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What's In This Article?

  1. The Process of Snowbird Auto Transport Service
  2. Types of Snowbird Auto Transport
  3. Why is Using a Professional Service Better than Driving Yourself?
  4. Snowbirds Florida Car Transport
  5. What is the Cost of Snowbird Auto Transport
  6. What Factors Influence the Price of Snowbird Auto Transport?
  7. How Long Does it Typically Take for Snowbirds Car Shipping to Transport a Vehicle?
  8. Benefits of Our Snowbirds Auto Transport

The Process of Snowbird Auto Transport Service

Snowbirds car shipping services offer an excellent solution for those who prefer to avoid driving their cars over long distances to reach their final destination.

Whether you plan to spend the entire winter in the South or want to take a short trip, we are always here to assist you with transporting your vehicle.

Get a quote

To begin booking Snowbird car transport, the first step is to obtain a quote. Please get in touch with a Snowbird car shipping company specializing in snowbird transportation through phone, email, or Live Chat.

To proceed, please provide the following essential details: the cities for pickup and delivery, the year, make, and model of your vehicle, its current operational condition, your travel schedule, and your preferred type of transport.

snowbirds auto transport

Schedule a pickup 

Once you have determined the pickup date and time, you can sign a contract with the Snowbird auto transport company. Many companies, including Rapid Auto Shipping, offer convenient electronic agreements. You will receive an email with a link to book your service online easily.

Get your vehicle ready

While a shipping company will handle all the scheduling and planning to ensure the safe transportation of your car to its destination, your responsibility is to prepare the vehicle for transport.

We will pick up your vehicle

The driver will pick up your car on the scheduled dates and within the specified timeframe.

You have received your vehicle

Finally, you have arrived at the destination where you have chosen to spend the winter months. A few hours prior, the carrier will notify you that your vehicle is nearing its goal.

They will ensure that you are available to receive it. If you cannot be present, please consider asking someone you trust to accept the vehicle on your behalf.

snowbird car shipping

Types of Snowbird Auto Transport

When considering snowbirds car shipping, there are two main options: open and enclosed transport.

Open Transport

Open transport is a method of shipping your vehicle on a carrier that is not enclosed, usually alongside multiple other cars. Although this option is the most cost-effective, it does have the drawback of exposing your vehicle to the elements during transportation.

This means your vehicle may be exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and more during transit.

Enclosed transport

Enclosed transport involves shipping your car in an enclosed carrier. This option offers enhanced protection for your vehicle during transportation, making it particularly suitable for high-end or classic cars that demand additional care.

Although enclosed transport may be pricier than open transport, car owners are more assured. This option is ideal for those who prioritize the safety and protection of their vehicle during transportation.

We provide open and enclosed transport options for snowbird auto transport at Rapid Auto Shipping. Whichever choice will suit your demands and budget the best will be guided by our staff.

Why is Using a Professional Service Better than Driving Yourself?

Choosing to transport your car with Snowbird Auto Transport Company offers a fast and efficient solution for relocating your vehicle to a destination with a more temperate climate. Furthermore, there are several significant advantages to using this method instead of driving the car yourself.

It is safer

Long-distance travel can result in wear and tear on your car. By entrusting your vehicle to a reliable and experienced carrier, you can eliminate the risk of any damage and ensure that your vehicle will be delivered without incurring any additional mileage.

It has the potential to save both time and money for you

Driving from the northern part of the country to popular snowbird destinations can be physically and mentally draining and a significant time commitment.

They are additionally taking breaks for meals, purchasing beverages, refueling the vehicle, and finding accommodations at a hotel while on a road trip is necessary. These factors result in additional expenses. Using door to door auto transport is more cost-effective than driving on your own.

One advantage is that it is less stressful

Driving on unfamiliar routes can pose a risk and increase stress levels. In addition to the fear of becoming lost, driving long distances also heightens the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Furthermore, prolonged sitting in a vehicle can strain and stress the body, resulting in discomfort and pain.

A skilled car shipping driver specializing in transporting vehicles for snowbirds will ensure the safe delivery of your car, alleviating any stress you may have.

snowbird auto transport

Snowbirds Florida Car Transport

The agents and dispatch department at Rapid Auto Shipping are dedicated to ensuring that your vehicle arrives punctually and in pristine condition upon delivery.

On average, the transportation of snowbirds typically takes about 3 to 5 days from the time of pickup. If you are a member of AARP, please inform our agents when requesting quotes for snowbird transport so that you can avail of your discount.

Consider allowing the driver flexibility to account for traffic and weather conditions when transporting your vehicle. Ensuring the safe arrival of your car is our utmost priority.

