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Cheap car shipping services are available in the US. Once upon a time, $500 could get your car from Florida to California. Today, cheap car shipping from coast to coast would cost at least $1000. Although advances in technology and operational processes have lowered automobile transportation costs, rising fuel prices and the necessity for specialized services have more than offset those savings. This begs the question of how far $500 will get you regarding motor transport expenditures. In this post, we will examine some new statistics that show the current value regarding distance. Let us begin with the most cost-effective mode of car transportation.

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  1. Types of Cheap Car Shipping
  2. Way too Cheap Car Shipping
  3. For $500, How Far Can I ship A Car? Routes For Cheap Car Shipping
  4. How Much Should It Cost To Ship A Car?
  5. Factors That Affect The Cost
  6. Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Transport
  7. How Long Does Cheap Car Shipping Take?
  8. How Can I Get Free Quote?
  9. Obtain A Binding Price Quote

Types of Cheap Car Shipping

When you schedule cheap car shipping, most suppliers provide numerous alternatives. You should stick to the cheap car shipping solutions if you want cheap car shipping. If you have more unique requirements, it may be worth evaluating the additional expense of different solutions.

You can discover the following forms of cheap car shipping:

Open carrier shipping: Transporting your automobile in an open-air container is the cheap car shipping choice, but it exposes your vehicle to harm from road debris, severe weather, and other factors.

Enclosed trailer shipping: You can transport your automobile in an enclosed container. This method provides additional protection against damage but is more expensive than open shipping.

Expedited shipment: If you need your automobile transported quickly, several businesses provide expedited shipping alternatives for an extra price.

Terminal to terminal shipping: When accessible, moving a car from one central location to another is an excellent method to save money on auto transport.

Door to door transport: When you have the option, most companies will send your automobile from your old location to your new one, but it will be more expensive than the terminal to terminal option.

Cheap Car Shipping

Way too Cheap Car Shipping

During our investigation, we discovered a few things you might take to receive cheap car shipping charges. These are some examples:

Booking ahead of time: When you reserve your cargo, you'll have more time to look for alternatives. If you're utilizing cheap car shipping broker, this gives carriers more time to compete for your business.

Being flexible with your timeline: You'll open bidding to additional car movers with a larger pickup and drop off timeframe, perhaps lowering your ultimate price. You must pay an additional fee if you want a specific delivery date.

Choosing terminal-to-terminal shipment: Drop your automobile off and picking it up at a shipping terminal is less expensive than door to door delivery.

Cheap Car Shipping

Opting for open auto transport: If you are transporting a vintage automobile or another high-value vehicle, the added security provided by an enclosed carrier may be worth the extra expense. An open carrier is usually less expensive if you wish to save money.

Traveling to a more convenient pickup or delivery location: If you reside in a remote rural region or are relocating there, you may want to consider meeting your driver somewhere more accessible. Transporters typically charge less when pickup and drop off locations are near metropolitan centre's or major roads.

Shopping around: As the pricing tables show, cheap car shipping charges differ between suppliers, even for the same package. Obtaining free estimates from many companies helps you choose which offers the best costs for your requirements.

For $500, How Far Can I ship A Car? Routes For Cheap Car Shipping

The cost of cheap car shipping per mile varies depending on the distance travelled. For example, an automobile sent 200 miles will cost more per mile than an identical car shipped 700 miles.

Rates for economical automobile transportation can be as low as 50 cents per mile. It can be close to a dollar per mile on the high end. Let's look at some recent data to gain a clearer picture.

  • $495 from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Los Angeles, California to San Francisco, California - $447
  • Jacksonville, FL to Nashville, TN - $481
  • Indianapolis, IN to Washington, DC - $437
  • Pittsburgh, PA to Boston, MA - $459
  • Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL - $431

If you have any questions regarding economical vehicle transport or would like a pricing estimate, please get in touch with us at the number listed at the top of this page! All estimates are completely free for all customers at all times. There is no money or commitment.

Cheap Car Shipping

How Much Should It Cost To Ship A Car?

The average cost to ship a car ranges from $1,48 per mile to send a vehicle 500 miles or less to $0.64 per mile for lengthy routes of 2,500 miles or more, based on a detailed study of the quotes we got during our industry assessment.

Cheap car shipping will be less expensive than you think if you locate the proper vendor and service. Most of the quotes we got were between $1,000 and $2,000. A 1,500-mile transport between two places costs roughly $1,350 on average. However, depending on your demands and choices, your cost might be significantly lower.

Factors That Affect The Cost

Several factors influence the cost of moving an automobile, so keep this in mind while planning your relocation. These elements are as follows:

Car type: Larger and heavier vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, are more expensive to move. Modifications that lower the car or demand more clearance may raise the transportation cost.

Vehicle condition: A winch or forklift may be required if your automobile cannot be loaded.

Shipping distance: Long-distance or cross-country shipments, such as those from New York to California or Hawaii, cost less per mile but more overall.

Pickup and delivery locations: Longer travel lengths are required in rural regions, raising prices. Terminal to terminal shipment is significantly less expensive than door to door cheap car shipping.

Transport type: Open automobile transport is the most cost-effective mode of vehicle delivery. Enclosed transportation is a fantastic alternative for a premium or vintage automobiles since it protects them from road debris and weather conditions, but it can cost up to 40% extra.

Time of year: Auto shipping demand spikes between January and July, making it more expensive to move a car during certain months.

Fuel prices: As the price of gasoline rises, so will the cost of delivering an automobile.

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Transport

Concerning cheap car shipping, prepping your vehicle for travel is critical to ensuring a stress-free and flawless experience.

It is critical to properly clean the outside and inside of your vehicle before pickup. This not only ensures that your car looks its best upon arrival, but it also assists you in detecting any damage or scratches that may have occurred during shipment.

Also, remove personal goods from your car to avoid losing or damaging them. Finally, keep your gasoline level below a quarter tank to decrease weight and prevent leaks.

You may be confident that your car is well-prepared and ready for its journey to its new location if you follow these easy instructions!

How Long Does Cheap Car Shipping Take?

A car will be picked up for shipping within 3-7 days, and delivery time can be predicted based on typical driving time, distance, weather, and time of year.

How Can I Get Free Quote?

You may receive the cheap car shipping quote if you appropriately utilize the auto ship cost calculator. For the best pricing display, enter your information accurately and keep your dates flexible.

Obtain A Binding Price Quote

A binding price quote is simply an estimate the cheap car shipping business provides before transferring your automobile. The firm is then obligated to that price until the conclusion of the cheap car shipping procedure, meaning it cannot be changed afterward.

Only a few auto shipping companies will issue binding quotations, while most will provide non-binding charges that generally increase afterward.

The problem is that most firms offering inexpensive costs at first inform you that it is a non-binding estimate when an additional fee arises.

For example, a firm may inform you that the total cheap car shipping cost will be $700 but later modified it to $900, claiming that they discovered a carrier charging $200 more.

If your car has already arrived at their terminal or has already wasted a few days with them, you may be willing to spend an additional $200 to avoid even more time.

As a result, you must first determine whether the pricing is binding or non-binding. You will also need to scour the internet for evaluations of the firm on Google and social media.

Check whether anyone complains about price increases later in the shipment process. Please list all firms that give binding pricing, study customer evaluations about them, and choose the one with the most trustworthiness.


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