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Door To Door Auto Transport

For a long time, door to door car transport has been the most common way of auto transport in the industry. Because it is the most convenient and allows both carriers and clients more control over the vehicle being transported, many carriers only provide door to door auto shipping services.

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What is a door to door transport service?

Door to door car transport is and has been the most prevalent mode of auto transport in the industry for a long time. Many carriers exclusively provide door to door auto shipping services since it is the most convenient and gives both carriers and customers more control over the vehicle being carried. In this post, we'll explain how door to door auto shipping works and why it's the preferred mode of transportation for the vast majority of clients and carriers that move automobiles daily.

To begin, door to door vehicle transport is now the industry norm; most quotations you receive, whether from Rapid Auto Shipping or someone else, will be for door to door service on an open car transport carrier. That is the most prevalent and least expensive kind of transport, and it is also the most convenient for carriers because they may go wherever they want (within reason; after all, they are driving a 90-foot-long truck) and pick up whichever goods and routes suit them best. Door to door makes sense since you and the carrier meet, and instead of employing a middleman, you release the vehicle to the carrier yourself (such as with terminal to terminal service).

This allows both carriers and consumers to keep control over vehicle loading and unloading, as well as making vehicle inspections for insurance purposes much easier (which are required by federal regulation). If the size of the door to door vehicle shipping truck prevents it from physically fitting, you and the driver will arrange for pickup and delivery at a nearby site. In this scenario, all you have to do is choose a precise address for your car or another vehicle to be picked up and dropped off.

The most popular auto transport carriers are door to door, and door to door shipping is now the most cost-effective method of delivering a vehicle. We provide door to door service to and from every state in the contiguous States of United States.

Door to Door Auto Transport
  • What is the Process of Door to Door Auto Transport?

    Follow the three simple steps outlined below to learn how the door to door auto transport works:

    Step 1: Request a price and arrange for a pickup.

    To determine the cost of our door to door auto transport service, use our auto transport calculator. It's as simple as a cup of cake. You simply provide some information (such as trailer type, vehicle condition, make and model, and pick-up/drop-off locations) and receive a quotation in seconds.

    Step 2: We come to your location and pick up your vehicle.

    A few hours before the arranged pick-up time, the door to door auto transport carrier will contact you. Make sure that huge commercial vehicles can readily access your area. If the truck is physically unable to fit at the pickup spot, you and the transport truck driver will agree on an alternate location (i.e., meet in a wider street or a parking lot nearby). The driver will assess your car before to pick-up and fill out the Bill of Lading accordingly. They will make a note of any existing damage to the car on this document. Don't worry; you'll get a copy from the driver to keep. The final step is to load your vehicle onto the door to door service. The loading of your vehicle into the door to door auto transport carrier is the final step.

    Step 3: You pick up your vehicle at the place of your choice.

    The carrier will contact you as soon as your vehicle arrives at its destination to ensure that you are at the designated drop-off spot. If you won't be able to pick up your vehicle at the scheduled time, you can always have someone else pick it up for you.

  • Effectiveness of Door to Door Transport?

    It is also the most cost-effective mode of transportation currently available. Door to door shipment is more expensive than terminal to terminal shipping, but it is far more reliable. When you need to get your vehicle off your hands quickly but not necessarily delivered soon - you don't need it to arrive right away, you simply need it picked up because it's in the way or giving you problems terminal to terminal shipping is a wonderful option. Terminal shipping is a good option, but most people don't think that way. They want and need their car while it's being transported, and they'll put up with the inconvenience for a week because it's better than driving! This is why door to door is preferable because most individuals receive their automobile within a week of booking. Because many carriers do not frequently travel to and from terminals, terminal shipment takes much longer.

    If you're looking for an estimate for door to door auto transport, you've come to the correct place. Rapid Auto Shipping only works with the best carriers in the industry to transport your vehicle, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands if you book with us. To connect with one of our live car transport representatives who can offer you a price, answer your questions, and assist you to book your order, to fill out our free online quote request form.

