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  1. What is Car Auto Transportation?
  2. How Can Car Sellers or Buyers Book for Car Shipping Service Online?
  3. Buy or Sell Cars or any Vehicle Online let Rapid Auto Shipping do the rest 

What is Car Auto Transportation?

Car auto transportation also known as Car Shipping or Auto shipping, is a type of service that helps individuals, families, military individuals, and corporate firms to shift easily from one place to another without taking any tension for their cars or vehicles. Auto transport companies like Rapid Auto Shipping help to relocate different types of vehicles and cars between different states of the USA with the help of experts and a fleet of carriers.

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How Can Car Sellers or Buyers Book for Car Shipping Service Online? 

Booking car shipping services online is a streamlined process convenient for both car sellers and buyers. Following is the step-by-step guide on how car sellers or buyers can book car shipping services online:

For Car Sellers:


Research and select a reputable auto transport company like Rapid Auto Shipping. Look for customer reviews, ratings, and industry reputation to ensure reliability.

Use car shipping calculator:

Visit our website and use our cost calculator to fill in important details for shipping and get a ship[ping quote. Don't worry; you will not be asked for any personal information.

Compare Quotes:

Receive and compare quotes by using a calculator multiple times. Consider factors such as cost, delivery times, insurance coverage, and customer reviews when making comparisons.

Book the Service:

Book the service by contacting our experts. This may involve filling out an online booking form or contacting the company to finalize the details.

Provide Necessary Information:

Complete any required paperwork or provide necessary information, such as vehicle details, addresses for pickup and delivery, and preferred dates and times.

Payment and Confirmation:

Pay any required deposit or the full amount to confirm the booking. The auto transport company will confirm the booking along with details such as the scheduled pickup and delivery dates.

For Car Buyers:

Coordinate with the Seller:

If you're a buyer, coordinate with the seller regarding vehicle shipping. Confirm whether they will be arranging the auto transport or if it's your responsibility. 

Get Seller's Auto Transport Information:

If the seller is arranging the auto transport, obtain the details of the chosen auto transport company, including the company name, contact information, and tracking details.

Verify Auto Transport Company:

If the seller provides the auto transport details, verify the legitimacy of the chosen auto transport company. Check online reviews and contact the company directly to confirm the arrangement.

Coordinate with the Auto Transport Company:

If you're responsible for arranging the auto transport, follow the steps outlined for car sellers. Request quotes, compare options, and book the service based on your preferences.

Provide Pickup Details:

Whether you're the seller or buyer, provide accurate details for vehicle pickup. This includes the location, date, and time for the auto transport company to pick up the vehicle.

Prepare the Vehicle for Transport:

Ensure the vehicle is prepared for transport by removing personal belongings, securing loose items, and documenting the vehicle's condition through photographs.

Receive and Confirm Delivery:

Once the vehicle is delivered, carefully inspect it for any damages. Note any issues on the delivery receipt and promptly contact the auto transport company if there are concerns.

Complete the Transaction:

Complete any remaining payment or paperwork associated with the auto transport service. Provide feedback to the auto transport company to improve their reputation and help future customers.

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Buy or Sell Cars or any Vehicle Online let Rapid Auto Shipping do the rest :

Nationwide reach :  

Rapid Auto Shipping offers nationwide reach, which helps sellers expand their business online and lets Rapid Auto Shipping do the shipping part. This helps the sellers to generate more business and earn goodwill in the market.

The Nationwide reach helps the buyers a lot as sometimes, in online auctions, there are some special cars you have dreams of, but it is too far from your state just complete the deal and your dream car. Rapid Auto Shipping will ship your car safely and fast through our expedited auto transport.

Shipping Afforadibily 

As we know, cost is one factor that influences many things concerning this point. Shipping a car is more affordable than driving. As sellers sell a car online not only one time but repeatedly making the requirements more and more, shipping one car is a little costly, but if you ship multiple cars, you can grab a good deal on shipping and save time.

For buyers, shipping is affordable if you bought a car across the country or even one or two states; the cost of going there and driving the car back will sum up more than shipping the same car. For costs, we also provide a free car shipping calculator so that you can get a better understanding of the cost.

Expert Handling 

Rapid Auto Shipping has been handling vehicles for more than seven years, making us capable of handling any vehicle, from cars like sedans to heavy trucks we have the technology and resources to ship any kind of vehicle.

Sellers have to deal with many types of vehicles and can depend on us to ship any type of vehicle. Buyers can depend on us for the same. There are some types of vehicles that need special attention while shipping.

Door to Door service

Rapid Auto Shipping provides special service to both buyers and sellers this service. This service offers a premium level of service in which the car will be picked up from your house, garage, or shop, which means at your location, and then dropped out at your desired location. This helps buyers and sellers avoid tension about where their car will be dropped off or picked up.

Expedited car shipping 

Rapid Auto Shipping offers an expedited auto transport service that helps ship the vehicle anywhere in the country, assisting sellers to attract more buyers as many can't wait to get a feel of their newly purchased toy.

Expedited auto transport also helps the buyers, as many know that sometimes the storage fees of the car or after purchasing the car could be stored in an open environment, exposing them to unwanted elements, and who doesn't want to drive their new vehicle?

No extra mile 

Buyers and Sellers both know that new cars need to run on short miles before taking on longer routes as it can have negative or bad impacts on car engines, especially for supercars. It is not good to have high digits on the odometer. Rapid Auto Shipping can ship your car to your house without adding miles. Your car can be shipped brand new if you opt for a good carrier and with good auto transport companies like Rapid Auto Shipping.

Insurance coverage 

Buyers and Sellers can rely on the shipping company as we, among other auto transport companies, offer basic insurance coverage for your cars for safety purposes, although the rate of car shipping accidents is very low. Sellers can ship their vehicles safely and hassle-free if they have a safety option insurance coverage.

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