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What's In This Article?

  1. How Is An RV Transported?
  2. National and International Fifth Wheel Hauling and Transport
  3. Using Rapid Auto Shipping to Ship Your Fifth Wheel
  4. Types of Trailers We Move
  5. The Cheapest Method for Shipping a Fifth Wheel Vehicle
  6. We Simplify Car Shipping.
  7. What Is The Price To Transport An RV?
  8. Getting Your Fifth Wheel Ready for Shipping
  9. What to Do Following Delivery
  10. Why Should I Trust Rapid Auto Shipping?

How Is An RV Transported?

You might need to transfer your RV in several situations, such as when you're moving across the nation and don't have anyone else to drive it or when you're traveling on vacation and need it carried there.

Whatever the cause, finding a dependable fifth wheel hauling service, also known as RV carriers, fifth wheel transport services, or camper towing services, to move your RV at a fair price isn't always an easy endeavor. 

National and International Fifth Wheel Hauling and Transport

Heavy Equipment Transport ships 5th wheels nationwide and internationally to Canada and Mexico. We know different regions have different rules, requirements, regulations, and limits.

That's where our industrial experience comes in.We'll assist you in getting the permits and paperwork needed for safe and legal fifth wheel hauling. We won't hide anything.

Our GPRS tracking technology lets you track your load throughout transportation. We want to give you the best 5th wheel hauling services because you're our first priority.

A U-shaped coupling connected to the cargo bed of a tow truck is known as a fifth wheel. A semi-trailer should be connected to the tractor unit, towing vehicle, dolly, or leading trailer. Some RVs are also known as 5th wheel hauling campers or 5th wheel hauling trailers

fifth wheel transport.

Using Rapid Auto Shipping to Ship Your Fifth Wheel

You just need to get in touch with our customer service team once you've decided to choose Rapid Auto Shipping as your shipping partner to discuss your fifth wheel transport services requirements.

You must give particular cargo information, such as the dimensions and weight of your fifth wheel. They can use these facts to determine the final shipping cost, optimal shipping method, and equipment.

The most typical types of fifth wheels we carry

  • Unmoving fifth wheel
  • The Fifth Wheel is Sliding
  • 345IK Forest River Cedar Creek
  • Heartland Bighorn Traveler 32 GK.
  • Keystone Sprinter
  • 370GB Vanleigh RV Vilano
  • Grand Design Solitude 310GK R

Types of Trailers We Move

Rapid Auto Shipping uses all kinds of trailers. To meet your needs, we offer the best trailer shipping options. Learn more below!

Trailer RGN

Removable gooseneck trailers, or RGNs, are available. These trailers have a flat deck and a removable gooseneck at the front that may be used as a ramp. Get more information about our RGN trailer transport options right away!

Trailer with step deck

Step deck trailers, also referred to as drop decks or lowboys, feature several levels. In other places, it steps down, placing cargo closer to the ground. Learn more about our transport options for step deck trailers right away!

Trailer with a flatbed

Flatbed trailers are one of the most prevalent kinds of trailers on the road. Numerous heavy equipment transport companies employ them. Find out how we can meet your demands for flatbed trailer transfer!

5th wheel transport company

The Cheapest Method for Shipping a Fifth Wheel Vehicle

We are a US-based fifth wheel hauling business. In terms of logistics, everyone wants to save money, but you get what you pay for. There are numerous opportunities to save money and obtain the finest deal:

  • Make sure everything is unhooked and prepared for the driver to take over.
  • It can also be helpful if you are flexible with when you want to be picked up.
  • This can also be helpful if you are in a better location, have fewer miles to travel, or live in a more well-known place.
  • Always check the company's reviews and ratings with the Department of Transportation and be cautious if the price appears too low for a 5th wheel movers.

We Simplify Car Shipping

Request Quote

Use our Car Shipping Calculator to get a fast online auto transport quotation, or ask for a custom auto transport quote for unusual vehicles like boats, RVs, and heavy machinery.

Schedule Your Shipment

You may either phone and speak to one of our knowledgeable Transport Specialists, or you can book online using the link you will receive in your email. They will explain the procedure and answer your queries.

Collection & Tracking

Once a driver has been assigned to the transport, we will inform you of their identity and the time they will collect the vehicle. Along the way, we will provide you with sporadic updates, and you can get in touch with us at any moment.

Supply & Payment

You and the driver will inspect your car when it is delivered, and this is when you will pay the driver the remaining amount of the transport. Then, to make sure everything went as planned, we'll get in touch with you.

What Is The Price To Transport An RV?

Given the wide range of variables that might affect the cost, it can be challenging to provide an exact estimate for fifth wheel movers, but on average, moves under 100 miles will cost about $3.32 per mile, while those under 1,000 miles will cost about $1.05 per mile.

Vehicle Dimensions 

The size of your RV trailer will greatly impact the cost because it will influence the types of transportation you can think about. A larger RV might not be towed at all or require a special flatbed or towing tools.

Type of RV Transport Service - 

The cost will vary depending on the 5th wheel moving services you select, such as trailer transport services or RV transport.

Drive-away services are frequently less expensive because all you are paying for is the person-hours to drive your car, but if you want to reduce the danger of damage to your RV while it is being transported, you might prefer a flatbed service.

The season - 

Unfortunately, seasonality might have an impact on how much your 5th wheel moving services will cost. Ice, wind, and snow can close down or make some routes unsafe, necessitating the use of a long detour, increasing the cost of your quote.

fifth wheel transport service

Getting Your Fifth Wheel Ready for Shipping

You must get your RV ready for pick-up if you have chosen an RV transport service estimate and are ready to move forward. We suggest the following:

Records - 

You might need to supply some documentation if you're selling your RV or if it's going overseas. The RV shipment cannot proceed without these. Thus, we advise getting them in order as soon as possible.

