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Overview About Instant Car Shipping Quotes

When you acquire instant car shipping quotes online, you get an estimate of your possible vehicle transport expenses. Because automobile shipping costs vary greatly, an auto shipping quotation calculator will help determine how much you should anticipate paying for your cargo.

Getting online car transport quotes is the quickest and most convenient way to learn about prospective auto transport prices. However, the procedure might change from service to service, and some auto transport companies still need to provide it.

What's In This Article?

  1. Types of Instant Car Shipping Quotes
  2. Compare Car Transport Quotes
  3. Get The Car Ready For Shipping
  4. Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company
  5. The Advantages of Using Rapid Auto Shipping to Ship Your Car
  6. How Much Does It Cost?
  7. Factors Influencing Online Car Transport Quotes
  8. How to Choose A Car Shipping Company?
  9. Tracking Auto Transportation
  10. Getting Car Transport Quotes

Types of Instant Car Shipping Quotes

To learn how to receive a car shipping quote, go to the websites of numerous auto shipping brokers. Companies provide a mix of three car shipping quote options:

Forms available online: Almost every automobile shipping business includes an online form where you can provide basic information regarding your vehicle transportation.

However, these techniques seldom produce immediate quotations. Instead, you'll usually get an email with a confirmation number and be told to call the company.

Telephone estimates: All transport brokers may give car transport quotes over the phone. These are often the most accurate since phone representatives examine real-time variables that impact shipment prices, such as route popularity and road closures.

Most vehicle shipping businesses favour this approach, although getting a car shipping quote of your auto shipping cost can take 10-15 minutes.

Online quotations are available immediately: Rapid Auto Shipping provides immediate online car transport quotes. You directly receive a car shipping of the shipping cost.

In contrast to online forms, you are not required to phone the auto transport provider back with a confirmation number. This is the most convenient alternative, but you give up some accuracy compared to phone quotes.

Instant Car Shipping Quotes

Compare Car Transport Quotes

When looking for car transport quotes online, one of your primary considerations should be getting the best possible price. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in reducing your overall automobile transportation costs:

Select terminal-to-terminal shipment, which takes your vehicle to a terminal rather than your home. While this is less inconvenient, it can help you save a significant amount of money. However, remember that only some shipping companies provide terminal-to-terminal shipments.

Choose open transport over enclosed trailer freight: Open transport can save you hundreds of dollars in shipping expenses. The only disadvantage is that your car will be exposed to the weather while transported.

Book ahead of time: The earlier you book your automobile transport, the better. You will save money since the vehicle shipping broker will have time to choose a car carrier.

Flexibility in pickup and drop-off dates: Vehicle shipment prices can be strongly influenced by carrier availability. Car transportation businesses might get cheaper rates if you are flexible with pickup and drop-off dates.

Book Your Car Transport Quotes: Once you've found a quotation that meets your requirements, you must confirm your reservation. The vehicle transport business will find a carrier after the booking is confirmed.

After you secure the carrier, you are committed to shipping your automobile with them, and you will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel after the fact.

Get The Car Ready For Shipping

  • Give Your automobile a Thorough Cleaning: A clean automobile will not only help you notice any pre-existing damage, but it will also help you avoid any potential complications at customs if you're exporting overseas.
  • Inspect for Damage and Document It: Take thorough pictures of your car's exterior and interior before shipment to document its present condition. This will be useful if you need to file a claim later on.
  • Remove Personal Items: Remove all personal items from your vehicle, including the trunk and glove compartment. Personal belongings are not insured by the carrier and may cause damage during transport.
  • Disable the Alarm: When preparing your vehicle for shipping, you may spare your carrier a hassle (and some embarrassing moments) by turning off your vehicle's alarm system. Nobody likes to deal with a loud alarm in the middle of a shipment.
  • Check Fluid Levels and Tire Pressure: Make sure your automobile has enough fluid levels (save for petrol, which should be kept at 14 tank) and properly inflated tires. This will make loading and unloading your vehicle easier for the driver.
  • Check for any loose or detachable items, such as antennae, spoilers, or custom mirrors, and secure or remove them to prevent damage during shipment.
  • Disable Toll Tags: Remove or deactivate any toll tags or electronic passes to avoid incurring additional costs while driving.
  • Create a Spare Key: Give the courier a spare key to your automobile in case of an emergency. It is always preferable to be safe than sorry

You'll be well on your way to a stress-free shipping experience with our helpful auto shipping checklist at your side.

Car shipping quote

Positive Characteristics Of A Reliable Shipping Company

You may have yet to consider all the advantages of hiring a car transport company. Here are some reasons why you should utilize a car shipping company the next time you need to move a vehicle:

They are accountable for every aspect: When you hire professional shipping companies, they will take care of every detail. This includes everything from loading and transferring your vehicle onto the carrier to assuring its safe delivery. You can concentrate on other duties while they complete the work.

They Have Expertise and Knowledge: Auto transport companies have years of experience in long-distance vehicle transport. Because of their expertise in the industry, you can rest assured that your vehicle is safe.

