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Car Transport company in Rhode Island

Are you trying to find a firm to ship your automobile to or from Rhode Island? Rapid Auto Shipping is an expert in shipping cars across the country to or from Rhode Island. We have more than ten years of experience in the car shipping industry. Rapid Auto Shipping provides you with a free quotation based on your service requirements for transporting an automobile to or from Rhode Island. However, there's no need to worry about the deadline since our shipping experts will take every precaution to guarantee that you receive a swift and seamless Rhode Island auto transport service with no delays.

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Overview about Rhode Island

The State of Rhode island is in the Northeastern United States of America. With little less than 1.1 million, it is the smallest U.S. state by area and the seventh-least populous, yet it is the second-most densely populated after New Jersey. It is named after the eponymous island, despite the fact that the majority of its land area is on the mainland. Rhode Island is bordered on the west by Connecticut, on the north and east by Massachusetts, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean via Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound; it also has a tiny maritime border with New York. It's not difficult to go about the state because it's the smallest in the country. When it comes to shipping your car to or from the state, this is actually a significant advantage. In addition, the state has several major cities that are conveniently accessible by interstate highways. Providence is by far the most populous. The state's capital, as well as the most common car shipping destination, is Providence. Cranston, Warwick, and Pawtucket, all within a few miles of Providence, are other prominent cities in the state.

With Providence as the primary site for motor transportation services, accessibility is critical. And Providence is located right on Interstate 95, the primary interstate highway that runs through the city. It is one of the most vital highways in the country, running from Miami to Maine. Car shipping businesses like routes that run up and down the coast, and Providence is located southwest of Boston, which is also a major car shipping hub. Being able to travel to locations like Boston, Baltimore, and New York – as well as Providence – is a huge plus, as it usually means shorter pickup, transportation, and delivery times.

Why we are best in Rhode Island auto transport company ?

Rapid Auto Shipping is a Car transport Rhode Island Company that values all of its customers equally and provides best Car Shipping Rhode Island Services. We assist customers in getting their vehicles delivered on schedule and at a reasonable cost. We fully insure their vehicles and transport them safely from one location to another. You may rest assured that if your vehicle is damaged during transportation, you will be compensated. We've got you covered; our insurance provider will efficiently handle the claim. We bonded and licensed a company that can be trusted by all clients. Customers do not need to pay a deposit to schedule their ride.Furthermore, we provide our customers with dependable carriers so that they can have the finest possible transportation experience with Auto Transport Companies In Rhode Island.

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Some famous Auto Transport in Rhode Island Cities

Rhode Island Auto Transport company

The State of Rhode Island is in the Northeastern United States of America. With little less than 1.1 million, it is the smallest U.S. state by area and the seventh-least populous, yet it is the second-most densely populated after New Jersey. It is named after the eponymous island, despite the fact that the majority of its land area is on the mainland. Rhode Island is bordered on the west by Connecticut, on the north and east by Massachusetts, and on the south by the Atlantic Ocean via Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound

More Cities you maybe looking for

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What's the cost for Rhode Island Auto Transportation

It's tough to determine the cost of transporting a vehicle. The entire cost of transportation is influenced by a number of factors. The distance between the two places, the vehicle's size, and its kind are all factors that influence the pricing. Moreover, there are other elements to consider, such as the season. If you want to ship your vehicle during the Snowbird season, for example, pricing will be higher due to high demand. Weather factors, as well as working or non-working automobiles, might affect costs. Above all, if a customer does business with a number of different companies, the price will grow to the next level. Clients should only work with one company at a time as a result.

How to get price ?

To get the instant cost from best Rhode Island Auto Transport company you can directly contact us at :+1 (833) 233-4447 our executives will make sure that you will get the best quote and most of the discounts for your shipping .

24 * 7 customer support

Our team of professionals at best Rhode Island Auto Transport company work around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure our car shipping service runs like clockwork. and provide you Assisstance 24*7.

We provide what you need.

Everyone’s needs are different, which is why we offer fully customizable Rhode Island Car shipping services. Our dedicated shipping advisors work with you to provide best service.

Discounts while Auto Transport in Rhode Island

At Rapid Auto Shipping we try to give you the most affordable prices for your Rhode Island Car shipping services. But we value our customer and their valuable feedbacks so we offer you a special and a limited time

10% Offer

Military members, students, and elderly are also eligible for special savings when shipping POVs. We recognise that the final two categories may not be able to afford to ship their autos at full price, which is why we are offering a discount. Car dealers that are experiencing financial difficulties might take advantage of our seasonal offers by selecting a car shipping date when there are fewer customers sending cars. For more information, please contact our office or your driver.

How to get the best quote for your shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping is best in Car Shipping Rhode Island and will make shipping your car to or from Rhode Island as simple as possible. Rapid Auto Shipping is an Rhode Island Auto Transport that specializes in Car transport Companies in Rhode Island in car shipping to and from Rhode Island as well as other locations in the United States. In a matter of seconds, we can provide you with an accurate quote for transferring your vehicle. All you have to do is fill out our simple online form and you'll receive a free with our service, no-obligation auto transport quote in just a few clicks. If you have any questions, please contact us and you will be connected to a live, knowledgeable agent who will assist you with everything. You will not be placed on hold. So don't waste any time and fill out our form to get a free quote, or give us a call and we'll take care of everything; either way, dealing with Rapid Auto Shipping is a win-win situation. Our prices are always Affordable denotes that everything is done on time and on budget without any problems.

