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  1. What Is The Cheapest Way To Transport Car?
  2. The Cheapest Way to Transport Car A Luxury or Vintage
  3. Cheapest Way to Transport Car A That Does Not Run
  4. Cost of Shipping A Car to Another State?
  5. The Best Practices For Saving Money On A Car Shipment
  6. How To Find Cheapest Way to Transport Car Prices Online

What Is The Cheapest Way To Transport Car?

How can I get the best deal on auto transport options? The cheapest way to transport car method of transporting an automobile is open car transport. Automobile shipping companies often load ten vehicles into a single truck.

Most vehicles can be moved using open car movers, and more are on the road than any other kind. Open car shipping is the most cost-effective option if you need to drive an automobile you regularly use for transportation.

However, the most cost-effective automobile transport method also depends on the kind of auto transport truck required. Do you need to transport a rare or valuable vehicle? If that's the case, enclosed vehicle transport will be the most cost-effective method of transport.

Although this car transport method is more costly than open shipping, your unique or precious automobile will be safe from the weather throughout transit.

Cheapest Way to Transport Car

The Cheapest Way to Transport Car A Luxury or Vintage 

Shipping a classic or high-end vehicle might be expensive, but open auto shipping is the most affordable option. But there are better options than open shipping for transporting vehicles.

Vehicles are better protected in enclosed car movers than in open ones. Roll-on/roll-off services with an enclosed automobile transport trailer are ideal for port-to-port shipments.

Most clients would rather have their vehicles transported in a fully enclosed carrier. Why? For one thing, your automobile will be safer and more protected from the weather inside an enclosed car moving truck.

Although the cost of enclosed auto shipping is around 60% more than that of open auto transport, it is highly recommended for transporting luxury or historic automobiles. It's not the cheapest way to transport car  option but the safest way to move a car.

One advantage enclosed auto transport services have over open auto transport is the flexibility with which automobiles may be loaded into the transport trucks. Most are equipped with long ramps or lift gates, so the driver won't have to drive your car into the truck physically.

Enclosed car transport services may be available in various configurations (e.g., extra-long ramps, soft sides, lift gates, rigid sides, etc.), depending on the vehicle shipping business you go with.

Enclosed auto transporters nowadays are equipped with amenities like air-cushioned suspension and smooth ride suspension to protect the value of expensive vehicles during transport.

Compared to a ramp, using a lift gate elevator significantly reduces the risk of harm to a classic or luxury vehicle under their care.

Door to door car shipping services on an enclosed vehicle shipping truck are a good option if you want to ensure the safety of your high-end automobile from pickup to delivery. It's more costly than public transit but may prevent significant problems.

Cheapest Way to Transport Car

Cheapest Way to Transport Car A That Does Not Run

Vehicles not in working order cannot be driven directly onto the vehicle transporter. This necessitates employing other methods by your auto shipper to load your vehicle into the car shipping truck safely. These approaches might change depending on the auto-shipping company you choose with. For instance:

Open cheapest way to transport car:

Since open automobile transport carriers often provide the most cheapest way to transport car transport services, they are the most common choice for transporting inoperable autos.

The vehicle is lifted into the open carrier using a winch that is either manually operated or hand-cranked. The cable then helps the carrier hoist the vehicle onto its roof.

In the case of inoperable automobiles, certain open car transportation companies may still be able to load and unload them using a forklift at pickup and delivery locations.

Cheapest Way to Transport Car

Enclosed cheapest way to transport car:

While winches are often seen on open-air auto transporters, they may also be found on certain enclosed auto freight carriers. Most enclosed auto transporters include a lift gate that allows inoperable vehicles to be loaded into the transporter.

However, a lift gate is preferable for most vehicles, especially those in operation, and it is beneficial for low-clearance vehicles since it prevents damage to the car during loading and unloading.

Cost of Shipping A Car to Another State?

Averages come into play when determining how much it costs to transport an automobile. Costs may vary depending on the vehicle transport company you talk to since each one sets its costs for routes differently.

However, according to a California to New York relocation, the typical cost of transporting a car is between $500 and $1100 for a 4-door sedan and between $750 and $1,400 for compact SUVs, trucks, and vans.

Shipping larger automobiles will cost more and may change based on the route. Be aware that off-season pricing will often result in more affordable automobile transport services and reduced charges for car shipping services.

Please note that the above costs only apply to domestic automobile shipments inside the continental United States. Car transport between Alaska (Juneau), Washington, and Seattle costs around $1,300, whereas shipping a car abroad to Hawaii often costs between $800 and 1,350.

If you don't reside near a vehicle transport terminal or the automobile isn't running, you'll also have to pay more for vehicle shipping services.

Depending on the kind of car transportation trailer you choose and your vehicle's loading/unloading needs, the cost of car transport services for an exotic or classic automobile may be as little as $800 or as high as over $3,000.

In general, long-distance auto shipping costs $0.60 per mile. Trips longer than 1,000 kilometers fall under this. The price per mile is more significant for shorter routes for transporting cars.

For example, it may cost as little as $0.30 per mile for shipments that go coast to coast, while it costs roughly $1 per mile for journeys that are 500 miles or less.

The Best Practices For Saving Money On A Car Shipment

The most crucial thing is time. Remember that May and September is the busiest time for transportation carriers to move autos from one coast to another.

However, the busiest times of year for south-to-north (or vice versa) automobile movers are in the autumn and spring. You may put aside some real money from the vehicle transport firm if you are not in a hurry to have your car shipped and are sure the busy season will pass.

How To Find Cheapest Way to Transport Car Prices Online

Today, the internet serves as the beginning and conclusion of any transaction, and delivering a cheap automobile is no exception. Numerous independent shipping firms with a website are eager to offer you a discount.

However, there are also online markets like auto shipping company that will provide a list of carriers for you to pick from, like how you can book hotels and flights online.

Its operation is straightforward. You inform the website what kind of automobile it is by entering the year, make, and model after plugging in the area from where you want the vehicle sent and the destination.

After pressing the "go" button, your quotations will show up. You will need a few seconds to establish a free account and password.

Now that you've identified some pricing points. The pricing you see is the cost for company to provide that service to you via the carrier plus a transaction fee of around $100 to $150. You may go to the next stage.


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