We specialize in providing Snowbirds Florida Car Transport services. Our expertise is moving cars from various locations across the country, including the northern regions, to Florida and South Florida.

What is the Cost of Snowbird Auto Transport?

Are you searching for a reliable vehicle transport company to schedule your Snowbird auto transport annually? If you require national transportation services, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of options to meet your needs.

The cost of transporting a car with Snowbird is approximately $1.40 per mile for distances ranging from 1 to 500 miles. The cost of a 350-mile trip would be $490. The price of moving a car decreases as the distance increases.

For example, if the distance is around 1000 miles, the cost per mile drops to $1, resulting in a total cost of $1000. The cost of coast-to-coast auto transport can be as low as $0.60 per mile.

What Factors Influence the Price of Snowbird Auto Transport?

The car transport quote can be calculated based on the following factors:

Distance: The distance traveled is a critical factor in determining the cost of car shipping. The cost of car transport services increases as the distance the driver needs to travel increases.

Vehicle Make & Model: Our car shipping quote calculator needs the vehicle make and model to prepare for transport properly. Larger vehicles occupy a more significant amount of space, resulting in higher costs. Special attention is required for modified cars.

Transport Type: Rapid Auto Shipping provides customers with two options for vehicle transportation: open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. Although open auto transport is the typical shipping method, enclosed auto transport offers enhanced protection against weather conditions and debris. The enclosed item is more expensive.

Vehicle Condition: One important factor to consider is whether your car is in working condition or not. Special equipment is necessary for loading and unloading inoperable cars. Due to this factor, the cost is higher for vehicles that are not in running condition.

Location: Prices can vary depending on the distance you are traveling and the specific destination. The presence of significant highways determines auto-shipping routes. The rates may differ depending on whether you are shipping to a large or small city.

How Long Does it Typically Take for Snowbirds Car Shipping to Transport a Vehicle?

Once your vehicle has been picked up, you can estimate it will take approximately one day of transit time for every 500 miles traveled.

The delivery time may be impacted by various factors such as weather conditions, driver's hours of service regulations, maintenance of transport equipment, and other circumstances that could cause a delay.

snowbirds auto transport

Benefits of Our Snowbirds Auto Transport

There are several benefits to choosing our Snowbirds car shipping service.

Saving time and money

By using Snowbird Auto Transport, you can conveniently avoid the challenges associated with long-distance travel. We will transport your car while you travel directly to your destination, ensuring a faster and safer journey. You will arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed, and we will conveniently deliver your car to your doorstep.

Ensuring safety and enhancing security

Driving long distances can be extremely exhausting, and it's important to note that the longer you go, the higher the likelihood of encountering an accident. You can effectively bypass traffic congestion and hazardous winter road conditions by utilizing Snowbird car transport services.

Personal items shipped for free

You can ship a single suitcase or a securely packed box weighing up to 100 lbs. There are limitations on the items that can be shipped. Please get in touch with our shipping advisors for further information.

Enclosed auto transport available

You can benefit from our enclosed Snowbirds car transport service if you own a luxury, high-end, unusual, or unique vehicle. Your vehicle is surrounded on all four sides, providing complete protection from the elements, dust, dirt, and grime.

Discounts for snowbirds are available

We ensure that our auto transport services offer the most competitive rates possible. Additionally, there are discounts available for snowbird car transport to make it even more affordable.

Flexible pick-up and delivery options

Our door-to-door transport service allows you to have the flexibility of selecting both the pick-up and delivery locations. Please provide us with all the required information, and we will do our best to get as close as possible to your desired areas while ensuring safety and legality.

Rapid Auto Shipping

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Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

What typically happens to snowbirds' cars?

Some snowbirds leave them behind when they head south for the winter. Others park their vehicle locally or personally drive them south. But more and more snowbirds are now opting to send their vehicles south each fall and back north in the spring.

How can I follow the delivery of my car?

There are a few options for monitoring the whereabouts of your car. You can phone us directly for tracking updates, or we can send you email notifications with tracking information upon request.

Are you quicker than a conventional transportation company?

Yes! You get to specify when and where your car will be picked up and delivered when we transfer it, so you'll know exactly!

How do I pay for the shipping of my snowbird car?

All major credit cards and other payment methods are accepted at our business.

What happens if I'm not around when my car is delivered?

At pickup or delivery, the car's owner is not required to be there. Any adult who is older than 18 may apply.

When should I make a shipping reservation?

At least 30 days beforehand. In addition to saving money, the shipping business will guarantee you room.

Do recurring customers receive discounts?

Yes. Ask if you qualify for a discount if you fall into one of the categories offered to some customers, such as returning snowbirds.

How can I follow the delivery of my car?

You can track your vehicle at any moment by phoning our dispatch center or visiting the home page of our website.


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