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I needed to ship a car from Texas to California for my son, so I contacted Rapid Auto Shipping Transport here in Texas, and they were able to make it happen. Excellent service and a smooth, dependable, and professional process.

I love the way they shipped my vehicle Volvo XC 60 . It was given back to me in the same way as i have handed it to over them.


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What's In This Article?

  1. Types of Cargo Vans
  2. We Have Extensive Experience in Transporting Van
  3. Staff for Rapid Auto Shipping's Cargo Vans Services
  4. Advantages of Our Cargo Vans Services
  5. Why Do You Want to Transport Your Cargo Van with Rapid Auto Shipping?
  6. Cargo Vans Services
  7. How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Van?

Types of Cargo Vans

The team at Rapid Auto Shipping has extensive experience in transporting various types of cargo vans, including but not limited to Ford Econoline, Ford Transit, RAM Promaster, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Chevrolet Express, Nissan NV200, Mercedes-Benz Metris, and Chevrolet City Express.

We Have Extensive Experience in Transporting Vans

Each vehicle transport is unique and differs from one another. We approach every van transport request on an individual basis. We collect detailed information about your move to develop a customized transportation plan. Which service option is the most suitable for your van?

To ship a van, we require specific details.

Size: Is the van long or short? Are there any attachments included? Depending on the size of the van, it may require space equivalent to 2-3 regular-sized vehicles.

Weight: Does your van contain any equipment, or is it empty? To dispatch the appropriate trailer type, it is necessary to have an accurate weight.

Route: What is the estimated distance that your van will cover? Distance is a crucial factor that must be considered during the planning process.

Trailer Type: We must select the appropriate trailer that can accommodate the weight and dimensions of your van.

Pickup and destination: Are we picking you up from your workplace or home? To safely load and unload, we will require a commercial space of significant size.

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Staff for Rapid Auto Shipping's Cargo Vans Services

Our objective is to simplify transportation to the greatest extent possible. At Rapid Auto Shipping, we possess a wealth of knowledge that has equipped us with the tools to become experts in hauling cargo vans. Rapid Auto Shipping is the best in the market for moving cargo vans.

Our logistics team has been carefully selected based on their auto, vehicle, and machine shipping expertise. It is of great importance to us to choose carefully who we work with at Rapid Auto Shipping. We possess all the requisite information to transport your van to its intended destination.

At Rapid Auto Shipping, we ensure that only the most skilled and experienced drivers are hired to transport your cargo van. Our drivers undergo rigorous on-the-job training to ensure they are fully equipped to handle your shipment with utmost care and safety.

5Advantages of Our Cargo Vans Services

Using cargo vans services for your logistics needs has numerous benefits. Here are several significant advantages:

Convenient and Time-Saving:

Rapid Auto Shipping eliminates the need for you to drive the vans to their destination personally. This saves you time and effort, especially moving to a different state or country. You can focus on other essential tasks while professionals handle the transportation process.

Long-Distance and Cross-Country Moves:

If you're relocating to a distant location, driving your van across the country can be exhausting and time-consuming. Cargo vans services allow you to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently, regardless of the distance. This benefits people moving for job relocations, military transfers, or extended vacations.

Vehicle Protection:

Cargo vans services have experience in handling and transporting vehicles, ensuring proper care and protection during transit.

They use specialized equipment like enclosed transport carriers or flatbed trucks to shield vehicles from road debris, weather conditions, and other potential risks. This helps prevent damage, scratches, or wear and tear during a long drive.

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Insurance Coverage:

Reputable cargo vans services typically cover the vehicles they transport. This coverage offers financial protection in case of any damage or loss during transit. Before hiring a shipping service, inquire about their insurance policy and coverage details.


Although cargo vans services involve some cost, they can often be more cost-effective compared to driving the vehicle yourself, especially for long distances.

When you consider expenses such as fuel, accommodation, meals, and the wear and tear on your vehicle, shipping your car can often be a more economical choice.

Time Efficiency:

Shipping your vehicle saves time and energy that would otherwise be spent on a long road trip. This is particularly important if you have a tight schedule or must reach your destination quickly. Shipping your car allows you to fly or take other means of transportation, arriving at your destination faster.

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Why Do You Want to Transport Your Cargo Van with Rapid Auto Shipping?

Moving ordinary automobiles takes more time and effort, but we have the experience to assist you with cargo vans services. There is, however, no cause for concern.

Since we have been in the company for a long time, Rapid Auto Shipping can leverage our vast expertise and experience in the shipping sector to make your life easier.

In light of this, our firm only employs the finest drivers to transport your cargo van throughout the contiguous United States, including Hawaii and Alaska, regardless of how large or tiny the vehicle may be!

Cargo Vans Services

We determine which carrier or carriers can be used in the cargo van service process by analyzing the information we have gathered about the routes and dimensions.

You can transport your van using a low-boy trailer, a step-deck trailer, or a flatbed trailer. If driving is the most efficient mode of transportation, consider a drive-away option.

A "drive away" service entails one of our skilled drivers independently transporting your cargo van to the intended destination.

This could be the best option if you only have one van to transport. In addition, we will collect all the required state and federal documentation to ensure the journey is legal.

The cost of permits and insurance is already incorporated into the shipping fee. We can deliver any cargo van you choose to any destination within the continental United States.

You will be happy trusting Rapid Auto Shipping with your transportation needs.

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Van?

The cost to ship a van can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the distance of the shipment, the size and weight of the van, the shipping method chosen, and any additional services or requirements. Obtaining quotes from multiple shipping companies is best to get an accurate estimate.

The average cost for shipping a van within the United States ranged from $500 to $1,500 for shorter distances, while long-distance or international shipping could cost several thousand dollars.

Remember that these prices are subject to change over time, so it is recommended to consult with shipping companies or obtain updated quotes for the most accurate information.


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We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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How can I pick the best shipping company for my cargo van?

The right transportation solution depends on cargo value, delivery speed, route, dimensions, and weight. For various reasons, identical goods may be transported by different methods. Our staff wants to know why you must transport and give advisory solutions.

How to insure my cargo van?

Our agents will offer cargo insurance choices based on the shipping route and a copy of the shipment's commercial invoice. We will handle all the paperwork and issue individual cargo coverage with selected insurance companies, payable to your account in the event of unforeseen events.

In what way is a cargo van transported?

Freight shipping refers to transporting commodities, products, and cargo via land, sea, or air. Freight is transported via vehicles, rail cars, container ships, passenger and cargo airplanes, and rail cars.

What distinguishes a van from a cargo van?

Typically, cargo vans have both a rear entrance and a sliding door that provide access to the cargo area. The driver's seat is frequently positioned over the front axle, resulting in a flattened front end. In contrast, cutaway vans are frequently referred to as box vehicles.

How long does shipping a cargo van take?

The distance between your retrieval and delivery locations will determine the answer. We have a delivery window that is guaranteed to be between 1 and 14 business days, again dependent on distance. However, road conditions, inclement weather, and heavy traffic can extend the estimated delivery time.

How can I receive a quote to ship my cargo van?

Our quick online auto shipping quote calculator above or one of our car transport pricing consultants can provide a quote for shipping your cargo van. We require your shipment location, car type, and vehicle readiness date to calculate your price.


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