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  1. How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost?
  2. Getting A Boat Ready For Shipping
  3. What Effect Does Boat Size Have On Transport Costs?
  4. How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost Per Mile?
  5. What Is The Best Method For Shipping A Boat?
  6. What To Look For In Boat Transport Quotes?
  7. How To Lower The Cost Of Moving A Boat?
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How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost?

The price of transporting your boat will change depending on the time of year, the size of your boat, and other factors. If the width of your beam is more than 12 feet, you can expect to pay between $2.75 and $3.75 per mile.

The smaller your boat, the less you'll pay per mile. The average cost per mile to move a boat is about $1.63.

Boat Shipping Cost

Getting A Boat Ready For Shipping

  • The boat shipping company may prepare your boat or do it for you.
  • Remove all belongings from the boat.
  • Drain fuel to 25% or as instructed by the boat shipping business.
  • Safe engines
  • Remove antennas, satellite dishes, and radar.
  • Lock doors and windows.
  • Remove batteries
  • Drain tanks
  • Disconnect all lines.
  • Get all keys.

Verify your insurance with your agent. Factors That Affect the boat shipping cost

The following factors typically affect boat shipping costs:

Size and Weight: Your boat's size and weight will significantly affect how much it costs to move. Transporting bigger boats or yachts can be more expensive because they need bigger trailers, specialized equipment, and people who know how to use them.

Shipping Distance: The boat shipping cost will also depend on how far the boat needs to be moved. Longer distances can bring down the total price per mile, but they will cost more overall because they require more fuel, labor, and time to travel.

The Route and Accessibility: The cost of shipping is also affected by the boat's path and how easy it is to get to the pick-up and drop-off points. If the route has tiny roads, bridges, or low clearances, you may need extra permits and guards, which will add to the cost.

Time of Year: The boat shipping cost can also change based on when it is. During busy times, like the summer, more people want boat shipping services, so prices may increase.

Type of Transportation: There are different ways to move boats, such as with open or closed trailers, flatbed trucks or water. Each method has pros and cons that affect the boat shipping cost.

Additional Services: Services like crating, storage, insurance, or clearing customs will add to the total cost of moving a boat. You can add these services to the shipping deal or buy them separately.

What Effect Does Boat Size Have On Transport Costs?

The distance between the origin and the destination and the manner of transportation impact transportation expenses. A boat's size influences the cost of transportation because larger boats require more moving resources.

For large vessels, shipping by water is the most economical option, but smaller boats are typically transported by road. Rail transportation is possible for ships that are too large to be transported by road.

Boat Shipping Cost

How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost Per Mile?

Boat shipping cost per mile can be anywhere from $1.25 to $15, based on the size of the boat and how far it needs to be moved. It's essential to get estimates from different carriers to compare prices and services.

Companies may also offer savings for shipping more than one boat simultaneously or when there aren't as many customers.

What Is The Best Method For Shipping A Boat?

The most affordable approach to ship a boat is to select a carrier with an open carrier or flatbed truck because these options are frequently less expensive than enclosed or specialty trailers.

Although this choice can save a little money, remember that your boat will be exposed to the elements. To obtain the best deal and ensure dependable and safe transportation, comparing quotations from several carriers and reading customer reviews is critical.

What To Look For In Boat Transport Quotes?

A complete quote that includes all pertinent information is critical when evaluating service providers. Here are some items that should be mentioned in a boat shipping costs quote or on the carrier's profile:

Authorizations from the DOT and the FMCSA: The Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) governs the transportation of commodities and vehicles, including boats.

A reputable boat transport company should have all the relevant DOT and FMCSA authorizations and permits prominently listed or ready to review upon request.

Insurance: Because boat transfer can be dangerous, you should ensure that the transporter you hire has enough insurance coverage to protect your vessel during travel.

Payment Terms: Before signing anything, ensure you understand the payment terms, including any deposits or payment plans.

Tracking: A competent boat transportation firm should provide real-time status updates, allowing you to track your valuable package as it goes to its destination.

Communication: Throughout the transportation process, clear communication is crucial. Ascertain that you have a specific point of contact who responds to your queries and concerns.

Boat Shipping Cost

How To Lower The Cost Of Moving A Boat?

If you wish to convey your boat, the shipping cost will likely play a significant role in your final decision. There are numerous opportunities to reduce shipping costs and save money.

Below, a boat shipping company outlines several methods for lowering boat shipping costs, including timing your shipment, selecting terminal-to-terminal transporters, being flexible with dates, selecting open transport trailers, shipping multiple boats simultaneously, and obtaining various estimates.

Follow these guidelines to reduce boat shipping costs:

Off-Peak Season Boat Transportation: You can cut your boat shipping cost by shipping your boat during the off-peak season. Planning your boat travel for the fall or winter will help you save money because summer is often the busiest season for boat transport.

Utilize a Terminal-to-Terminal Transporter: This method is another approach to cutting the price of boat transportation. When compared to door-to-door service, this alternative entails leaving and picking up your boat at a specific terminal, which can save you money.

This approach is challenging since you must drive your vehicle to a local airport to be shipped, but if you're willing to put in the extra effort, you can save a significant amount of money.

Be Flexible With Boat Shipping Dates: Since boat shipping costs might vary depending on the shipping dates, being flexible with your shipping dates will help you save money. Avoid the busiest times of the year and less popular days.

Select Open Transport Trailers: You can reduce the cost of boat transport by selecting open transport trailers over enclosed ones. While your boat will be exposed to the weather while being transported, it's often a safe and economical choice.

Ship many Boats at Once: If you need to ship many boats, you can save money on boat transport by sending them all at once. Many boat transport firms provide discounts for moving multiple boats.

Get Multiple Boat Shipping Quotes for the Best Price: You must receive various boat shipping costs to guarantee you're getting the most value for your money. This allows you to evaluate the prices and services provided by several firms and choose the most cost-effective alternative.

Boat Shipping Cost


"What does US boat transportation cost?" is unanswerable. Your boat's size, distance, season, and timetable determine the pricing.

Following the tips above, you should be able to identify a dependable and affordable boat hauler to transport your cherished boat safely.

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