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What's in this article?

  1. Medical Transport Services Can Deliver
  2. Cost of Transportation for Medical Equipment
  3. Guidelines for the Secure Transportation of Medical Equipment
  4. Medical Transport By Air
  5. Our Medical Transport Equipment Team
  6. What Medical Equipment Necessitates Specialized Transportation?
  7. How To Properly Ship Out Medical Supplies And Equipment?

Medical Transport Services Can Deliver

The network of medical transport firms that Rapid Auto Shipping maintains possesses the level of knowledge and experience necessary to manage a wide range of medical devices. We ship medical equipment that weighs more than 150 pounds. 

Devices acceptable for transit over our network may include those cumbersome, big (for example, heavy machinery), and/or delicate. We can also get price estimates from shippers that are experts in the medical transport of sensitive laser equipment. These are the following:

  • CT Scanners
  • MRI Machines
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Devices That Use X-Rays
  • Lab Equipment
  • Hospital Furniture

Medical Transport

Cost of Transportation for Medical Equipment

The cost of medical transport can range widely based on a variety of different considerations. Some characteristics might elevate the freight class of your consignment. The following are some of these:

  • Products that weigh more than they should;
  • Cargo that is challenging to store, especially anything that may be construed as dangerous;
  • Fragile items.

Guidelines for the Secure Transportation of Medical Equipment

1. Consider your cargo carefully

It is necessary to provide detailed information about the cargo while shipping medical products. Frequently, certain handling requirements are necessary for medical equipment, and temperature control could also be required.

To guarantee that the procedure goes as quickly as it possibly can, it is imperative that you carry out the necessary research and supply as much information as you possibly can.

2. Make use of materials designed specifically for packaging

If you want to be able to transport even the most delicate medical equipment, you have to be sure that the entire shipping procedure will go off without a hitch. Use good packaging and guarantee safe delivery.

3.Compare various quotes

When it comes to medical transport services, the costs may quickly accumulate. Therefore, it is essential to examine the prices offered by a number of various vendors. 

4.Be aware of the choices available to you. 

In the field of medical transport, it is absolutely necessary to have an exhaustive understanding of all of the possibilities at your disposal. Because of the availability of emergency and expedited shipment, for instance, you will never need to be concerned that potentially life-saving equipment will not reach on time.

Since we have developed into industry leaders in the field of medical transport, feel free to get in touch with us whenever you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the process.

Medical Transport By Air

There are several benefits to using air transport for the delivery of medical supplies

  • The most efficient mode of conveyance available
  • A wide variety of possible destinations.
  • The superior degree of protection
  • There is a need for less packing.
  • The arrival and departure times are quite dependable.

Medical Transport

Our Medical Transport Equipment Team

Our staff members have received specialized training to adhere to the shipment standards of each individual medical client, and we have developed procedures that fine-tune each aspect of particular projects involving the transfer of medical supplies. Because of our competence in transportation, we are able to pick up and deliver in a risk-free manner:

  • Putting Robotics Into Operation
  • X-Ray Machines and Computed Tomography Scanners
  • Ultrasound Equipment and Machines
  • MRI Machines
  • Laser Imaging Machines
  • Chairs used in dentistry and hospital beds
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Medical Equipment Stations
  • Incubators

The following are some characteristics of transporting medical equipment:

Oversized Medical Equipment

When moving large pieces of medical transport equipment from one location to another, it is common practice to make use of machinery such as forklifts, cranes, and semi-trucks.

The more movement it requires, the greater the possibility of it being damaged. If you take every safety measure and make sure that only trained personnel are handling your equipment, you may have more peace of mind that it will be delivered without incident.

Cargo Is Sensitive

Sensitive cargo necessitates extra precautions to guarantee that your items reach your location without damage or technical difficulties. GPS tracking, thorough delivery scheduling to your specific location, safe carriage and warehousing, and heavy lifting equipment or stair climbers are among the added services.

CT scanners, MRI machines, X-Ray machines, surgical lab equipment, dental chairs, laboratory equipment, and other sensitive items can be transported. 

Medical Transport

What Medical Equipment Necessitates Specialized Transportation?

Medical equipment that is delicate, heavy, or worth millions of dollars requires experienced movers, whether it is being moved across floors at a hospital or across the country to another healthcare provider. The following are some of the most prevalent medical gadgets that need particular shifting and transit logistics:

  • Magnets for Proton Therapy
  • Accelerators that are linear
  • PET/CT Scanners
  • CT scanners, cyclotrons, and MRI systems

Six Pointers for a Smooth Medical Equipment Relocation

Even when competent specialists are hired to move your heavy medical equipment, the procedure can be confusing and intimidating. We have hundreds of these assignments under our belt and can explain six critical procedures that assist in speeding the process.

