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Military Vehicle Transport

Any auto transport company that performs military car shipping will offer a discount to our men and women in uniform. This might range from a simple $25 off your total cost to over a hundred dollars, depending on the shipper. Did you know that we, at Rapid Auto Shipping, offer military people discounts? Because the military only pays for one car per service member to be transported, anybody in the military who needs auto shipping for a second vehicle must contact an independent auto shipper. The majority of vehicle transport companies, on the other hand, provide military vehicle Shipping.

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What is Military Auto Shipping?

Simply, military auto shipping firms do exactly what their name implies: they ship vehicles for military personnel. Military car shipping such as humpees and jeeps can also be shipped. Military vehicle shipping services will be provided to active and former military members by any transportation company, whether it is a broker or a carrier. It's unusual to have services available for active-duty military personnel but not for retired military personnel, and vice versa. Auto transporters, in our experience, do not discriminate between active and retired military personnel.
Depending on what you're sending, you can locate open, enclosed, or even flatbed transport trucks to convey your automobile. Open transportation is frequently the cheapest and most cost-effective mode of transportation. Enclosed is frequently recommended for more expensive automobiles that are not used regularly. It's worth noting, though, that enclosed transportation takes longer to locate than open transportation. Flatbed shipment, the final option, is an on-demand service for large cars that cannot fit on normal transport trucks.
Please keep in mind that we're talking about military vehicle shipping services across the United States. Almost every military car shipping firm you'll come across specializes in domestic auto shipment rather than international auto shipping. You'll need an international transportation business to transfer a vehicle to a military base outside of the United States and its surrounding regions.

Military Car Shipping: Military Members Get Discounts

Any car transport firm that provides military car shipping will provide our men and women in uniform a discount. Depending on the shipper, this can range from a simple $25 off your overall cost to over a hundred dollars. Did you know that we, at Rapid Auto Shipping, also provide discounts to military personnel?
Due to the fact that the military only pays to transport one vehicle per service member, anyone in the military who requires auto shipping for a second vehicle must contact an independent auto shipper. However, most vehicle transport firms provide military auto transportation.
Before booking with anyone, investigate whether companies provide military auto transportation services. Some firms may not provide discounts for military auto shipment. It's critical to inform your auto shipper that you're a service member. Before booking with a company that offers a military auto shipping discount, be sure you have the correct identification. The requirements for a military discount can vary from one shipper to the next. To learn more, we recommend speaking with a representative.

PCS Auto Transport from Base to Base

When making a large move, people frequently use a military automobile shipping service. Whether it's a civilian going from California to Texas for a job or an Air Force member moving from Dover AFB to Beale or Travis, they all require help moving their vehicle across the country. With several automobiles and full residences of personal items, it might be even more stressful if they have dependents and another family!
It is not uncommon for bases to be thousands of miles apart. While the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard may transport your household goods to your new base, you – and perhaps your dependents – will be responsible for getting your POV there. You might even have a moving truck to watch after if you have particular belongings that you don't want to commit to the government's Transportation Service Provider (TSP). Not everyone believes in the TSP, and let's face it, you'll need some personal belongings throughout the transfer. Even when you arrive at the next stop, the TSP may take days to deliver your products to the correct address, and you may require some of that apparel or household supplies while you're away.
It will be easier to delegate this transportation to professionals, whether it is long-distance or just a few states away. Because many families auto-ship their automobiles when given a PCS, moving your car from one base to another is a simple procedure.

Ship Your Vehicle With Rapid Auto Shipping

We can offer you a terrific deal to ship your vehicle if you're a military service member, whether active or retired. We deal with top-rated automobile shipping companies that provide open, enclosed, and flatbed services throughout the United States. We also provide military shipping services to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territory abroad.
We can also military vehicle transport as per your requirement! It doesn't matter if it's a conventional military jeep, a humvee, or a surplus tank... If it's a military vehicle with wheels, there's a good possibility we'll be able to transfer it for you at a reasonable price.

