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International Bike Shipping

Do you have a motorcycle to transport? With simply the motorcycle pickup address and your contact information, our team of shipping experts can get to work right away. In a few of days, our domestic trucking division can pick up your motorcycle from anywhere in the continental United States. Motorcycles and vehicles can be delivered to our warehouse for loading and shipping from dealerships, independent sellers, and owners all throughout the United States. Rapid Auto Shipping provides dependable coast-to-coast shipping and transportation, as well as outstanding international automobile shipping services such as Roll-On/Roll-Off and containerized shipping. On average, we send roughly 1,500 automobiles per month.

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International Motorcycle Shipping

Do you need to transport a motorcycle? Our team of shipping experts can get right to work with just the motorcycle pickup address and your contact information. Our domestic trucking division can pick up your motorcycle from anywhere in the continental United States in a matter of days. Motorcycles and vehicles may be transported from dealerships, individual sellers, and owners all throughout the United States to our warehouse for loading and shipping. Rapid Auto Shipping offers dependable coast-to-coast shipping and transportation, as well as excellent international car shipping services, including Roll-On/Roll-Off and containerized shipping. We currently send about 1,500 autos every month on average.
You can rely on us for dependable and timely motorcycle shipping services. Our experienced staff of shipping experts is here to answer any questions you may have about shipping a motorcycle at any time.


It is not much more difficult to ship a motorcycle to another country than it is to transport it within the United States. The key distinction is that (in most circumstances), there is an additional step involving ship transportation. The majority of overseas shipments follow a three-step process:

Transport to the shipping port from the current location.
From port to port, international motorbike shipment is available.
From the dock to the final location, transportation is provided
Though shipping a motorcycle is less expensive than shipping a car or truck, the extra processes needed in transporting internationally add up. The extra stages lengthen the process and add to the expense of shipping your motorcycle. If the bike's current location and final destination are not close to a shipping port, the shipping cost will be higher due to the ground transportation component of the calculation.
Here are some shipments and costs samples that will give you a decent idea of what to expect in terms of total shipping expenses.
*Additional fees associated with overseas shipments, such as import charges and applicable taxes, should be considered (see the second section below for more information about duties and taxes).


We can pick up your motorcycle from anywhere in the US and transfer it to any location or the nearest port for overseas export. Rapid Auto Shipping can carry your motorcycle from your location to the port in an open carrier truck or an enclosed transporter. Rapid Auto Shipping will prepare the overseas shipping for international motorcycle shipping once the motorcycle reaches at the port terminal. Our skilled agents will personalise your motorcycle shipment to match your budget and timetable, and will guide you through the entire procedure, including the completion of the necessary US or Canadian Customs documentation.

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RORO (Roll on, Roll off) - , roll-off service is a common way to ship a motorcycle or other heavy equipment that requires ship transit. Simply said, your motorcycle is driven aboard the transport boat, secured internally using a built-in system or tie-downs and skids, and then carried to the port closest to your destination. It is then transported to the stated place by a normal overland transporter.

Crated - Crated motorcycle shipping, which is commonly done in a shipping container, is a safe and cost-effective way to send a motorcycle worldwide. Before being transported, the bike is fastened snugly onto a crate, securely enclosed, and then placed on a pallet. (This is also known as palletized motorbike transport.)

Containerized motorcycle shipping is a cost-effective solution to transport many bikes at the same time. Crating or fastening the motorcycle inside a container with straps and tie-downs to guarantee it stays in place throughout delivery are two options for container shipment. Containers can occasionally be split among several parties to assist lower the overall cost of transporting your vintage bikes.
Shipping a motorcycle directly to your door, even for international transfer, is an option. It will, of course, cost more than picking it up at a local terminal or port, but it is the greatest convenience for long-distance vehicle transportation. Motorcycle transportation from door to door is great for delivering rare, high-end, or historic bikes.
The port-to-port delivery service is a more cost-effective offshore transportation option than door-to-door delivery. The bike must be delivered to the shipping port of origin and then picked up at the port of the country where it will be shipped in port-to-port transport. It takes a little more legwork, but it can save money by eliminating the cost of overland transportation, which can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 on each ends, depending on the distance.


When it comes to shipping costs, there are a few major criteria that have the most influence on what you may anticipate to pay. The following are the important factors to consider in that regard:

Motorcycle type and size
the distance travelled
Mode of transportation
VAT and import duties (Value-Added Tax)

Because import tariffs and value-added tax are independent of one another, they should be assessed independently from the cost of shipping. While both have an impact on your final cost, tariffs and taxes are collected in the country of destination rather than paid by the shipper.
In general, import duties on a motorcycle should be between 6% and 8%, with a VAT rate between 15% and 20%. It's worth noting that most countries charge a substantially lower VAT (about 5% to 8%) on motorcycles that are more than 25 years old.

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When you adore your vehicle, getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road is the finest way to get it from point A to point B. When you can't see your vehicle until it arrives at its destination, you'll need a dependable transportation firm to deliver it safely and swiftly. We at Rapid Auto Shipping has given great auto transport solutions to hundreds of thousands of consumers, and our 99+ percent customer satisfaction rate reflects our dedication to providing top-notch service. Affecting or extending throughout all parts of a States

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