Select packaging made exclusively for medical supplies.

Whether you are transporting pharmaceuticals or pieces of medical equipment, it is very necessary to ensure that they reach their destination in pristine shape in order for them to maintain their efficacy and value.

Products that are sensitive to temperature

In order for some medicines to maintain their efficacy, the temperature at which they are stored must be strictly adhered to.

Because of this, conventional packaging would not be suitable for shipping, which may expose the goods to extremes of temperature, such as freezing or blistering heat.

A business that specializes in the design of packaging may be able to devise a solution that makes use of isothermal materials in order to maintain temperature control over the product. Insulating characteristics ensure the safety of temperature-sensitive medications when stored in these.

Items that are sensitive to impact

When working in a medical transport or pharmaceutical setting, you'll find that many of the instruments and equipment you utilize are highly delicate. It may just take a minor shock during transit, such as the driver making an unexpected turn, to render them useless and unusable.

When confronted with such a predicament,

It is possible that it will be required to have packaging prepared by a packaging specialist in order to guarantee that the equipment will reach its destination in pristine shape.

It's possible that a consultant may suggest utilizing an appropriate foam that will be implanted in order to prevent shocks or vibrations that could put the integrity of medical items at risk.

Medical Transport

How To Properly Ship Out Medical Supplies And Equipment?

It is necessary to carefully plan out the shipment of medical equipment. If you want to reduce the likelihood of something going wrong with your shipment, one of the essential things you can do is educate yourself as much in advance as possible on the regulations governing customs, the various packaging alternatives, and the insurance policies available.

Address any particular requests

If the laboratory equipment is fragile or easily damaged, specialized packing with features like shock absorption and vibration dampening may be required.

Because normal packing might not be available in the appropriate size, oversized pieces of equipment like MRI machines, CT scanners, hospital beds, and other pieces of furniture could require special permissions and packaging that has been specifically designed for them.

Make use of personalized packaging.

When it comes to medical transport, nothing beats the effectiveness of custom packing. Protective packaging and specialized cases, tailor-made for your product and its particular specifications, will be available from the company. To provide enough protection for your items, foam packing may be precisely die-cut into the required form.

Consider using reusable packaging

If you transport the same products on a frequent basis, reusable packaging is a terrific method to save money while protecting your things.

Reusable shipping crates are available that can be constructed and dismantled without the use of tools and may be entirely tailored to meet the demands of the goods. Reusable crates are more durable than single-use crates, and they are also better for the environment.

Items should be insured and tracked

Unexpected occurrences might happen no matter how carefully you plan and prepare your things for shipment. Given the high cost of medical equipment in general, it is critical to ensure your products so that you may be appropriately paid if they are destroyed in transportation.

Shipment monitoring can also assist you to avoid losing your things and provide you peace of mind.


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Rapid Auto Shipping ships which medical devices?

Rapid Auto Shipping transports medical gadgets nationwide. Our team offers a comprehensive choice of medical devices, including surgical instruments, surgical supplies, and basic medical supplies.

Rapid Auto Shipping specializes in what medical devices?

Rapid Auto Shipping is good at delivering things that need to be there quickly, like sanitizer, supplies, and sterile processing devices to medical institutions. Our team might collect medical equipment that has been cleaned.

Why should I ship medical equipment with Rapid Auto Shipping?

Rapid Auto Shipping has led medical equipment transportation logistics for nearly four decades. We'll deliver your package quickly and reliably.

How can I make sure my equipment case is the best?

There are several road case options and many things to consider to keep your equipment safe. We recommend consulting our experts instead of choosing the available option.

Do weight, height, or width limit medical equipment transportation?

Most things can fit in a car, enclosed trailer, or Conestoga trailer.

How do you move medical equipment?

We can send medical devices, accessories, and support items that are pad-wrapped, crated, or on pallets by FedEx, UPS, air, etc. All safety measures are taken to make sure that your medical devices and tools arrive in good shape.

In which states do you have a license to sell medicines?

We provide CONUS transportation, which means that both the starting place and the endpoint are in the continental United States.

How do I get a price for moving medical equipment? What do I need to know?

From and To dates, item details with sizes and weights, load plans if they are available, arrival times, access to places, dry van, climate van, or flatbed.

Why should I choose RAS to send my medical supplies?

Rapid Auto Shipping has been the best medical shipping company for moving medical devices for more than forty years. Our experience with time-sensitive deliveries means we will deliver your package quickly and correctly.

Can I bring medical tools onto a plane?

Medical supplies and equipment can be brought on as extra things for no cost. Some medical stuff can be brought on the plane as an "additional carry-on item" if they don't exceed the size and weight limits.


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