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What's In This Article?

  1. Types of Carriers Used for Farm Equipment Transport Services
  2. We Can Ship Any Farm Machinery Hauling
  3. We Can be Farm Equipment Transport Services Between States or Coast to Coast
  4. What is the Cost of Farm Equipment Transport Services?
  5. What Factors Influence the Cost of Farm Equipment Shipping?
  6. What is the Typical Duration for Farm Equipment Hauling?
  7. We Are the Best in the Farm Equipment Trucking Company

Types of Carriers Used for Farm Equipment Transport Services

There are different types of carriers commonly used for farm equipment transport services:

Flatbed Trailers: Flatbed trailers are the most familiar carrier for farm equipment transport. They feature a flat, open platform without any sides or roof, providing flexibility in loading and unloading various farm equipment.

Lowboy Trailers: Lowboy trailers, also known as low-bed or low-loader trailers, have a lower deck height, allowing the transportation of taller and heavier farm equipment, such as tractors or combine harvesters. They have ramps for easy loading and unloading.

farm equipment hauling

Step Deck Trailers: Step deck trailers, also called drop deck or low-profile trailers, have a lower deck height in the front section, transporting taller farm equipment while providing a higher deck in the rear compartment for smaller equipment. They are suitable for carrying a mix of different-sized agricultural machinery.

Gooseneck Trailers: Gooseneck trailers feature a raised front section that extends over the towing vehicle, providing extra stability and weight distribution. They are commonly used for transporting large and heavy farm equipment, like bulldozers or large tractors.

Semi-Trucks with Specialized Attachments: Some farm equipment, such as self-propelled combines or sprayers, may have built-in transportation systems. In such cases, a semi-truck with a specialized attachment connects with and transports the equipment.

We Can Ship Any Farm Machinery Hauling

Rapid Auto Shipping is capable of transporting all types of farm machinery hauling. With our expertise and knowledge, we can safely and efficiently deliver your machinery to any location in the country, whether it's the largest row-crop machinery or minor utility machinery.

We offer a variety of farm machinery transport options, including:

Tractor shipping: Tractors are essential farm vehicles used for various agricultural tasks and come in different sizes and configurations. Shipping tractors require flatbed trucks or specialized carriers capable of handling their weight and dimensions.

transport farm equipment

Combine shipping: Combines are large machines used to harvest crops such as grains. Due to their size and weight, transporting combines usually involves using flatbed trailers or lowboy trailers.

Harvester and baler shipping: Harvesters and balers gather and process crops. Like combines, they are bulky and heavy, necessitating specialized trailers for transportation.

Planter and seeder shipping: Planters and seeders are used for planting seeds in the fields. They are usually transported on flatbed trailers or, in some cases, shipped disassembled to save space.

Sprayer shipping: Sprayers are used for applying pesticides and fertilizers to crops. Shipping sprayers may require specialized trailers or flatbeds.

Plow and tillage equipment shipping: Plows and other tillage equipment are essential for preparing the soil for planting. They may be transported using flatbed trailers.

Irrigation equipment shipping: Irrigation systems, such as pipes, pumps, and sprinklers, may require specialized shipping due to their size and delicate components.

Livestock handling equipment shipping: Farm equipment used for controlling and managing livestock, such as cattle chutes, may require specialized carriers or disassembly for transportation.

Grain storage and handling equipment shipping: Equipment used for storing and handling grains, such as silos and grain elevators, may need careful transportation due to their size and weight.

Farm implements shipping: Various smaller implements, such as plows, cultivators, seeders, and rotary cutters, may be transported using flatbed trailers or shipping containers.

farmer transport

We Can be Farm Equipment Transport Services Between States or Coast to Coast

Typically, farm equipment haulers are done by train or by sea. However, railways and ships cannot provide direct shipping to specific locations within the USA.

Our drivers can promptly ship your vehicles to any address you provide us. We operate in all states, so it doesn't matter where you are located. We can assist you effortlessly in finding farm machinery hauling in your vicinity.

What is the Cost of Farm Equipment Transport Services?

The cost of farm equipment transport services can vary significantly based on the specific equipment type. The average price of farm equipment trucking over a 500-mile distance is $1.75 per mile, whereas shorter trips cost $5.00 per mile.

Various factors, including dimensions, weight, type of equipment, time of year, and popular routes, determine the cost of farm machinery transport. You can quickly determine the cost of using our farm equipment haulers by requesting a free quote from Rapid Auto Shipping.

farm equipment movers

What Factors Influence the Cost of Farm Equipment Shipping?

The following factors determine the rates for farm equipment shipping:

Type of equipment: Certain types of equipment, such as tractors and movers, are easier to transport than larger machinery like combine harvesters. The latter often require partial disassembly before they can be transported.

