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  1. How to Calculate the Time to Ship a Car?
  2. What are the Main Factors that Determine the Time for Car Moving Services?
  3. Which Transport Services Take Less Time to Ship a Car to Another State
  4. What Should Be Done to Decrease Car Shipping Time?

How to Calculate the Time to Ship a Car? 

Despite many factors affecting the time to ship a car. Auto shippers like us have studied that, On average, an Open car carrier loaded with 9 standard cars can cover 178 miles per day with proper rest and driver working hours(7 hours), which means if we calculate on only one basis, then the time to ship a car on different miles would be as follows : 

Miles  Car Shipping Time
100 to 200 miles 1 day
200 to 500 miles 1 to 2 days
500 to 1000 miles 2 to 4 days 
1000 to 1500 miles  3 to 5 days

Note: Remember that the table depends only on one factor, which is a driver's working hours. The driver could cover more or fewer miles in working hours.

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What are the Main Factors that Determine the Time for Car Moving Services? 

There are many factors on which time to ship a car depends. As these factors are important, we should know each of them properly to understand the workings of car shipping services better. Of all the factors, only 9 are major factors that affect the time to ship a car. Let us discuss each of them properly and know how it affects the time: 


It is the primary factor on which the time for the car shipping service depends. It is a common understanding that long-distance routes take more time to cover and short distances take less time to cover. Expedited service may offer you fast car delivery in case of emergencies.


Due to high demand, arranging carriers could be difficult in case of short reservations as there are other reservations that we have to provide service for. Try to book in advance, as many auto shippers only book in advance for proper arrangements. Rapid Auto Shipping is a company that provides the fastest car shipping without any compromises.


Auto shipping timing is also affected by the seasons. In winter, the roads are full of snow and covered in fog, reducing the availability of trailers. In summer, there is a high demand for vehicle transport services as many people and students move from one state to another, making the routes busy. The best season to ship a car is autumn or spring, when the weather and routes are clear, making car shipping service fast.

Type of Carrier:

As the time to load and unload the car also increases the shipping time, the type of carrier also affects the time to ship the car. There are two types of carriers: Open and Enclosed.

Due to the open design of an open car carrier, the car takes less time to load and unload, whereas an enclosed car carrier requires a proper set of time for loading and unloading the car as it offers VIP treatments we have to maintain everything right.

Vehicle type:

Rapid Auto-shipping is capable of shipping every type of vehicle, only the problem occurs at the trailer, so please inform us all about the vehicle dimensions, condition and any particular requirements that you want for your vehicle.

In spite of open-design Flatbed carrier vehicles like trucks and bus taking more time to load as well, there are certain rules auto shippers has to follow when shipping heavy vehicles(Speed limit).


One of the major and common factors that helps to determine the shipping time. Rural locations may need help getting service and have to arrange for an outer to load and unload the vehicle, increasing time as we have to discuss the location and reach there. Whereas urban areas help provide car shipping service at many locations, there are certain guidelines that we have to follow when operating in public areas, which could increase the time.


When shipping a car, we have to cross many major states as routes are common; the number of carriers also increases as routes are popular increase, the time as routes become busier, and Car shipping trailers are also meant to go through many tolls increase the time.

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Which Transport Services Take Less Time to Ship a Car to Another State?

There are many types of car shipping services that Rapid Auto Shipping provides to our customers to fulfill their needs and ship them as fast as possible. These services differ regarding their work and shipping of your car at different times.  

Open car shipping:

These carriers are open in design, offering proper space to load and unload your car saving time, but these carrier operates at low speed for the safety of vehicles and huge size, increasing the time.

Enclosed car shipping:

In this, your car is loaded in a closed container, increasing the time to load and unload your car. These carriers run very efficiently, providing fast and safe service.

Expedited car shipping:

This is a unique car shipping service used by individuals to ship urgently. In this service, we will load your car in a day and ship it to your locations. Carriers depend on the type of car. This is the fastest car carrier service in which our drivers can cover 500 miles in just one day and fast service reduces the time majorly but increases the cost.

Terminal to Terminal car shipping:

This service is most time-consuming as you have to find a terminal near you and deposit your car there; carriers will be arranged for your car until then, your car will be stored in the terminal and when your car is shipped to another terminal you have to go and collect your car or vehicle.

What Should Be Done to Decrease Car Shipping Time? 

There are always some things or loopholes that could be followed to reduce some time. Let us discuss major factors that save some time when shipping a car.


This is the key to getting everything done properly; Rapid Auto Shipping experts are here to listen and discuss every query; just call us to discuss and get the best for yourself. If we know your requirements, we will provide you with what is needed, saving time to opt for unnecessary things.

Be ready:

After reserving your car shipping service, prepare your car for shipping, wash, clean, maintain and be ready with all the things at the arrival of the carrier this will speed up the process reducing car shipping time.

Expedited service:

For urgent needs, we offer a fast shipping service for which we study your requirements and guide you to the best. There is no chance for customization, but you will get a reliable and fast shipping service in no time. If you want to ship your vehicle or car urgently, just call us.

Book in advance:

If you book in advance, we will get the proper time to arrange the best for you, and you will also have time to prepare your car for shipping. With proper time, we will arrange anything that we lack for shipping a vehicle to another state, which could save a lot of time in the long run.

If you follow these measures, there is a possibility that your car could ship in less time than it generally takes.



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