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  1. Here's an Explanation of How This Process Typically Works:
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Here's an Explanation of How This Process Typically Works:

Vehicle Drop-off:

Military members who are preparing for a PCS move can usually drop off their personal vehicles at designated locations on or near their current base or duty station. These locations are often referred to as Vehicle Processing Centers (VPCs) or Vehicle Shipping Centers.

Vehicle Inspection:

Before a vehicle can be shipped, it must undergo an inspection to ensure it meets safety and transportability standards. This inspection is typically carried out at the VPC. Any necessary repairs or modifications may be required to make the vehicle suitable for transport.

Vehicle Documentation:

Military members are required to provide various documents related to their vehicle, such as the vehicle's registration, proof of insurance, and sometimes the vehicle title. These documents are needed to complete the shipping process.

Military pcs vehicle shipping locations

Shipping Arrangements:

Once the vehicle has been inspected and all necessary paperwork is in order, arrangements are made for the vehicle's transportation to the new duty station. This may involve contracting with a commercial shipping company or using military transportation resources, depending on the specific circumstances.

Vehicle Tracking:

Military personnel can often track the progress of their vehicle's shipment using the transportation company's tracking system. This allows them to monitor the vehicle's location and estimated arrival time at the new duty station.

Vehicle Pickup:

Upon arrival at the new duty station, military members can pick up their vehicles at a designated location, which is typically another VPC or a designated pickup point. At this point, they may need to go through a vehicle inspection process again to ensure that no damage occurred during transport.

It's important to note that the specific procedures and locations for vehicle shipping during a military PCS can vary depending on the branch of the military, the locations involved, and the transportation options available.

Military members should consult with their respective branches and follow their guidance for a smooth vehicle shipping process during a PCS move.

What do We Understand by Military PCS Car Shipping

Military PCS car shipping refers to the process of relocating a military member's personal vehicle from one duty station to another as part of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move.

When military personnel receive new assignments or are deployed to different locations, they often have the option to have their personal cars, trucks, or motorcycles transported to their new duty station.

This service is typically provided at the government's expense to alleviate the logistical challenges associated with moving a vehicle across long distances. The process involves dropping off the vehicle at a designated Vehicle Processing Center (VPC), where it undergoes inspection, and documentation checks, and is then shipped to the new location using contracted transportation services.

Military members can later pick up their vehicles at the new duty station, allowing them to have their personal transportation with them in their new assignment.

The specifics of this process can vary depending on the military branch and individual circumstances, but it's an essential service to help military personnel and their families transition smoothly during relocations.

 How do Military Pcs Car Shipping Occur ?🚗

  Military auto-shipping acronyms

Military Acronym Definition
CONUS Continental United States
OCONUS Outside the Continental United States
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
TO Transportation Office


How do Military Pcs Car Shipping Occur ?🚗


Military PCS Vehicle Shipping CONUS

 Shipping a vehicle during a military Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move within the Continental United States (CONUS) follows specific procedures. Here's an overview of how the process typically works:

Notify Your Transportation Office: Inform your unit's transportation office about your upcoming PCS move as early as possible. They will provide guidance on the specific steps and requirements for shipping your vehicle within CONUS.

Choose Transportation Option:

Government-Provided Transportation: In many CONUS PCS moves, the military offers government transportation for your vehicle. This option is often available if you are moving a significant distance, such as cross-country. Check with your transportation office to see if government transportation is available for your move.

Do-It-Yourself (DITY) Move: If government transportation is not provided or if you prefer to handle the move yourself, you can choose to transport your vehicle using a commercial car shipping company or drive it to your new duty station.

Obtain Necessary Documents:

Ensure your vehicle's registration is current.

Have a copy of your PCS orders, as this will be required for shipping.

Check if there are any specific documents required by the car transport company or the military transportation office.

Pre-Shipping Inspection

Take detailed photos of your vehicle from all angles, noting any existing damage.

If using a commercial car transport company, request a pre-shipping inspection to document the vehicle's condition before transport.

Choose Insurance Coverage

Decide on the level of insurance coverage you want for your vehicle during transit. If you are using a commercial car shipping company, they should offer insurance options. For government transportation, inquire about the coverage provided.

Drop Off or Arrange Pick-Up

Depending on whether you choose government transportation or a commercial car shipping company, you will either drop off your vehicle at a designated location or have it picked up from your current address. Follow the instructions provided.

Complete Required Forms

Fill out any required forms provided by the car transport company or the military transportation office. These forms may include a bill of lading and other shipping-related documents.

Tracking and Communication

Keep in communication with the transportation office or the car transport company for updates on your vehicle's status and estimated arrival date.

Vehicle Pickup at Destination

Upon arrival at your new duty station, you will either pick up your vehicle from a designated location (e.g., a Vehicle Processing Center) or have it delivered to your new address, depending on the arrangements made.

military pcs vehicle shipping

Post-Shipment Inspection

Inspect your vehicle for any damage or issues immediately upon receiving it. If you notice any damage that occurred during transit, document it and contact the car transport company or relevant authorities to file a claim if necessary.

Specific procedures may vary depending on your branch of the military, your destination, and whether you are using government transportation or a commercial car shipping company.

Always consult with your transportation office and the selected transport provider for the most accurate and current information. Planning ahead and following the prescribed steps will help ensure a successful vehicle shipment during your military PCS move within CONUS.

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