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Enclosed Car Shipping

One of the many alternatives for transporting autos across the country is enclosed auto shipment. Enclosed auto transporters use a covered, enclosed transport trailer to carry cars safely and securely. In contrast, open auto transport is loading vehicles onto a trailer that is open to the elements. Enclosed trailers protect vehicles from the elements. The majority of open trailers have the capacity to haul ten cars at once. Enclosed automobile transport trucks, on the other hand, transport two to six vehicles at once, sometimes in just one deck. On the other hand, open trailers transport ten cars on two racks stacked one on top of the other.

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What Is an Enclosed Auto Carrier and How Does It Work?

Enclosed auto shipping is one of the various options for transporting automobiles across the country. Enclosed auto transporters transport autos safely and securely using a covered, enclosed transport trailer. Open auto transport, on the other hand, involves autos being loaded onto a trailer that is "open" to the elements. Vehicles in enclosed trailers are not exposed to the elements.

The majority of open trailers can transport ten automobiles at once. Enclosed car shipment trucks, on the other hand, transport between two and six autos at a time, sometimes in just one deck. Open trailers, on the other hand, transport ten automobiles on two racks piled one on top of the other.

Your vehicle will be shielded and isolated from the environment, pests, other vehicles, random occurrences, and damage during loading and unloading with enclosed transportation services. While enclosed trailers are best suited for antique, exotic, or luxury vehicles, any vehicle can be transported in one. While it is more expensive than the regular open option, it provides better protection for your vehicle. If you're interested, we recommend speaking with one of our staff about open vs enclosed auto transportation options.

Merits of Enclosed car shipping

Merits of Enclosed Auto Transport

The fact that your vehicle is shielded from dirt, debris, bad weather, and other potential threats is perhaps the most significant benefit of shipping it with an enclosed transport truck. However, contrary to popular assumption, the majority of automobiles damaged during open trailer transport are actually damaged while loading and unloading other vehicles.

The reason for this is that open trailers can have up to ten vehicles on them at any given time. That translates to ten automobiles being loaded one at a time and then unloaded one at a time. Damage might occur owing to improper loading and unloading at each pickup or delivery point.

Because enclosed trailers move fewer vehicles in a full load, this is less of a concern. That, and most enclosed auto transport drivers plan pickups and deliveries so that they arrive first and leave last. This implies that, unlike open trailers, your vehicle will not be reconfigured to fit other vehicles in an enclosed trailer.

Accidents do not occur frequently. They are, on the other hand, not unheard of. Even though enclosed transporters are more expensive than open carriers, many automobiles on the road require additional security. The most significant benefit of shipping your vehicle encased is, quite frankly, peace of mind.

Demerits of Enclosed Auto Transport

The cost of enclosed auto freight is the only real disadvantage. This alternative is frequently more expensive because of the higher level of care, more insurance coverage, and fewer automobiles carried with enclosed transport trailers. Because there aren't as many enclosed carriers on the road these days, they're more expensive.

Because there are fewer carriers on the road, the second disadvantage of enclosed shipment is a longer lead time and slightly more planning. While open car carriers can be found anywhere and are easy to plan, enclosed carriers may need to be scheduled more in advance and may have fewer delivery and pick-up dates to choose from. If the vehicle has special specifications, such as being broader or taller than the normal car, this could be an even bigger problem.

Demerits of Enclosed car shipping

Why Is Enclosed Carrier The Safest Way To Transport Your Vehicle?

Firstly, Our enclosed hard and soft-sided carriers are the safest way to transport your vehicle. Furthermore, an enclosed container protects your vehicle and prevents it from sliding around. The tailored platform provides a smoother slope while loading or unloading, allowing your vehicle to load with ease and safety.

What are the advantages of hard-sided versus soft-sided?

Transports with hard sides provide extra protection. The security and safety provided by soft-sided enclosed transport are excellent, but the practically impenetrable shell of a hard-sided hauler is the best you'll find on the road today. Hard-sided trailers also provide climate control, ensuring that your costly vehicle is protected from the elements.

Imagine having a reputable covered vehicle transport business carry your prized item from New York to Los Angeles, or transporting your prized exotic car from a chilly northern location to the sunny beaches of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. That's what Rapid Auto Shipping provides.

What is a Soft-Sided Enclosed Auto Carrier, and how does it work?

If you're shipping your car across the nation, a soft-sided enclosed auto transport carrier is a great option. These carriers shield your vehicle from branches, flying debris, and other potential dings and dents. This, like all other modes of transportation, will assist avoid racking up thousands of miles in a single trip.

Our enclosed soft-sided carriers are particularly ideal for transporting luxury or sports cars. Your car's beautiful finish will be preserved when it arrives due to its lack of exposure to the elements. The leather interiors, as well as the shining chrome and hand-waxed paint finishes, will benefit from this.

Enclosed car shipping

What is a Hard-Sided Enclosed Auto Carrier, and how does it work?

A fully enclosed auto trailer is a hard-sided enclosed conveyance. This safeguards your vehicle in the unlikely event that it is destroyed during shipment. Owners of exotic and collectible cars will benefit from our hard-sided covered transport service. The carriers are loaded using a hydraulic lift gate.

This allows you to load smaller cars closer to the ground while keeping your vehicle level. What difference does it make? It helps to prevent fluid leakage or loss while in transit, ensuring that nothing spills out and damages your car or others. Drip pans are installed on almost every covered hard-sided car transporter to protect cars on the bottom rack from transmission fluids and other fluids from vehicles on the top rack. It also means that your car will be ready to drive; no fluid top-offs are required.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed Car Shipping vs. Open Car Shipping: What's the Difference?

Trucks are used for all types of vehicle transportation, whether open or enclosed. This truck has either an open-air trailer with many vehicles or an enclosed trailer with one or more vehicles that will transport them to their destination.