  • Door to Door Auto Shipping
  • What does it cost for door to door transport?

    The price of door to door auto transport is determined by several factors. Make and model: transporting smaller vehicles is less expensive. Distance traveled: the lower the price, the shorter the distance your vehicle must be transported. The faster the automobile shipping service you require, the more expensive it will be. The most cost-effective kind of transportation is open automobile transit.

    It's the ideal solution for regular car owners and those on a tight budget. Enclosed vehicle transport is often 30%-40% more expensive, however it is a premium service for classic, vintage, luxury, antique, expensive, and modified automobile owners. Vehicle condition: If your vehicle is in good working order, it will cost less than if it is not. This is because if your car is inoperable or modified, specific loading and unloading equipment is required. If you're transporting between big cities, door to door automobile shipment is less expensive. The time of year: Shipping an automobile is substantially less expensive in the summer. It costs more in the winter since the road conditions are more hazardous.

  • When we suggest door to door transport

    We recommend door to door transportation if you want the greatest inconvenience. You're not obligated to go to a terminal. We can pick up and transport your vehicle to any location you specify as long as it is safe and legal. It could be right outside your door, on a busy street nearby, in a parking lot, or at work.

  • Transport Options

    As with any service, there are various options for transporting a car with door to door auto transportation. A multi-car transport truck is one alternative for basic vehicle transportation. The majority of automobile shipments fit safely and securely aboard these trucks because they were designed exclusively for auto transport.
    A flatbed truck is another alternative for shipping an automobile, and it's a smart choice when transferring many vehicles or a smaller vehicle. When shipping a car and another small vehicle, such as a dirt bike or motorcycle, the flatbed option is ideal.

  • Door to Door Car Shipping Services
  • Terminal-to-Terminal vs. Door to Door Shipping

    You can also choose how, where, and when you want your car to be transported. Because of its convenience, door to door car shipping is the most popular method of transporting a vehicle.
    However, terminal-to-terminal transportation may save you money in the long run. If you don't mind a few stumbling blocks.
    Continue reading for advice on how to arrange auto transport for your vehicle.

  • The majority of drivers prefer door to door service

    When driving is not an option, auto transportation may be required to carry your vehicle over a long distance. Moving your vehicle or truck from New York City to Miami is an example. That's nearly 1,300 miles, and most of us wouldn't drive that far owing to the amount of work involved and the overall inconvenient nature of the trip. Finding the correct auto transport automobile carrier to perform the transfer for you is your greatest option in a circumstance like this. Open auto carriers, enclosed car transporters, and flatbed auto haulers are all the same.

    The most efficient route is door to door. This should be a simple procedure, and having your vehicle delivered directly to your door is the best option. The truth is that most drivers prefer to give door to door service since it is more efficient. Meeting a customer at a different place may require the driver to wait an excessive amount of time, which is inefficient because a good reputed Auto Transport carrier strives to be on time for each pickup and delivery.

    Most auto transport carrier drivers choose Door to Door Service because it allows them to pick up and deliver vehicles without having to wait for them, which can cause scheduling issues. Pick up and go or have it delivered to you. Please be aware that your auto carrier may not be able to pick up or deliver directly from a front door in some circumstances.

    It's Easiest to Coordinate Door to Door When a driver is deployed for an auto transport assignment, there is a lot of planning to be done, including logistics and coordination of each car for pickup and delivery. There is a specified order for pickups that will conveniently set up the delivery of each car assigned to the driver directly. The best way for automobile shippers to finish the order is to bring it to the customer's front door.

  • Is door to door car transport the most cheapest way to ship a car?

