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If you want to ship your car to or from California, Rapid Auto Transport will help you to make it easier. We make the Booking Process Simple and everything is 100% Fully Insured. Rapid Auto Transport Specializes in Nationwide Car Shipping to or from California.

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auto transport in California

Auto transport in California is a popular option for those looking to get their car out of state quickly. There are a number of companies that offer auto shipping services in the state, and most can get your car to your destination within a few days.

Rapid Auto Shipping is the best way to get your car shipped to California. We have a wide range of services that are perfect for getting your car shipped quickly. We can ship your car using our own trucks or we can use a carrier like FedEx or UPS. We have a variety of services that are perfect for getting your car to California quickly. We can ship your car using our own trucks or we can use a carrier like FedEx or UPS.

California Car Shipping Services

Overview about California

California is a state in the United States of America and also the third-largest States by total area and the second-largest state by total area. California, with a population of approximately 38 million people, is a key car shipping california destination.

Let's start by discussing why California is the most popular state in the United States when it comes to car transportation. It would have the world's sixth-largest economy if it were its own country. There is a lot of auto transport California because of its economy. The expense of living in this state is quite high, and it is surprisingly ranked third-worst in the country for having the worst roads. This is due to the state's ever-increasing population and the increased number of cars per household, resulting in excessive traffic in many regions.

With all that being said, car shipping to California and car shipping from California can be higher than in many other states. of the Ports of Oakland, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, California at the top of the list for international auto transportation.

California accounts for about a fifth of all cargo traffic in the United States, and thousands of cars are sent to and from these ports each year for international car shipping. This is due to the state's ever-increasing population and the increased number of cars per household, resulting in excessive traffic in many regions. With all of this in mind, car shipping California can be more expensive than in other states. Because of the Ports of Oakland, Los Angeles, and Long Beach, California is at the top of the list for international auto transport. California accounts for about a fifth of all cargo traffic in the United States, and thousands of cars are sent to and from these ports each year for international car shipping. California is separated into 12 distinct regions, making it a diversified and expansive state. They can also have an impact on your auto shipping services in a variety of ways.

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Some famous attractions in California

auto transport california

California is mainly divided into more than 12 parts and in this 12 parts we have various destinations we can visit too . Some of the most famous destinations where you can enjoy with the family are mentioned below.

More Cities you maybe looking for

Alameda || Alhambra || Anaheim || Antioch || Arcadia || Bakersfield || Barstow || Belmont || Berkeley || Beverly Hills ||, Brea || Buena Park ||, Burbank || Calexico || Calistoga || Carlsbad || Carmel || Chico || Chula Vista ||, Claremont || Compton || Concord || Corona || Coronado || Costa Mesa ||, Culver City ||, Daly City ||, Davis || Downey || El Centro ||, El Cerrito ||, El Monte ||, Escondido || Eureka || Fairfield || Fontana || Fremont || Fresno || Fullerton || Garden Grove ||, Glendale || Hayward || Hollywood || Huntington Beach ||, Indio || Inglewood || Irvine || La Habra ||, Laguna Beach ||, Lancaster || Livermore || Lodi || Lompoc || Long Beach ||, Los Angeles ||, Malibu || Martinez || Marysville || Menlo Park ||, Merced || Modesto || Monterey || Mountain View ||, Napa || Needles || Newport Beach ||, Norwalk || Novato || Oakland || Oceanside || Ojai || Ontario || Orange || Oroville || Oxnard || Pacific Grove ||, Palm Springs ||, Palmdale || Palo Alto ||, Pasadena || Petaluma || Pomona || Port Hueneme ||, Rancho Cucamonga ||, Red Bluff ||, Redding || Redlands || Redondo Beach ||, Redwood City ||, Richmond || Riverside || Roseville || Sacramento || Salinas || San Bernardino || San Clemente || San Diego || San Fernando || San Francisco || San Gabriel || San Jose || San Juan Capistrano ||, San Leandro || San Luis Obispo ||, San Marino || San Mateo || San Pedro || San Rafael || San Simeon || Santa Ana || Santa Barbara || Santa Clara || Santa Clarita || Santa Cruz || Santa Monica || Santa Rosa || Sausalito || Simi Valley || Sonoma || South San Francisco ||, Stockton || Sunnyvale || Susanville || Thousand Oaks || Torrance || Turlock || Ukiah || Vallejo || Ventura || Victorville || Visalia || Walnut Creek || Watts || West Covina || Whittier || Woodland || Yorba Linda || Yuba City

Cost while shipping to / from California

The cost of transporting a vehicle is not simple to calculate. The total price of transportation varies according to several factors. There are multiple factors that can affect the cost such as distance between the locations, size of the vehicle, and its type. Apart from that, other considerations like the season, for example, if you want to ship your vehicle during Snowbird season, the prices will be high due to the demand. Other factors such as weather, operable or inoperable vehicles, can change the price. Most importantly, if a customer starts to work with different companies, the price will be increased to the next level. So it is always advisable for the customers to work with only one company.

How to get price ?

To get the instant cost for shipping to / from California you can directly contact us at :+1-833-233-4447 our executives will make sure that you will get the best quote and most of the discou8nts for your shipping .

24 * 7 customer support

Our team of professional auto transport advisors work around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure our car shipping service runs like clockwork. and provide you Assisstance 24*7.

We provide what you need.

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer fully customizable auto transport services. Our dedicated shipping advisors work with you to provide best service.

