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  1. Ship Your Vehicle from California to Houston In Just Three Easy Steps:
  2. How Much Does California to Houston Vehicle Transport Service Cost?
  3. How Can My Car be Shipped from California to Houston?
  4. How to prepare for California to Houston Auto Transport Service?

Ship Your Vehicle from California to Houston In Just Three Easy Steps: 

Get the Quote:  

Use the calculator to fill in the shipping details and get the estimated quote per your requirements. Many factors affect the cost, so an average is provided. After getting a suitable car shipping quote, contact experts to discuss any query and reserve your car shipping we will email your confirmation through the mail.

Pick up in California:

Please prepare your car for shipping after confirmation, as it will help for easy shipping; we will contact you to confirm the time and location for the pickup, and when our carrier reaches your location, be ready with the documents and prepare for your car. Our executive will inspect your car before shipping to ensure its condition. We can provide auto shipping from and to every location.

Houston Delivery:

While shifting to Houston, you can check your car status with the help of our provided tracker. We will safely load your car onto the trailer, and when we enter the state or the city, we will contact you to confirm your location and time for your convenience. After your car is unloaded at your location, please inspect your car and ensure everything is good.

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How Much Does California to Houston Vehicle Transport Service Cost?

When calculating the California to Houston auto shipping service cost, we have to consider many factors as these factors directly or indirectly affect the cost. The factors are Distance, Fuel prices, Car condition, Season time, etc.

If we keep all the factors constant and discuss per-mile costs, shipping a car for the above 1500 miles comes under $1.For more clarity, we studied the market condition and recent deliveries from California to Houston and its nearby cities  prepared the following table : 

From California to Houston and nearby states Distance (Miles) Average Shipping Cost Estimated Shipping Time
San Diego, CA to League City, TX 1502 $735 to $1035 3 to 4 days
Long Beach, CA to Pasadena, TX 1512 $740 to $1051 3 to 4 days
Anaheim, CA to Cypress, TX 1528 $748 to $1052 3 to 4 days
Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX  1555 $750 to $1100 3 to 4 days
Bakersfield, CA to Galveston, TX 1711 $1056 to $1438 3 to 4 days
Fresno, CA to Baytown, TX 1794 $70 to $1436 3 to 4 days
San Jose, CA to Pearland, TX 1901 $950 to $1184 3 to 5 days
San Francisco, CA to Sugar Land, TX 1928 $954 to $1189 3 to 5 days
Oakland, CA to Friendswood, TX 1942 $974 to $1196 3 to 5 days
Sacramento, CA to The Woodlands, TX 1954 $980 to $ 1210 3 to 5 days

Note: The provided time and cost are calculated on the recent shipping of a sedan from different states of California to nearby cities of  Houston, and cost and time can vary from time to time. Please contact Rapid Auto Shipping experts for a personalized quote or query at +1 (833) 233-4447.

How Can My Car be Shipped from California to Houston?

When shipping your car from California to Houston, auto shippers use trailers to ship your car easily. Individuals own many types of vehicles per their requirements and could need shipping service from California to Houston. Rapid Auto Shipping provides different types of carriers to ship your vehicle with the best. When Shipping cars from California to Houston, these carriers are in most demand:       

Open air carriers:

These are the most demanded carriers for shipping as these are the most affordable and best to ship standard or in-use cars. Due to their open design, these carriers expose your car to the environment but allow a fast loading and unloading process. These carriers are highly available, and if you own a standard and need fast shipping, you can opt for these carriers.

Enclosed car carriers:

These are best for shipping high-value cars as these carriers are designed to provide services that save your car from environmental hazards. These carriers have a container-like structure in which your car is safely loaded, and due to their limited capacity, they offer premium car shipping services.

Flatbed carriers:

These carriers are large and offer shipping services for large vehicles without fitting in the standard carriers. These have no roof or wall providing space to ship large vehicles like buses, trucks or custom vehicles. These carriers are also used to ship multiple vehicles or inoperable vehicles.

Multi-level car carriers:

These carriers have two parts and are mostly enclosed, which helps to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously. These carriers are usually demanded by dealerships that are required to ship multiple vehicles simultaneously. These carriers come with special discounts and help ship multiple vehicles at once, saving time and money.

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How to prepare for California to Houston Auto Transport Service?

When Shipping a car from California to Houston  (one state to another), you have to be careful while shipping your car that is costly to buy. For a safe car shipping process following are some important points that should be followed before shipping the car : 


Start by washing your car's exterior and cleaning the car's interior. By washing, any dust-hidden dents and damages will be uncovered, and take out the personal belongings from the car as they can damage your car while shipping and could be prone to theft. This will help you find any abnormalities in the car and help you clean the car.


Take your car to a garage and check the fluid level, tire pressure, brakes and battery level of the car and ensure that all the things are up to mark fill the gas tank only to quarter as it will reduce the car's weight. If you have any exterior equipment, please cover them or take them out. Lastly, cover or remove all the tags, as the trailer will go through many toll points you could get unnecessarily charged.

Inspection and Documentation:

Please take a quick look at the car after washing and maintaining it. Take pictures of your car from all angles (this will help you in the future), note every dent, damage, and scratch, and provide a copy to pour executives. And if there is any major damage, please inform us in advance.


Please collect all the paperwork related to the vehicle, like registration, driver's license, etc. If you need clarification about which paper to collect, please contact our executive and collect the necessary papers before shipping, as these papers will help us identify your car and you.


Some people skip; this is essential for car shipping as we never know what we will face while shipping. Insurance coverage helps to secure your car while shipping. Rapid Auto Shipping provides standard insurance coverage with every shipment, and we are open to revising our plan according to your car value at minimum cost, so please let us know if there are any changes you might want.

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