    A car can be shipped in a variety of ways. You have the option of shipping it via airline, rail, driving it yourself, or hiring someone to do it for you. If you're flying or using the train, you'll need to transport your car to the station or airport terminal. When it arrives at the opposite end, you must make arrangements to pick it up from the terminal or station. When automobiles are transferred from one terminal to another, there are numerous additional transportation costs to consider.
    Similarly, driving yourself may appear to be a less expensive choice, but it is actually more costly. You must account for the cost of fuel and rest stops, as well as the cost of increased vehicle wear and tear. It is nearly always more expensive to hire a professional driver to drive your automobile than to use door to door auto transportation.
    Nothing compares to the money you'll save by using door to door auto transport. If you choose us, we'll get you the best rates on the market for your cargo. When you combine it with our superior customer service, you've got yourself a winner.

  • Door to Door Car Shipping
  • How long does it take to ship a car from one place to another?

    Vehicle transportation transit times can be affected by a variety of factors. The most obvious factor is distance, as shipping a car from Boston to San Diego will undoubtedly take longer than shipping a car from Boston to New York. Your driver will have to travel more to reach your door to door transportation service's pick-up and automobile delivery sites if they are slightly remote. Keep in mind that your vehicle is usually loaded alongside other vehicles, which means the driver may have to make several stops before delivering your vehicle to you.

    The speed at which we transfer your car is affected by the weather. Snow, ice, hail, thunderstorms, a tornado, or a hurricane can all disrupt traffic flow along the route. Construction on the road, detours, and traffic can all obstruct the carrier's travel. The time it takes for door to door shipping will also be influenced by the driver's hours. A truck driver is only allowed to drive for a certain amount of hours per week. This number, which is presently 70 hours per week, is mandated by the Department of Transportation. This limit keeps truck drivers well-rested and capable of driving safely.

  • What are the benefits of door to door auto transport?

    Convenience – Door to door auto transport is the most convenient option when it comes to shipping a car. This service allows you to have your vehicle picked up and dropped off at any location of your choice, eliminating the need for you to drive the vehicle yourself or arrange alternate transportation methods such as renting a trailer.

    Standard – Door to door auto transport gives customers peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are being transported with care by experienced drivers and carriers who understand how important it is for them to get where they need to go safely and securely.

    Safety – Door to door auto transport is an incredibly convenient option for those looking to ship their vehicle. One of the biggest benefits of this type of transport is safety. With door to door auto transport, your vehicle will never be exposed while it’s in transit and won't experience any wear and tear from long-distance travel.

  • What types of auto transportation do we provide?


    The most cost-effective option for your regular vehicle Open car transportation is one of our most popular options. Cars are carried in this manner on a trailer that is open on all sides. Although your vehicle will be exposed to the weather, it is still a very safe and secure way to move a vehicle. It's also ideal for those on a restricted budget. It is also quite quick and easy, which is why many people love it. A premium service for classic and luxury car owners.


    We may provide a shipping service with special protection if you own a classic, luxury, vintage, antique, sports, expensive, or modified vehicle. When you choose covered auto shipping, your precious property is fully protected from the elements, dust, and grime. It is enclosed on all four sides, whereas open car transportation exposes your vehicle to the elements. You may rest assured that your vehicle will receive the attention it deserves.

  • When it's impossible to ship a car from one location to another?

    Our auto transport service specialises in door to door transport. There are situations, however, when this is not possible. If the following conditions exist, the transport carrier will have to make special arrangements for the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle:

    There are streets that are narrow:

    Large commercial vehicles should be able to pick up and deliver at the pick-up and delivery locations.

    There are low-hanging trees or power lines:

    At all costs, auto transport providers must avoid regions with low-hanging trees or power wires. We'll keep in touch with you on a frequent basis through the carrier we assign to your door to door auto transport service. This is essential for seamless door to door automobile service. If any of the scenarios above apply to you, consider additional locations where you might be able to meet your carrier. A shopping mall, public park, or department store parking lot will suffice. It's a restricted residential, commercial, or government zone: There should be no regulations or local norms that limit auto carrier transporters' access.

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