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I asked them to deliver a vehicle in a trailer to Vegas. I have been using their services for many years and I am never disappointed. The vehicles arrived quickly and safely.

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Very accurate and in-time services. Their home pickup was excellent, and they took care of the vehicle very well. If I had known they were so good, I would have also asked them to ship my four-wheeler.

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Accurate, home pickup, on time, excellent care of my motorcycle. If I had known they were going to be as good as they were, I would have shipped my three wheeler with them at the same time.

07, April 2020

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They did a great job delivering my two-wheeler in their trailer. They did a great job of delivering it. This is my third time with them using and I am always happy with their services.

01, September 2020

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Shipping car from one state to the other state is very easy and convenient with Rapid auto shipping. they were quick and superb in responding all my queries during the transit of my vehicle.

22, September 2019

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I would highly recommend Rapid Auto Shipping company for snowbird shipping services. They did remarkable job and really at affordable price. Best Auto shipping company in USA for Snowbird Shipping. Thank you, Team.

07, April 2020

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Thank You Rapid Auto Shipping for delivering my vehicle. this is the second time i have used your service and found to be amazing both the times.

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Their services are accurate whether it is home pickup or taking care of my vehicles. I was happy with all their services and their shipping and transport services were better than anyone else

22, September 2019

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Some Special shipping requirments

Rhode Island Open Auto Transport

Open Auto Transport

Are you considering using open auto transport in Rhode Island to transport your vehicle? Both open carriers and dealerships employ double-decker auto carriers. Your vehicle will be protected by cutting-edge technology and transported to its final destination within seven days after departure. Open car shipping is a safe and cost-effective way to transport your car that protects it from road vibrations, additional kilometres, and other problems.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Whether tropical storms are on their way up the coast or winter winds are blowing down from the north, Rhode Island is always in the line of terrible weather. One of the reasons it has the worst roads in the country is possibly because of this. Enclosed transportation is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from summer storms, blowing blizzards, or plain bad roads. When looking for auto transport in Rhode Island, consider sending your vehicle via enclosed auto transport to avoid damage from rain, wind-blown debris during storms, and other unexpected weather events. Having your vehicle transported to Rhode Island in an enclosed carrier is a wise investment. A covered auto transport is the safest way to transfer your car to Rhode Island. When it comes to exporting your automobile, you have two options:

Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – It will protect your vehicle from wind-blown, rain, sleet, snow, and other elements.

Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Transport – Along with the merits of soft-sided enclosed carriers, hard-sided carriers add more protection for your car in the unlikely event of damage during transit.

Rhode Island Enclosed Car shipping services
Rhode Island Luxury and Classic Auto Services


Our auto transport services are dependable because Rapid Auto Shipping is used in moving luxury and antique cars to and from East Providence, Rhode Island. Depending on the needs of our clients, we provide a variety of car shipping options. Of course, we prefer an enclosed carrier than an open carrier because of the added security and delivery speed. Although the cost of car shipment may be higher, your vehicle will be safe from the elements and criminals within the trailer. It's impervious to rocks, rain, and wind, and strangers won't be able to see what we're transporting until they arrive in Florida or another place.

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At Rapid Auto Shipping we provide affordable prices,on-time delivery, 24*7 services, ship tracking feature and hassle free services.

Snowbird Shipping in Rhode Island

Snowbird Shipping

In United States Texas, California, Florida, and other states are among the most popular snowbird destinations. The term "snowbird path" refers to any route that travels from north to south. Furthermore, rates tend to rise during the snowbird season since drivers have so many choices that they always choose the most expensive one. Customers are advised not to get enticed by the lowest costs because they will wind up wasting their time.

More about Snowbird season


Every year in the winter, thousands of people travel from the north to the south to escape the cold, usually to live in the warmer environment of the south. They returned to their northern homes once the winter season ended to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.Snowbirds are people who travel from the north to the south during the winter. Although some snowbirds prefer to drive themselves to their destination, the majority of people prefer to have their cars shipped by auto shipping firms, or so they thought. They also have a habit of arriving at their location discreetly. It did, however, assist them in a number of ways, including saving time and money, as well as reducing vehicle wear and tear, which is vital.


An operable vehicle is one that is in good working order and can travel forward and backward without the need for human intervention. Vehicles that are unable to move are classified as inoperable or non-running. A winch will be required in this instance, which may incur additional costs. To put it another way, the consumer will have to pay the driver more money for this extra service. However, not every transportation company offers this service with non-functioning vehicles.


The vehicle's size/weight, the distance it needs to be carried across, and the Rhode island auto transport you're employing are the most important aspects impacting the car shipping charges. The bigger your truck is and the furthest you want to ship it, the more you'll have to spend. The two things are inextricably linked. When picking an auto transport Rhode Island carrier, consider your budget, destination, country, and the type of service offered when travelling from East Providence, RI to Florida. The auto transport firm, on the other hand, sets the rates. Due to a scarcity of trucks and employees, smaller businesses may be obliged to raise their prices. For example, if the Rhode Island vehicle transport firm has a limited fleet and doesn't have a carrier near your area, it will have to charge more for fuel and other fees. Companies with a wide fleet, such as Rapid Auto Shipping, have carriers in most parts of the United States, therefore their charges are more inexpensive. We also provide open carrier and terminal services, bringing the total cost down even further.

Because open carriers can transport more automobiles at once than enclosed carriers, they are less expensive to employ. Furthermore, instead of opting for the door-to-door service, you can save money by driving your car to a terminal. Finally, our seasonal specials and discounts help you save even more money on shipping. For further information, please contact our Rhode Island office.

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