streets. Forklift operation is not required in private areas. Employers must, however, ensure that everyone who uses, supervises, or manages the use of work equipment has received the necessary training, which covers how to use the equipment correctly, any hazards associated with its use, and any measures to be taken. Such instruction can be provided internally or by outside training organizations, and it will lead to a forklift driving certification.

What age is required to operate a forklift?

The legal minimum age to operate a forklift is 18; however, drivers as young as 16 or 17 are permitted under tight supervision.

Is specialized training required to drive a forklift safely?

. Yes. Training can be given internally or by outside training companies in order to become a certified forklift operator. Only in the latter case, if a driver changes employers, is the certification still valid.

Where can I find service for my forklift?

. It is advised to have an authorized dealer service your forklift. They will travel to you to do on-site service and provide the knowledge, original spare parts, and qualified employees.

What distinguishes a forklift with three wheels from one with four?

. A 3 or 4-wheeled forklift is determined by the number of "supporting points," not the number of wheels. When the steered rear wheels are on the back, to the left and right side, in addition to the two wheels on each side at the front, we refer to a forklift as having four wheels. A three-wheeled truck has one or two moving wheels and one central steering point at the back. A three-wheeled truck is typically preferable for limited locations because it has a reduced turning radius. When turning, four-wheelers are more stable and have a higher lifting capacity.

Which kind of fuel should I use for my forklift?

Lead acid or lithium-ion battery or batteries power an electric forklift, whereas a version with a combustion engine runs on diesel or LPG. For inside and limited locations, electric forklifts are favored. However, combustion engine vehicles move and lift more quickly. Combustion engines benefit significantly from quick refueling because battery charging takes longer.

Where do I go to get my forklift fixed?

It is advised to get your forklift repaired by an authorized dealer, especially if the equipment is still covered by warranty. Whenever possible, they will perform the repair on-site, but occasionally they might determine that it is necessary to transport the forklift to their workshop.

How frequently does a forklift require maintenance?

Electric forklifts require simply the regreasing of moving parts and the recharging of lead acid batteries every three months, making them maintenance-free. Li-Ion battery-powered devices only need maintenance every six months or so because they don't need to be refilled. Combustion engine machines require substantially more maintenance, including routine engine, gearbox, front axle oil changes, and routine air, fuel, and oil filter replacements. Every 500 working hours is the standard for service intervals.


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