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Who Ships Motorcycles?

There are two main reasons why someone might want to ship their motorcycle. First, if you want to use your own bike when you reach your destination, shipping it makes sense. It means you'll have your own familiar ride, and you won't be stuck with inconvenient and costly rental rules.

Additionally, if you're going a long distance and don't have the time or desire to ride your bike cross-country, or if it's not logistically possible, shipping your motorcycle is a practical solution.

When it comes to who handles motorcycle shipping, many companies specialize in this service. These full-service shipping companies take care of everything from start to finish. Their job is to manage all the details, allowing you to spend your time with family and friends or focus on other aspects of your trip or move.

If you're buying or selling a motorcycle and don't want to put extra miles on it, but still want to take it on a vacation or bring it to a motorcycle event, a motorcycle shipping company can be your best choice. This is especially helpful for expensive or vintage bikes.

Motorcycle shipping cost calculator

Motorcycle Shipping Cost Estimate?

Motorcycle shipping cost estimate within the lower 48 states, here's a rough estimate: If you're shipping short distances, like under 1000 miles, you might spend around $1 for each mile. However, if you're shipping longer distances, like over 1000 miles, it can be more economical, at approximately $0.50 per mile.

Keep in mind that the exact cost depends on where you start and where you're going. Typically, you'll find better rates for shipping between major cities compared to more remote areas

Many motorcycle shipping companies offer online calculators to help you get an idea of the shipping cost. These calculators are handy for comparing prices among different companies. It's also a good idea to look for companies that offer discounts to first-time customers.

If you're moving and shipping your motorcycle as part of the move, check with your moving company to see if they provide motorcycle shipping services. If you prefer not to use online calculators or want a more accurate estimate, most companies can give you a quick quote or at least provide an estimate over the phone.

What to Look for in Motorcycle Shipping Estimate?

Many people often choose the cheapest shipping company based on quotes, but that might not always be the best approach. Instead, it's advisable to research the company and have a conversation with them. Here's what makes Rapid Auto shipping and their new motorcycle shipping cost calculator different:

  • They act as a motorcycle shipping broker, arranging transportation through their network of carriers. This means you can call them anytime for updates, even when the carrier is on the road and unavailable.
  • They have years of experience in the industry, allowing them to offer solutions based on their extensive knowledge.
  • Both their carriers and Rapid Auto Shipping provide freight insurance for added security.
  • Over their 15+ years in business, they have successfully shipped a large number of motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and more, receiving many positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • They only work with carriers that are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transport, ensuring safety and compliance.
  • They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, reflecting their commitment to quality service.

Motorcycle Shipping Rates & Services Explained

No matter which option you choose, you can count on Rapid auto shipping for a smooth motorcycle shipping experience, from using our motorcycle shipping cost calculator for the first time to when we deliver your bike. The cost of shipping a motorcycle depends on your choices and other factors. Our basic motorcycle shipping services include:

Open or Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping Standard Motorcycle Shipping
You can decide whether to ship your motorcycle on an open carrier (exposed to the elements) or in a truck with a roof and sides to protect it With standard shipping, it usually takes 10-14 days to pick up your bike and get it to its destination.
Expedited Motorcycle Shipping Same Day Motorcycle Shipping
If you need your motorcycle to arrive quickly, you can choose expedited shipping, which typically gets your bike picked up in less than 7 days. If you need your bike picked up right away, talk to our consultant to see if same-day shipping is available. We can often arrange specific pickup and delivery dates with priority motorcycle shipping. Please check with our consultants if you need this option because it's not available through the motorcycle shipping cost calculator.

Motorcycle shipping cost estimator

🏍️ Experience Stress-Free Motorcycle Shipping with Rapid Auto Shipping! 🏍️

Are you in need of reliable, efficient, and secure motorcycle shipping services? Look no further! At Rapid Auto Shipping, we've got you covered. Here's why you should choose us for your motorcycle shipping needs:

✅ Top-Notch Reputation:

With a proven track record of delivering exceptional service, Rapid Auto Shipping has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable motorcycle shipping provider. Our satisfied customers can vouch for our commitment to excellence.

✅ Speedy and Efficient Service:

Just as our name suggests, we prioritize rapid service. We understand that you don't want to wait around for your beloved motorcycle to arrive. That's why we offer expedited and same-day shipping options to get your bike to its destination in the shortest time possible.

✅ Multiple Shipping Options:

We offer flexibility when it comes to shipping your motorcycle. You can choose between open or enclosed shipping to match your specific needs. Whether you prefer the cost-effective open carrier or the added protection of an enclosed truck, we've got you covered.

✅ Experienced Professionals:

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals who know the ins and outs of motorcycle shipping. You can trust us to handle your bike with care and expertise.

✅ Fully Insured Shipments:

We take the security of your prized possession seriously. That's why we provide insurance coverage for all our shipments, giving you peace of mind during the transportation process.

✅ Outstanding Customer Service:

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to answer your questions, provide updates, and ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

✅ Competitive Pricing:

We understand that cost matters. That's why we offer competitive pricing for our top-tier services.

Don't trust just anyone with your motorcycle. Choose Rapid Auto Shipping for a safe, fast, and reliable motorcycle shipping experience. Get a free quote today and experience the difference!

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Get ready to hit the road with confidence, knowing that your motorcycle is in the capable hands of Rapid Auto Shipping. Your bike's journey begins here! 🛵🌟


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