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  1. What Is The Procedure For Shipping A Tractor?
  2. Preparing For Shipping A Tractor
  3. Services For Shipping A Tractor
  4. How to Move A Lawn Tractor
  5. Open vs. Closed Trailers For Shipping A Tractor
  6. Type of Trailers
  7. What Is The Cost of Shipping A Tractor?
  8. What Is The Estimated Delivery Period For Shipping A Tractor?

What Is The Procedure For Shipping A Tractor?

With an auto transportation company, shipping a tractor is simple. An experienced transport agent will walk you through the entire process so that you know what to expect for retrieval, transport, and delivery.

Their shipping rates for tractors are transparent and all-inclusive, so you have all the information you need. The auto shipping company has been shipping a tractor nationwide for over a decade, providing superior services.

Shipping A Tractor

Preparing For Shipping A Tractor

After selecting a tractor-transport provider, you can take various steps to prepare your equipment for transport.

By making these preparations, you will also aid your driver in securing your tractor during transport and reduce the amount of time required to load your equipment:

  • The manual for your specific tractor type should contain any additional movement instructions.
  • Remove the batteries, especially if traveling a great distance.
  • Cover the chimney to prevent debris from entering during transport.
  • Place your vehicle within the allocated loading zone. Choose a level location with ample overhead clearance and space for reversing if necessary.
  • Before replacing the tool, it may be necessary to clean your mower. Release the driver's tie-downs and inspect the vehicle for damage using a spotless machine.

In addition, auto shipping companies recommend photographing the vehicle before loading it into the cargo container. When mailing to consumers and purchasers, it is beneficial to include photographs.

Shipping A Tractor

Services For Shipping A Tractor

Utility Tractor

Utility movement by tractor is different from movement by car. Compared to top car shipping companies, many transportation companies don't want to deal with big tractors.

The best car transport companies use a wide range of utility tractor types every day. These include compact and semi-compact tractors. Their reliable and skilled chauffeurs ensure your car drives quickly and safely.

Tractor shipping for Agriculture

Their customers count on them every day to transport their farm vehicles. The best car shipping companies know how vital cars are to your business.

Their goal is to send your tractor as soon as possible and safely. The best car shipping companies have the tools and know-how to move things across the city or the country.

The Earth-Moving Tractor Transport

The best car shipping companies offer the most accessible and least stressful way to get your earth-moving vehicle to and from any place in the United States.

The best companies for moving cars use flatbed trucks, step-decks, RGNs, and other specialized trailer equipment to make loading and unloading any size or shape of tractor safe and easy.

Shipping A Tractor

How to Move A Lawn Tractor

Professional truck shipping is the only way to go. But it's easy to pull a lawn tractor with the right trailer and tow truck. To make loading simple: first, hook up the safety chains and connect the tongue of the trailer to the hitch ball.

  • Lower the loading ramp or gate and make sure the top of the gate touches the ground.
  • Set the parking brake on your truck and put chocks or wood blocks under the trailer's wheels for extra safety.
  • Please ensure the tractor's center of gravity is above the trailer's axle as you drive it up the ramp and onto the trailer.

This helps spread the weight evenly, making the ride smoother and safer. A tractor should be put in gear and stopped. Put on the parking brake and let down the deck all the way.

The tractor and axles should be tied with ratchet straps, and the tractor's bonnet should be safe.

Drive slowly and make sure the ramp or gate is up and locked. After a few kilometers, stop and check all the straps and ensure they are tight. Do this at each stop until you get to where you're going.

Open vs. Closed Trailers For Shipping A Tractor

Open shipping trailers: Shipping a tractor is more straightforward and cheaper than enclosed transportation. Vehicle shipping companies provide a range of open-style trailers to meet your transportation demands.

Every open vehicle journey is handled with Premium Service thanks to their attention to detail, even if you need to wash your car once you arrive.

Enclosed shipping trailer: The best weather safety comes from enclosed trucks. The best car shipping companies offer enclosed shipping for various car packages with different types of trailers. Your car will arrive in the same shape it left in because of the White Glove Treatment, which comes with every covered vehicle shipping.

Type of Trailers

Auto shipping companies use all styles of trailers. It offers the top trailer shipping options to suit your requirements.

RGN Trailer

RGN trailers feature a removable gooseneck. This is a flat deck trailer whose front gooseneck can be removed to create a ramp.


Step deck trailers, drop decks, or lowboys have multiple levels. It is stepped in places, permitting cargo to be lowered to the ground.


On the road, flatbed trailers are one of the most common varieties. They contribute to the transport of a diversity of heavy equipment.

What Is The Cost of Shipping A Tractor?

The cost of shipping a tractor differs greatly based on your location, the agricultural equipment you are transporting, and other variables. Here are a few factors that typically affect the cost of safely transporting farm equipment.

Dimensions and size: Smaller tractors are simpler to maneuver, transport, and ship. Larger tractors, on the other hand, will be more cumbersome and challenging to transport, resulting in higher overall cargo costs.

This is especially true if your tractor is sufficiently large or bulky to necessitate transport as an oversize load.

Weight: The weight of your shipping cargo significantly impacts the price of shipping a tractor. Whether you're transporting a single large tractor or multiple smaller vehicles, the importance of your load will increase your shipping costs.

Total shipping distance: As you might expect, shipping a tractor across the country will be more expensive than shipping it across town or within the same state.

However, long-distance transport of your container results in reduced per-mile expenses than local delivery. Shipping a tractor will be cheaper overall, but local delivery will be more expensive per mile.

Delivery deadlines: If you require rush delivery for a tractor to ensure you receive your equipment as soon as possible, you must pay the additional fees and costs associated with rush transportation.

To save money, planning and avoiding requiring tractor transportation and shipping services at the last minute is best.

What Is The Estimated Delivery Period For Shipping A Tractor?

The Department of Tractor Transport regulates land-based transportation. On average, commercial vehicles travel 500 kilometers per day.

As a result, open container shipment for cross-country tractor transport will take approximately 7-10 days. In contrast, enclosed delivery is typically faster, taking about 5-7 days, because the transit method involves fewer vehicles.


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