Discounts you may ask for before shipping

At Rapid Auto Shipping we try to give you the most affordable prices for your vehicle shipping. But we value our customer and their valuable feedbacks so we offer you a special and a limited time

10% Offer

Rapid Auto Shipping offers some special discounts to their valued customers to seniors and students who wish to transport their cars throughout the U.S. Military members can also take the benefits of these discounts. But those customers who do not relate to these categories can take our seasonal offers. Save your time, energy, and especially money by working with us.

How to get the best quote for your shipping

If you want to auto transport in california, Rapid Auto Shipping will help you to make it easier. Rapid Auto Shipping is a company that specializes in car shipping California and other parts of the United States. We will provide an appropriate quote for the shipment of your vehicle within a few seconds. All you have to do is fill out our free online form and you’ll get a free quote, without any hassle auto transport Califorina quote immediately with just a few clicks. If you have any questions, please contact us and you will be connected to a real, knowledgeable agent; there will be no waiting on hold, and we will assist you with everything. So don’t waste time and fill out our form to obtain a free quote, or give us a call and let us handle it for you; either way, working with Rapid Auto Shipping is a win-win situation. Always Affordable means exactly that: on time and on budget.

open car transport

John Logan


I asked them to deliver a vehicle in a trailer to Vegas. I have been using their services for many years and I am never disappointed. The vehicles arrived quickly and safely.

11, April 2019


Angela Merkle


Very accurate and in-time services. Their home pickup was excellent, and they took care of the vehicle very well. If I had known they were so good, I would have also asked them to ship my four-wheeler.

07, May 2021


Steven Faith


Accurate, home pickup, on time, excellent care of my motorcycle. If I had known they were going to be as good as they were, I would have shipped my three wheeler with them at the same time.

07, April 2020

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Mark de cole


They did a great job delivering my two-wheeler in their trailer. They did a great job of delivering it. This is my third time with them using and I am always happy with their services.

01, September 2020

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Mark Jennings


Shipping car from one state to the other state is very easy and convenient with Rapid auto shipping. they were quick and superb in responding all my queries during the transit of my vehicle.

22, September 2019

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Estep Meade


I would highly recommend Rapid Auto Shipping company for snowbird shipping services. They did remarkable job and really at affordable price. Best Auto shipping company in USA for Snowbird Shipping. Thank you, Team.

07, April 2020

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Sherry Street


Thank You Rapid Auto Shipping for delivering my vehicle. this is the second time i have used your service and found to be amazing both the times.

11, April 2019


Mark Hill


Their services are accurate whether it is home pickup or taking care of my vehicles. I was happy with all their services and their shipping and transport services were better than anyone else

22, September 2019

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enclosed auto transport

Some Special shipping requirments

Auto Transport Company in California

Open Auto Transport

Are you looking to auto transport in California by open auto transport? Well, it is the most preferred way to transport the auto-mobiles by customers. Open trailers are just like double-decker car trailers. Each car is securely fastened to prevent it from moving during the journey. Open auto transport is one of the cheapest ways of shipping your vehicle with full of security and protection. With the help of open auto transport, your vehicle will arrive at its destination within a few days depending on the distance safely without spending much money.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed car transport is a type of auto transport that gives much protection to your vehicles. Well, it is considered the safest way to transport luxury, classic and new cars. The vehicle shipping carrier's top and side covers, as well as straps.

Soft-sided Enclosed Auto Transport – It will protect your vehicle from wind-blown, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.

Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – Along with the merits of soft-sided enclosed carriers, hard-sided carriers add more protection for your car in the unlikely event of damage during transit.

California Car Shipping Services
Auto Transport Company in California

Door to Door Auto Transport

Door to door definitely is also known as house to house service, which kind of is fairly significant. This mostly is the most convenient service in which generally your car will particularly be essentially picked up and delivered at pretty your for all intents and purposes particular preferred destination without any hassle and bustle, which actually is fairly significant. Moreover, Rapid Auto shipping can provide you door-to-door service within 50 states of the U.S without charging you even a single penny extra in a really major way.

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At Rapid Auto Shipping we provide affordable prices,on-time delivery, 24*7 services, ship tracking feature and hassle free services.

Auto Transport Company in California

Snowbird Shipping

The major leading snowbird states in the USA are Arizona, Texas, California, Florida, and so on. Generally, all paths that go from north to south are called Snowbird routes. In addition, prices usually start soaring during the snowbird season because during that time the drivers have so many options, so they always go with the highest amount. So it is recommended that the customers don't get attracted to the lowest prices because, at the end of the day, it's only going to waste your precious time.

More about Snowbird season


Every year, in winters, thousands of people move from the north side to the south side due to the freezing weather.After ending the winter season in the North, then they come back to the north in their homes. Those people who move from north to south during winters are known as snowbirds . Some of the snowbirds decided to drive by themselves to their destination but most of the people prefer to use car shipping companies to transport their automobiles,.And they tend to kind of go to their destination by air in a subtle way. However, it helped them in numerous ways from definitely time, money, hassle, and mostly for the most part wear and tear to their vehicles.


So carriers try to avoid the area in the summer, but they’ll go there if there’s enough demand. But more importantly, California auto transport is popular during the winter, when the industry slows down. Fewer people ship cars in the winter for whatever reason, and most of the ones that do are shipping south. These people are called snowbirds because they take advantage of the mild times of the year and live there. In the north, that’s the summer. In the south, it's winter. During the summer months, prices may actually be a bit higher; whereas, during the winter, snowbirds carry the industry, but prices are lower because there’s usually plenty of freight.

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