Tidying up 

A wonderful approach to assess your RV's condition and make note of any issues before delivery, such as pre-existing damage, is to clean it before your trailer transport provider picks it up.

Additionally, you might want to check the fluid levels in your RV and secure any loose electrical components, windows, and locks.

Operating Situation - 

Before it is picked up, you should give your RV trailer a brief inspection to ensure everything is functioning as it should.

Photography as Proof - 

It is strongly advised to capture everything above with images. Time-stamped images are concrete proof of a vehicle's state before pick-up and will be highly helpful in any disputes.

What to Do Following Delivery

Once your RV has been delivered, be sure to use the pictures you took to inspect its condition. Make careful to bring up any difficulties right away.

Additionally, we ask that you submit comments for your transport company so that Rapid Auto Shipping's potential clients would know what to anticipate.

fifth wheel transport services

Why Should I Trust Rapid Auto Shipping?

It's understandable if you're wondering why you should choose Rapid Auto Shipping for Fifth Wheel Transportation.


Rapid Auto Shipping ensures that you are paying the minimum amount necessary to receive the most for your money and the most affordable transportation service for the car of your choice.

You may rest easy knowing that your money is being used to ensure the safe and dependable transportation of campers and other items.

Rapid Auto Shipping offers you the most value for your money and the lowest shipping cost when compared to other companies' prices on the market.


Do you remain unconvinced? Then, find out from people in any state in the USA about their experiences using Rapid Auto Shipping.

You won't ever be dissatisfied with the service you receive from Rapid Auto Shipping because we have an outstanding reputation for transporting campers and more. For your transportation needs, rely on Rapid Auto Shipping today!

Zero delays 

You now have the opportunity to spend your time doing things that are more urgent and important to your schedule while Rapid Auto Shipping handles all the planning and difficult work for you.

Rapid Auto Shipping never experiences any delays. Your shipping will be finished as soon as is humanly possible and before you realize it! Rapid Auto Shipping's 5th wheel movers are very quick


Rapid Auto Shipping

Want to Start Shipping With The Best?

If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at

Advantages using Rapid Auto Shipping

best car shipping in USA

Top Rated Auto Shipping Company

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

best car shipping in USA

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

best car shipping in USA

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

best car shipping in USA

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

The United States Fifth Wheel Movers Service.

I want to introduce you to the fifth wheel Movers Company. We are a reputable Fifth Wheel Transportation Company that prides itself on delivering exceptional service. Our team is dedicated to completing the job efficiently and ensuring that no damage is incurred during the process. We specialize in providing services for fifth wheel movers and RV transport and delivery.

The very best fifth wheel transportation service available.

When it comes to Fifth Wheel Transportation and RV shipping, it is customary for the truck to have a Fifth Wheel Transportation attachment installed at the back. While you don't need to provide this attachment, we offer it for a fee ranging from $2.00 to $2.50 per mile. The shipping cost for the fifth wheel will vary significantly based on the distance it needs to be transported and its size. The most crucial aspect is ensuring that the vehicle is completely roadworthy. This entails having a sturdy frame, reliable tires, and other necessary components. The owner's responsible for inspecting their RV before submitting it for transport.

What functions do a fifth wheel?

The kingpin on the trailer is securely installed into the fifth wheel on the tractor. The surface of the semi-trailer, which has the kingpin positioned at its center, rotates in contact with the upward-facing fifth wheel.

What are the advantages of a fifth wheel?

A Fifth wheel camper distributes its weight onto the bed of your truck. This feature enhances the trailer's maneuverability and stability while in motion. Extra Space: Please remove the extra space. The Fifth wheel trailer is an excellent choice for large families.

How little of a fifth wheel can it be?

Currently, the Scamp 19' is the smallest fifth wheel camper available. The fiberglass model is compact and lightweight, yet it efficiently accommodates all the essential features for a comfortable experience. The Scamp 19ft is currently the lightest fifth wheel camper available, weighing only 2,400 to 2,900 pounds.

What Does a New Fifth Wheel Cost?

he average cost of a new 5th wheel trailer is typically $35,000 to $125,000. As previously mentioned, there are a few outliers in terms of cost, such as the Forest River Riverstone, which exceeds $184,000. However, the majority of the options available are considerably more affordable.

What makes a fifth wheel a fifth?

In the 1800s, old carriages were equipped with a horizontal 'Fifth wheel' mechanism that facilitated the pivoting of the front axle. The name has been carried forward to the present-day design of the Fifth wheel truck hitch. The hitch used on this item is comparable to the type commonly found on semi-trucks. This implies that it is designed with safety and durability in mind and can support substantial weights.

What distinguishes a fifth wheel from a trailer?

The primary distinction between a fifth wheel and a travel trailer lies in their respective methods of connecting to the towing vehicle. Fifth wheels, unlike bumper-level hitches, are coupled to a hitch inside a truck's bed.

What Makes Fifth Wheel Transport Services Needful?

If you are planning to relocate to a different state or city, you may need to migrate your fifth wheel RV as well. Alternatively, if you decide to purchase a fifth wheel RV, you can have it conveniently delivered to your doorstep instead of personally picking it up. If you have sold a fifth wheel RV, you can ship it to the buyer instead of embarking on a lengthy journey to deliver it personally.

How Does Fifth Wheel Transportation Operate?

The process is, in fact, quite simple. Typically, a fifth wheel RV is connected to either a pickup truck or a semi-truck. Afterward, the vehicle will be transported to its intended location while keeping its wheels in contact with the ground. In certain situations, a flatbed trailer might be utilized. On the other hand, opting for the services of a flatbed truck comes with a significantly higher cost than the more economical option of having your fifth wheel towed.


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