Open-air trailers provide no weather protection yet are perfect for any automobile, pickup truck, or SUV. Enclosed vehicle transportation entails transporting the car on a trailer that is completely enclosed. The vehicle will be safer and more secure as a result of this. It also gives owners of new, high-value, rare, and vintage vehicles extra peace of mind.

Auto Transport Trailers: Enclosed Stacking vs. Enclosed Non-Stacking

Whether you're shipping a car open or enclosed, there are two major types of trailers to select from: stacking and non-stacking.
It's self-explanatory: an enclosed stacking trailer enables the stacking of automobiles in two rows, one on top of the other. There is only one row of automobiles on a non-stacking transport trailer, with nothing on top.
If there is any price difference, it should be minimal. Non-stacking trailers, on the other hand, may charge a little more because they can't move as many vehicles as a stacking trailer. However, even stacking trucks can seldom transport more than six vehicles at a time.
The key difference is that with a stacking trailer, oil and other car fluids can seep down into the bottom row of automobiles. If this is something that worries you about your shipment, ask a representative if we can guarantee top-load only.
Most carriers are happy to meet special demands for top or bottom load, but this can lengthen the time it takes for you to find an enclosed transporter.

What Is the Cost of Enclosed Auto Transport?

Now we'll get down to the meat and potatoes of the open vs enclosed debate: the expense of shipping your vehicle.
The cost of enclosed auto transport is usually always higher than the cost of an open transport trailer. At any given time, open automobile transport trucks can transport up to ten vehicles. This allows the driver to spread the expense of the entire consignment across ten trucks, rather than the two to six that an enclosed truck would allow.

Enclosed car shipping

This often results in a cost difference of 50-100 percent between an enclosed truck and an open transporter on the same route. On the same route, a shipment that costs $1000 for an open mover will cost between $1500-$2000 for an enclosed truck.
These discrepancies may appear to be significant, but operating an auto transport vehicle is not inexpensive. When all is said and done, most auto transporters make a small profit. With expenses already low to compete with other shippers on the road, enclosed trucks would certainly be losing money if they charged any less.
Using an enclosed car transporter will undoubtedly incur additional costs. Two reasons for this are the extra attention the vehicle receives and the time it takes to prepare to send your car. Enclosed auto transport is your best bet if you have an exotic, premium, or an antique automobile that needs to be delivered.

How Much Time Does It Take To Ship A Car Using Enclosed Trailers?

There are two main waiting periods while transporting a vehicle: the time it takes to identify a carrier and have them pick up the vehicle, and the actual transit time.
Because there aren't as many covered trucks on the road, enclosed transport services can take a little longer to schedule than open shipping in terms of the time it takes to get your vehicle picked up. There are more than enough, however, it may take a little longer to get your vehicle booked and picked up.
However, when it comes to travel times, they should be comparable to those of a conventional open transport vehicle. Carriers can only drive so far and for so long before being forced by federal law to take scheduled breaks, and carriers offer the same transit times on the same routes regardless of changes in truck designs and trailers used.

Should You Use Enclosed Transport to Ship Your Car?

With an enclosed car shipping truck, you can ship any automobile (so long as it can physically fit on the trailer). That isn't to say you should always do it.
Enclosed transport services are typically recommended for anyone with a valuable vehicle. Vehicles lose value over time, beginning when you drive them off the lot — even if they're brand new! In fact, new vehicles can lose up to 50% of their value in the first two years of ownership.
This is why we don't advocate enclosed shipping for any car that is used on a daily basis. A Toyota Prius or a Chevrolet Impala don't need an enclosed truck because they'll be exposed to about the same level of risk in an open truck as you would while driving it personally.
An enclosed truck, on the other hand, mitigates much of that risk, making it ideal for vehicles that aren't driven every day.
Show cars, garage cars, high-end sports cars, antiques, and high-end classic automobiles are the types of vehicles that should be transported in an enclosed transport truck. We recommend speaking with a representative if this is something you're interested in.

When Should I Use Enclosed Auto Transport to Ship My Vehicle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, shipping your car in a soft-sided or hard-sided enclosed auto carrier is likely your best option.
(->) Is there sentimental value in your vehicle?
(->) Is your vehicle a potential investment?
(->) Is it a historic car, a luxury car, or an exotic sports car that you own?
(->) Is the value of your car higher than the coverage provided by an open carrier insurance policy?
(->) Is there a high-end paint job, a lot of chrome, or exterior changes on your car?
(->) Is your vehicle's ground clearance low, even with aftermarket body kits?
(->) Are you traveling your vehicle during a period of dreadful weather, such as sleet and hail from storms or high winds?
(->) In all of these situations, enclosed auto transport is the better option. Don't take chances with your high-end vehicles and custom painting; ship them safely with Rapid Auto Shipping in a hard-sided enclosed transporter!

Why Should You Use Enclosed Carriers From Rapid Auto Shipping?

Regardless of the type of car being transported, Rapid Auto Shipping provides full enclosed transportation services to all of our customers. We only work with top-rated carriers who are known for providing excellent service, and we double-check that their vehicles are fully enclosed before dispatching them. We have over 10 years of covered carrier shipping experience and can ensure that your car is sent promptly, easily, and efficiently.
Give us a call if you want to ship your automobile on an open or enclosed auto transport truck. We can provide you with a quotation over the phone for moving your vehicle when you need it moved.
Our personnel are more than just salespeople; they're car transport concierges who will be with you from the minute you request an estimate until your vehicle arrives. So give us a call today to discover what we can do for you at Rapid Auto Shipping.

Ship your car with Rapid Auto Shipping at an affordable price, on-time delivery, and hassle-free service.

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