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  1. Why do People Buy Cars from Other States?
  2. What are the Safety Measures Before Buying Used Cars?
  3. What Vital Steps Should Be Taken After Buying a Used Car?
  4. How Much Does Cost to Ship a Used Car?
  5. How Does Shipping Help in Buying Used Cars from Out of State?

Why do People Buy Cars from Other States?

As the online market has developed, an increasing market for automotive, Individuals can find rare cars like supercars or classic cars in another state that they dreamt of having hands-on. Online car auctions have become good opportunities for buyers to grab good car deals, including car shipping costs these cars are more affordable than buying from their state.

You can get hands-on with your dream easily through online auctions throughout the year. Research and find the best car through auctions or online dealerships and leave the shipping on Rapid Auto Shipping.

What are the Safety Measures Before Buying Used Cars?

When buying a used car from another state, especially online, some measures should be followed to ensure that the car is in good condition and working properly. There are parts to check the car you buying as there should be no leniency when buying a car from another state. Following are the steps that should be followed properly when buying a car.

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Check the Title and VIN:

Begin your journey by verifying the car's title. Ensure it's clean and doesn't have any outstanding issues. Cross-check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the title of the car this will ensure that everything is fair.

Get a Comprehensive Vehicle History Report:

It is important to have a detailed vehicle history as it will help to uncover any issue, accident or miles on the car easily. This report will help to understand the condition of the car and can clear half of your doubts.

Research State-Specific Regulations:

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations regarding emissions, safety inspections, and even lemon laws. Be aware of these variations to avoid unforeseen casualties when registering your recently owned vehicle in your home state.

Vehicle Inspection:

Consider hiring a trusted mechanic near the seller's location to conduct a thorough inspection. This step is crucial in identifying potential issues that might need to be apparent in online listings.

It's your way of ensuring the car is good for the road and safe. It is essential to check the functioning of the car's parts like the Steering system, tires, Brakes, Suspension, Transmission and Engine.

Understand Transfer Fees and Taxes:

Buying a car from another state can incur additional costs. Research and understand the transfer fees and taxes of bringing the car into your home state. Please opt for the vehicle that is within your budget or negotiate to get that vehicle, as dealerships can provide you with good cost if you negotiate properly.

Arrange for Professional Auto Transport:

Most of the time it happens that online car buyers buy a car from a state that is very far away, and the car cannot be driven there for transportation of your car; you have to get a reliable Auto transport company that can ship your car from the auction to your house. Rapid Auto Shipping can ship your car to you fast and safely.

What Vital Steps Should Be Taken After Buying a Used Car? 

Inspect the Documents:

After buying the car, collecting all papers like title, bill of sale and other related documents is important. Collecting every piece of paperwork is important because it holds every authority over you and your car.

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State Rules and Regulations:

Check the rules and regulations of your state related to cars, prepare all the paperwork according to the local requirements, and confirm that everything meets the criteria.

Arrange Transportation:

You might think you have to go there and drive your car back home. But you can hire Auto shipping experts like Rapid Auto Shipping to ship your car to you safely. It has been observed that auto shipping is more affordable than driving.

Vehicle Inspection:

Once again, please contact a local mechanic and inspect your car to ensure everything is fine as it should be. This will help you to get full ensure and your car with maintenance before driving.

Insurance Coverage:

It is important to have insurance coverage before driving your car. Insurance will act as a shield for you and your car providing support and insurance while driving.


After buying the car, you might have to pay sales tax or any additional fees as per state laws if there is no state law, you will not get charged for that.


After getting the car in your hand and inspecting it properly, please register your car as per state guidelines; it will help identify your car how much does Shipping cost from one state to another?

How Much Does Cost to Ship a Used Car?

When shipping a used car, you have to trust an experienced car shipping company that provides value-for-money service for your car. With 15 years of experience, Rapid Auto Shipping can ship your car from any location to your location.

We operate nationwide and actively ship cars across America for families and corporations in every state. From our past experience, we have created the following table for your convenience and understanding of the time and cost of shipping:


Distance Estimated Time Estimated Open Transport Cost Estimated Enclosed Transport Cost
0 to 500 Miles 1 to 3 Days $548 $849
500 to 1500 Miles 4 to 5 Days $947 $1387
1500 to 2500 Miles 5 to 7 Days $1274 $1648
2500 Miles And Above 7 to 9 Days $1568 $2280

Note: Prices are based on recent shipping and current market scenarios. For the Customised and Accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll-free number: +1 (833) 233-4447

How Does Shipping Help in Buying Used Cars from Out of State?

When buying a car from out of state, there is a problem with transportation. These cars need proper maintenance before long drives. This means that you have to travel to that location, get a mechanic to do car maintenance and then drive from there to your location.

As long as this process sounds, the more it costs. Your travel costs, then maintenance costs, then when you drive the car, fuel costs, food costs, and hotel costs as going to sum up very high, and you have to spend a lot of time and effort in the process.

Why do all this hectic process when you can hire Auto shipping experts like us to deliver your car safely? Rapid Auto Shipping can help your car from auction to your house at an affordable price and in less time than the driving process. Auto shippers including us, usually offer two types of methods for cross-country car shipping of used cars.

Open car carriers:

These are the most available carriers, which makes them the most affordable. These carriers are open in design and can expose your car to unwanted elements like road debris, causing very little wear and tear.

These carriers have high shipping capacity disturbing the shipping cost and allowing fast loading and unloading. These carriers are best for shipping used cars or standard cars.

Enclosed car carrier:

These carriers are closed from all sides providing an extra layer of protection to your car while shipping making it best to ship high-value cars like vintage, exotic,luxurory or big cars like SUVs.

These carriers have limited shipping capacity providing fast and safe shipping of the car. These carriers are a little expensive but they ship the car without even a single change or wear and tear in the car.

Both carriers are used frequently to ship used or rare cars making it best to ship cars from another state from car dealers or auctions to you at affordable prices.



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