Dimensions and size: In addition to the type of equipment, the size, and dimensions also significantly impact the price. This particularly applies when it comes to extensive machinery.

Weight: The weight of your farming equipment is a crucial factor in determining the shipping cost, just like with any freight hauling.

If you have multiple items of equipment to ship, we can assist you in planning and optimizing your costs by maximizing the weight of each shipment.

Container vs. open-air: Open-air shipping is a more cost-effective option than container shipping, although it does come with the drawback of leaving your equipment vulnerable to the elements.

If you have a smaller piece of farm equipment that can fit inside a standard 40-foot-long container, opting for container shipping at a slightly higher cost will offer enhanced protection for your equipment.

Delivery deadline: If you require fast shipping for your equipment, you must pay an additional fee for expedited delivery. Opting for a slower shipping method can significantly reduce costs.

Therefore, it is advisable to carefully plan your logistics to avoid the necessity of rush delivery for your farm equipment.

Total distance shipped: When hauling farm tractors over longer distances, the cost per mile will be lower than shorter distances. However, it is essential to note that the overall cost will still be higher.

For instance, hauling farm tractors across the country will cost less per mile than moving them within the state. However, the overall cost of farm machinery transport across the country will be higher.

What is the Typical Duration for Farm Equipment Hauling?

The duration of vehicle transportation will vary depending on the distance. Usually, the estimated delivery time is three to five days.

However, if you are shipping from one coast to another, the transit time may increase to seven to ten days. To obtain more information, it is necessary to communicate with your agent and discuss the specifics of the trip.

We Are the Best in the Farm Equipment Trucking Company

At Rapid Auto Shipping, we are committed to ensuring your agriculture equipment's safe and timely delivery to its destination. Our drivers are conscientious and take every precaution from departing until arriving at their destination.

Additionally, every support staff member is dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction and shares our commitment to providing excellent service.

Our success as one of the leading farm tractor transport operations in the Tri-State region can be attributed to our special equipment and highly skilled team.


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What is the most optimal choice for farm equipment shipping?

A flatbed trailer is the most suitable option if you have many small parts to transport. Additionally, the company must ensure that everything is secured correctly using individual chains or ratchet straps. You will need more than the usual amount if there are many components. However, the distinction becomes particularly noticeable when dealing with more extensive or oversized loads requiring different trailers. Opting for a lowboy or step-deck trailer could be more favorable in certain situations. The former option is ideal for handling heavier loads, while the latter is well-suited for accommodating various heights and levels.

What types of farm equipment can be shipped?

Farm equipment that can be shipped includes tractors, combines, harvesters, plows, seeders, balers, spreaders, irrigation systems, and other machinery used in agriculture.

How can I prepare my farm equipment for shipping?

Prepare farm equipment for shipping, clean it thoroughly, remove detachable parts or accessories, secure loose components, and disable or disconnect batteries. It's essential to follow the specific guidelines the shipping company or carrier provides.

Is insurance necessary when shipping farm equipment?

While insurance is not always mandatory, protecting your farm equipment during transit is highly recommended. Accidents, natural disasters, or unforeseen events can occur, and insurance coverage can provide financial security in case of damage or loss.

How far in advance should I book the shipment of my farm equipment?

It's advisable to book the shipment well in advance to ensure availability and to secure the best shipping rates. Depending on the distance and complexity of the transport, reserving a few weeks to a few months ahead is a good practice.

Are there any permits or legal requirements for shipping farm equipment?

Transporting farm equipment may require special permits or compliance with specific legal regulations, especially when moving large or overweight machinery. It's essential to check with the shipping company and relevant authorities to ensure all necessary permits are obtained.

What does it mean to move farm equipment?

Farm equipment shipping involves transporting various agricultural machinery and tools from one place to another.

How much does it cost to move farm equipment??

The cost of shipping farm equipment is determined by various factors, including the size and weight of the equipment, the distance it needs to be transported, the chosen shipping method, and any additional services that may be necessary.

How long does it take to transport farm equipment?

The duration of shipping farm equipment can vary depending on distance, shipping method, and potential delays caused by weather conditions.

What paperwork is necessary for farm tools shipping?

The commonly required documents for various transactions typically include the bill of lading, commercial invoice, export/import permits, and any relevant customs forms.

Can I follow the delivery of my farm machinery?

Numerous shipping companies offer tracking services that enable you to conveniently monitor the progress and location of your equipment while it is being transported.

Can farm equipment be exported overseas?

Yes! Farm equipment, including container shipping or roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) services, can be transported internationally.


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