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  1. Who Requires Snowbird Auto Transport Services?
  2. Snowbird Auto Transport Services
  3. Advantages of Snowbird Auto Transport
  4. How Much Does Snowbird Auto Transport Cost?
  5. Snowbird Auto Transport Tips
  6. Which Vehicle Shipping Service Do Snowbirds Prefer?
  7. Why Is Snowbird Auto Transport Better Than Driving?

Who Requires Snowbird Auto Transport Services?

Snowbird auto transport services are available to anyone who wishes to travel south during the winter but does not wish to drive their vehicle.

Their Snowbird auto transport services are also ideal for those who want to journey south quickly but wish to avoid renting or purchasing a car. In addition, if you plan to buy a new vehicle while you're away, you can use snowbird auto transport to return your old vehicle.

Snowbird Auto Transport Services

After deciding to ship your vehicle from your residence in the North, you must select the necessary auto transport services. The auto transport company offers various services to satisfy your particular requirements. Here are some of the available services:

Open Auto Transport: This is how most of their customers ship their cars because it is the standard in the business. The vehicle will be moved on a trailer that is open to the air. Because of how it was built, the car will be open to the weather and the road.

Enclosed Auto Transport: This way of car moving provides extra safety from the weather and other road-related things. It is suggested for sport, luxury, rare, and classic cars. This way of transport costs more than the other option: ship the vehicle in the open.

Door-to-Door Auto Shipping: With this type of shipping, you don't have to worry about dropping off or getting up your car at a terminal. The driver will instead go straight to your house. Then, the vehicle will get to where it needs to go without any problems.

Snowbird Auto Transpor

Advantages of Snowbird Auto Transport

Snowbird auto transport provides numerous advantages to seasonal travellers who need to convey their vehicles during the winter. Here are some of the essential benefits of utilizing Snowbird auto transport services:

Transport without hassles:

Snowbirds's auto transport services are intended to provide a convenient and stress-free journey. By selecting a trustworthy auto transport company, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be transported without incident.

Professional assistance

Professional Snowbird auto transport drivers, will treat your vehicle carefully and offer top-notch service throughout the shipping procedure.

Your vehicle will be delivered on schedule, and they will keep you updated on the status of your shipment.

Saves both money and time:

As opposed to driving your automobile, snowbird auto transport helps you save time and money. You can save the lengthy travel and challenging weather by transporting your vehicle directly to your winter residence via Snowbird auto transport.

A door-to-door service

The terminal to terminal service provided by Snowbird Auto Transport implies that your automobile will be picked up from your house and delivered to your winter home or another destination of your choice. By doing this, you can avoid the trouble of bringing and returning your car to a particular terminal.

Secure and safe:

Snowbird auto transport companies use covered containers to shield your vehicle from harm while being transported. By doing this, you can be guaranteed that your car will be in the same condition it was in when it was picked up when it got to its destination.

Repeat customers:

Many Snowbird auto transport companies have loyal repeat clients that depend on and use their services year after year. This demonstrates the dependability and expertise of these companies.

How Much Does Snowbird Auto Transport Cost?

Interstate road journeys incur considerable costs. Instead of driving, the superior option is to transport your vehicle to its destination. Shipping a car can reduce travel expenses.

How much does a reputable auto transport company charge to convey a vehicle? Companies charge varying prices. However, the majority of estimates are generated using the same fundamental factors. The following variables may be considered when calculating your auto transport estimate:


The primary determinant of Snowbird auto transport costs is distance. The good news is that the longer the distance, the lower the per-mile price. Although the cost of vehicles will also depend on a variety of other factors

Type of automobile

The greater the size and value of the vehicle being transported, the greater the cost of snowbirds auto transportation. People typically want their exotic and classic cars transported in an enclosed container, which incurs additional costs.

Type of service selected

Snowbird auto transport is typically conducted in an open trailer, the more cost-effective option. However, if you convey your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, you can expect to pay an additional 33-50%.

Vehicle Make & Model

The car makes and models are required for the car shipping quote calculator, so the auto shipping company can prepare for transport. Larger vehicles consume more capacity and are consequently more expensive. Modified cars will require special care.

Condition of the Vehicle 

Important to consider is whether or not your vehicle is operable. Special apparatus is required for loading and unloading inoperable vehicles. Therefore, the cost of non-running cars is higher.


Prices may vary depending not only on distance but also on destination. Auto transport routes depend on main roads. Rates may vary depending on whether you're shipping to a large or small city.

Snowbird Auto Transpor

Snowbird Auto Transport Tips

Planning and being well-prepared for the entire auto transportation process to run smoothly is necessary. To ensure that your snowbird auto transport experience is positive, auto shipping companies have compiled the following tips.

Book in advance: Preparing in advance for auto transport is essential. This ensures you have sufficient time to make travel arrangements and shipping preparations. It also gives them time to make arrangements and ensure everything is in order with the auto transport company.

Wash your automobile: Before the chauffeur arrives, clean your vehicle. A vehicle must be tidy for inspection. A vehicle inspection report will be generated to assess the vehicle's condition before and promptly following delivery. This is for purposes of insurance.

Remove personal belongings: Personal items should not be placed in the vehicle for transport, as you will not have access to them during the process. In addition, insurance does not cover damages caused by these items.

Which Vehicle Shipping Service Do Snowbirds Prefer?

The most popular Snowbirds auto transport service transports vehicles using an open trailer. It is their most economical option while still providing a safe and secure vehicle transport method.

Enclosed auto transport is always recommended if a snowbird owns a custom, classic, antique, or prestige vehicle. It is a touch more expensive but provides complete protection from the elements and road grime.

Their Hawaii snowbird auto transport service is also top-rated, as this is a popular destination for people escaping the colder climate of the north.

Why Is Snowbird Auto Transport Better Than Driving?

Snowbird auto transport is better than driving. It is safer and more secure than driving long distances in your car. Not only this, but you also save money as you are not constantly filling up gas, and this saves on wear and tear on your vehicle.



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