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Taking Care of the Details

Many auto shipping firms provide excellent deals to consumers who are looking to move their vehicles. It is critical to choose a business that performs these trips on a regular basis and is familiar with the specialised protocols involved in transporting personnel to and from sites. Moving from one residence to another or from a port to a dealership isn't as simple as shipping to and from military facilities. When visiting some of the country's most protected sites, there are limits, paperwork, and other issues to contend with.
You may feel that you can drive your car to your destination. However, that comes with a slew of headaches. Consider how long it will take you to travel this distance. The extra wear and tear - driving a vehicle for this long will result in the engine getting greater mileage. Debris or rocks can potentially damage your car, causing cosmetic and component damage. Yes, the government will reimburse you for transportation and per diem, as well as provide you with restricted accommodation options. However, if you have more than two automobiles or a large family that exceeds the per diem and housing allowances, you may still be out of money.
So, why deal with all of this stress on top of your HHG, new orders, and any other issues that may arise as a result of a station change? Allow the pros to handle it. Paying a car transport firm may mean having a bit less money to play with at your new station, but it also removes one more stress from your plate.


Various companies offer various forms of military car transportation services, depending on your requirements. You have the option of shipping your vehicle via open transport or enclosed transport. An open carrier is your greatest car transport alternative if you're seeking a low-cost mode of transportation.
However, let's be honest: troops adore their toys. Those toys can include high-end exotic or high-performance autos in some situations. Many of them prefer motorcycles, as well as utility vehicles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and the occasional golf cart! In that case, you might want to carry your items using an enclosed carrier. If you carry your experience car in an enclosed trailer, it will not be damaged by the wind or moving particles on the road. It's also easier to move smaller vehicles, thanks to the option to palletize and tie-down smaller vehicles, as opposed to the open carrier's one-size-fits-all loading method.
Still, for the everyday driver, an open carrier offers the ideal combination of care and cost-effectiveness. Another typical shipping method is open carrier shipping. The vast majority of car owners choose to transport their vehicles using an open carrier. It's a safe bet, no matter which new Port or Fort you're heading for.

Military Auto Shipping: What Can You Ship And Where Can You Ship It?

Most military auto shipping firms, like ours, can transport just about any type of vehicle. We can transport any vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, 4x4, ATVs, motorcycles, jet skis, and other watercraft.
The majority of shipping businesses that serve military personnel may pick up and deliver at a military base. However, it must be acceptable to the base commander. Before you have a pickup or delivery at the base, get permission. You'll have to meet your shipper somewhere nearby if your vehicle can't be delivered to a military base. However, there's a good chance you'll be able to get it delivered close to the base's gates or entrance. You can even have your vehicle transported to and from your home if necessary. Many carrier businesses are also willing to meet you outside of the base. If the transport vehicle is unable to enter the base, but the commanding officer is comfortable with it happening outside, this is a wonderful alternative.
Finally, military auto shipping services are quite easy to come by and, thanks to discounts, more reasonable than ever before.

Military Auto Shipping; Military Vehicles

Not all military auto transportation businesses will ship particular military vehicles. We can handle them at Rapid Auto Shipping. Fill out our online, rapid car shipping quote form if you're shipping a military vehicle. You'll receive a quote right away, with no trouble.
You can also call us toll-free to get a price from one of our representatives. Many people are interested in ancient military jeeps, and we've heard requests to export deactivated tanks and other items. While not everyone is capable of transporting a deactivated tank, some are. The United States military has its own shippers, but if you're mailing something from an army surplus store or something else, we can certainly ship it. We can assist you move anything, whether it's an antique World War II army vehicle or something else, like an armoured personnel carrier or something else.
Some of the military's older vehicles may not fit on a conventional carrier, so if your auto transport representative says you need one, expect to spend a little more. If your vehicle is too big or large to fit on a conventional auto transport truck, you'll need a flatbed carrier.

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