In addition, they have a team of experts who will carefully load and secure your car on the transporter to prevent damage during transport.

They Offer Reasonable Rates: In most cases, hiring a car transport company is less expensive than driving your vehicle or renting a trailer to tow behind it. When requesting moving estimates, inquire about discounts or promotions that could make your relocation even more affordable.

They Provide Assurance: Knowing that professionals with years of experience transport your vehicle during a stressful time can be reassuring. You can rely on them to transport and care for your car to its final destination.

Hiring a car transport company is much more convenient than traveling long distances or renting or borrowing a trailer.

The Advantages of Using Rapid Auto Shipping to Ship Your Car

Rapid vehicle transportation is a countrywide vehicle transportation firm with a fleet of its own. We specialize in shipping ordinary cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles. We also carry specialty automobiles such as vintage, luxury, sport, and exotic vehicles.

Whether you are relocating or traveling on vacation, Rapid Auto Shipping is guaranteed to have the services you want. When it comes to the transportation of your automobile, you deserve nothing less than the finest.

As a result, in addition to our usual shipping methods, we provide covered carriers and guaranteed shipment alternatives for increased convenience and peace of mind.

Our vehicle transportation services are licensed, insured, and trackable. As a result, you never have to be concerned about where or when your automobile will arrive.

You may also be confident that your vehicle receives the greatest possible maintenance and upkeep. Our services are not limited to people relocating to a new home. We also serve huge enterprises and automobile dealerships.

We invite you to learn more about our services by visiting our website. Remember that our online quotation calculator provides a free, quick online car shipping quote. For numerous reasons, our car shipping quote differs.

You will receive a quotation within seconds. Furthermore, you are not obliged to include your name, email address, or phone number. If you want to talk with someone over the phone, please dial +1 (833) 233-4447.

Car Transport quotes

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on how far your vehicle needs to be carried, the typical cost to ship an automobile ranges from $500 to $1,500+. For example, shipping a car less than 200 miles costs roughly $2.92 per mile, whereas shipping 1,000 miles or more costs $0.78 per mile.

Of course, the cost of shipping an automobile is affected by other factors such as distance, trailer type, and fuel rates. Car transportation charges vary according to seasonality and demand.

You may use our automobile shipping cost calculator to see how much it might cost to ship your car.

Factors Influencing Online Car Transport Quotes

Vehicle Transport Type: Although open shipping is less expensive than covered shipment, it exposes your car to weather and road risks. A covered trailer protects your automobile better, but shipping costs more.

Methods of Pickup and Drop-Off: Terminal-to-terminal shipping implies that your vehicle is picked up and delivered at a single place. This approach is often less expensive than door-to-door delivery, where your truck travels to particular delivery sites.

Vehicle Design: Shipping larger vehicles is often more expensive than shipping smaller vehicles. Although motorbikes may have varying rates, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks may have a premium.

Vehicle Usability: Your vehicle's condition and operability will considerably impact the transport rates you obtain from online auto shipping quotations. A non-functioning car will cost significantly more to ship than an active one.

Time of Year: Time of Year Vehicle shipping charges vary according to the season. In general, high demand makes the summer and January months the most costly seasons to ship an automobile.

Fuel Prices: One of the most expensive aspects of automotive transport is fuel. When fuel costs rise, shipping prices will follow suit.

Dates of Pickup and Delivery: The availability of auto shippers varies based on the day you choose, which significantly impacts the cost of transporting your automobile.

Being open to different dates might save drivers a lot of money compared to if the automobile shipping needs to happen on a set day.

Distance: The further you ship your automobile, the higher the cost of your auto shipping quotation. On the other hand, auto transport companies cut the cost per mile for cross-country trips such as those from Boston to Los Angeles or Seattle.

Instant Car Shipping

How to Choose A Car Shipping Company?

As reliable as the company's profile and procedures are, so too are auto transport services. As a truck shipping company committed to meeting your requirements, Rapid Auto Shipping makes the following guarantees to provide superior client service:

Permission for businesses: The Department of Transportation has registered Rapid Auto Shipping for convenience and peace of mind. We are also registered with the FMCSA because we may transport your vehicle across state lines. We will willingly disclose registration numbers upon request.

Complete and transparent quotations: When you request a no-obligation car shipping quote from one of our agents, you'll receive a comprehensive breakdown of everything that figure includes.

In addition, we will walk you through the process, which is our way of demonstrating why collaborating with us will be the best decision you've ever made! With Rapid Auto Shipping, you'll never have to worry about concealed fees or taxes, as the price you see is the price you pay.

99.4% of customers have outstanding satisfaction ratings:

Whether you visit Trust pilot, Yelp, Google, or our website, you will discover thousands of testimonials from satisfied consumers like yourself.

They are fairly consistent and comparable, which means one thing: not only do we have excellent consumers, but we're also doing something correctly! Peruse these testimonials to gain insight into what it's like to be a Rapid Auto Shipping customer.

