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All-Terrain vehicles are off-road vehicles that are small, nimble, and made primarily for usage on rocky terrain. They often have a seat that is elevated above the ground and four to six huge wheels. ATVs can run on either gas or electricity. Gasoline models typically move more quickly and with greater care when using ATV shipping services.

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All-terrain electric vehicles don't require petrol refills. Your car won't, however, go as quickly as one with a conventional engine because of this. Our customers who export ATVs and side-by-side ATVs are frequently astonished to learn that, similar to motorcycles, hiring someone to move smaller cars is relatively reasonable. In fact, when the risk of damage is considered—we've seen plenty of heavy lifting trucks with smashed cab windows as a result of ATV hauling—it frequently makes more sense and is less expensive in the long run to ship it professionally. We take the necessary procedures, guarantee secure delivery, and provide shipping at a reasonable price. In general, especially for longer excursions, you should contact a professional if an ATV won't fit in the bed of your car with the tailgate fully closed and fastened. Depending on your need for security and damage prevention, we provide both open and enclosed transport alternatives for ATVs. We ship to local terminals in all 50 states, or we may deliver right to your home, and every vehicle is fully insured for the duration of the delivery to prevent damages.


An ATV can be shipped for an average price of $250 to $650. Prices for shipping an ATV across large distances will rise to about $350 to $700 or more. It's crucial to keep in mind that a variety of factors, including the following, affect how much it will cost to ship an ATV.

Distance: The cost to ship an ATV is primarily determined by distance. If you're not travelling far, the overall cost will be less, but the cost per mile will be higher. Distance and the quantity of fuel your ATV uses to travel are directly correlated.

Type of ATV: The type of ATV you own affects how much shipping will cost. The cost of shipping an ATV increases with the size of the ATV or with the weight of the ATV carrier because the transporter can move fewer ATVs with a given amount of weight.

ATV Condition: If your ATV starts and moves, you'll get a better deal on shipping than if it doesn't. The cost of transportation will go up since an inoperable ATV needs to be pulled or winched onto a trailer. There are several options for ATV transport. Each method has different costs as well as benefits and drawbacks. When transferring your ATV, you should think about your demands.

Season: ATV shipping during the summer is less expensive than shipping one during the winter. Snow and ice disrupt the usual transportation lines in many parts of the United States, which could result in a higher ATV shipment cost. Current gas prices can have a big impact on how much it costs to freight an ATV. Fuel costs immediately affect shipping costs and have the potential to increase the cost of transportation services. When petrol prices are high, it is best to choose a mode of transportation that can carry several ATVs at once.


Pickup and Delivery Locations: The cost to ship an ATV is often less than in a rural region because there are typically more transport trucks and shipments available in urban and metropolitan areas. Rural stops are challenging to include in a shipping route and take more time and fuel, which raises the entire cost of exporting ATVs.


You should make sure your ATV is properly prepped for shipping before transferring it. You can take a lot of steps to ensure that your ATV arrives unscathed and undamaged. With the assistance of the following suggestions, you can get started:
  • Clean your ATV
  • Check for dents, scratches, and dings.
  • Keep track of any blemishes, technical problems, or leaks of your ATV.
  • Take a variety of high-quality pictures.
  • Verify that each light is functioning properly.
  • Get ready for any paperwork required for delivery or ownership transfer.
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance.
  • If at all feasible, take away all accessories and personal stuff.

  • Remember that the sort of trailer your carrier has will affect how you prepare your ATV for shipping. If you have any inquiries about transporting your ATV, don't hesitate to get in touch with your carrier. They will be able to help you prepare for a secure shipment.

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    When comparing the top ATV shipping companies, take into account aspects like price, insurance options, quick shipping, delivery location, excellent customer service, and the precise moving dates. If your ATV is valuable to you, insurance is essential because most ATV transport firms do not offer high-value coverage for the duration of the shipping process. Depending on the state or country, you could additionally require a separate vehicle registration. We have more than ten years of experience shipping specialised equipment, including all major ATV models from Honda to Polaris. Over the years, we've discovered what works and what doesn't, the best routes to take, and the ideal size of trailer for moving ATVs. To protect your ATV during the entire shipping process, we make sure that all of our drivers are kept up to speed with the most recent security updates and industry best practices.

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