While we cannot cover the shipment of personal items in your vehicle, our insurance policy safeguards your vehicle from start to finish while in our care. In addition to our comprehensive coverage, you will receive our renowned 22-point inspection checklist upon delivery and return.

The journey is just as significant as the destination:

The offer to transport your vehicle across state lines appears straightforward. In reality, it is rife with customer dissatisfaction and entirely preventable occurrences.

Rapid Auto Shipping's staff isn't just concerned with transporting your vehicle to its destination. It also matters how it arrives and how you feel during the journey. We are, therefore, pleased to be industry pioneers and game-changers. The reality is that we are altering how automobiles travel across the nation.

You can learn more about the consistency and quality of auto transport services by reading customer reviews.

Tracking Auto Transportation

If you want to keep track of where your car goes, you must ask for car tracking. You might have to give your name, postal code, phone number, email address, and tracking number. Then we'll get to work.

Rapid Auto Shipping has web-based tracking software with an online monitoring system. This will let you watch your car and ensure it arrives on time and safely.

You can also quickly get real-time information during the hired transport service. In recent years, more and more people have been choosing this kind of online tracking method.

Instant Car Transport

Getting Car Transport Quotes

There are various methods for obtaining car transport quotes. The most straightforward approach to get one is to conduct an online search using the phrase "car transport quotes."

There will be several organizations to pick from, but only a handful will give immediate prices online with a car shipping calculator.

Many will ask you to fill out a form with all of your information, after which they will contact you by phone or email with a car shipping price.

Rapid Auto Shipping provides the most dependable and accurate auto shipping calculator in the market, and we take pleasure in providing our customers with rapid online vehicle shipping prices.

Rapid Auto Shipping

Want to Start Shipping With The Best?

If you would prefer to speak to one of our experienced Transport Specialists, feel free to give us a call at

Advantages using Rapid Auto Shipping

best car shipping in USA

Top Rated Auto Shipping Company

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

best car shipping in USA

Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

best car shipping in USA

No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

best car shipping in USA

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

What Is A Shipping Quote For A Car?

Shipping companies quote prices. It then ships to its carriers. The market determines whether carriers accept the work. Shipping an automobile varies from shipping a big box via the US. Most automobile shipping companies are brokers that deal with independent carriers. Thus they don't set prices.

How can I get a vehicle transport quote?

There are several methods available to calculate car transport quotes. You can obtain the cost of transporting a car through the transport company's website or by directly contacting them via phone. Please inform them ahead of time if you require a prompt pick-up for your vehicle.

What Does the Distance Means for Your Car Shipping Quote?

Car shipment companies start by quoting pickup and destination cities. An automobile shipment quotation from California to New York will always be higher than one from Texas to Arizona. The vehicle transport provider must drive further from California to New York, which increases fuel and boarding charges. Auto shipping firms charge different pricing per mile, determining your final quotation.From then, it depends on the vehicle shipping company's deposit amount. Our quotes include the deposit. Call a representative if you need help determining how much your vehicle transport quotation is. Sometimes your quote must distinguish between the truck price and the broker's deposit.

How do I ship my car and get a free online quote for car shipping?

We will start the auto shipment booking when you complete our free car shipping quotation form on our website. This service requires some information. These include shipment distance, vehicle type, and service choice. After entering this information, you will get all automobile shipping quotations by email and may choose the best one.

What is the cost of shipping a car?

You can quickly obtain the rates for shipping your car through our website. We offer free car shipping quotes, which can be obtained using our car shipping cost calculator. You can get a free quote for car transport at any time through our website. This allows you to budget effectively for auto shipment costs, making the process easy and affordable.

How can I get accurate auto transport quotes?

Our company offers vehicle shipping quotes and collaborates with top car moving companies across the United States. Our website offers a free car shipping cost calculator tool that enables us to provide you with reasonable and accurate car shipping rates. We offer a comprehensive estimate for your total auto moving costs by combining our shipping and external moving costs. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and competitive pricing.

Calculator for Car Shipping Quotes Open Car vs. Enclosed Trailer.

Get enclosed automobile shipping estimates. Enclosed vehicle shipping is more costly than open car transport, but it protects your automobile from the weather and road debris. Enclosed automobile transport trailers use more gasoline, making them more expensive. Enclosed automobile transport trailers are less aerodynamic and fuel-efficient than open car door to door transport. The enclosed vehicle transport trailer also holds fewer automobiles. This trailer also raises enclosed automobile transport prices. Car and SUV shipping costs rise as fewer automobiles are carried.

Quotes for International Car Shipping.

International automobile shipping prices and choices have stumped many of our clients. While domestic auto shipment is more straightforward, we have helped clients move their cars to many overseas places. Shipping containers are the most frequent and cost-effective way to transport an automobile across the sea. In this case, you drop off your car at a port and use a cargo container ship to transfer it internationally.

Can I track my auto shipping online?

Every car shipping company on Rapid Auto Shipping operates differently, but most offer the option to track your car shipment. Some companies even go the extra mile by providing personal updates. If you need to track your shipment, you should contact each car transport company individually to verify if they offer tracking services.


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