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  1. Best 5 Boat Shipping Companies Options
  2. How Do Boat Shipping Companies Operate?
  3. What Are The Different Kinds Of Boat Transportation?
  4. How To Prepare A Vessel For Transport
  5. Benefits Of Using A Yacht or Boat Shipping Companies
  6. How Much Does Transporting A Boat Or Vessel Cost?
  7. How Long Does Transporting A Boat or Vessel Take?
  8. Considerations When Selecting A Boat Shipping Company
  9. Conclusion

Best 5 Boat Shipping Companies Options

Are you looking for assistance with transporting your boat? These options for boat transport can convey your vessel to its next destination.

Boat Movers

Since 1994, Boat Movers has been in the business of moving and hauling boats. They offer shipping services for boats up to 12 feet wide for a meagre price.

It is a legal business that transports boats. It is also insured, bonded, and a proud member of BBB. This business was used to haul boats from one state to another or city to another, anywhere in the continental United States.

Rapid Auto Shipping

Rapid Auto Shipping is a well-known transportation marketplace in the United States that provides dependable and cost-effective watercraft transport services.

Rapid Auto Shipping offers simple and hassle-free booking, competitive pricing, and superior customer service through its vast network of professional and seasoned boat transporters.

Whether you need to transport your boat across the country or just a few miles away, Rapid Auto Shipping can assist you in locating the ideal transporter. Rapid Auto Shipping offers door-to-door delivery, boat tracking, and protection so you can feel safe while your boat is being shipped.

United Yacht Transport

United Yacht Transport is a specialized boat shipping company that provides domestic and international boat transport services. The company has a fleet of cargo ships that convey sailboats, yachts, powerboats, and catamarans, among others.

United Yacht Transport provides comprehensive services, such as pick-up and delivery, cradling, and shrink-wrapping.


InterWest is a full-service boat shipping company that transports vessels of all sizes, from small boats to enormous yachts. The company employs a team of experienced drivers and utilizes cutting-edge equipment to transport your watercraft safely. InterWest offers door-to-door delivery, boat tracking, and insurance coverage to give you peace of mind during boat transport.

Peters and May

Peters and May have been moving boats worldwide for over forty years. Some of the people who work for this company have been doing military deployments at sea for 25 years and are well-equipped to do the job. They will also cover your boats with protection.

How Do Boat Shipping Companies Operate?

Multiple boats are loaded onto a ship and conveyed to their destination port. After arriving at the port, these vessels are secured to trucks and transported to their final destinations.

During this transfer, your boat will remain stored. The longer the boat is kept in storage, the higher the cost of transporting it.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Boat Transportation?

There are three main types of boat travel. These things are:

Overland: To send a boat this way means to do it on land. Overland transportation companies need a trailer for the customer's boat, but some can build trailers and cradles if the customer doesn't have any. If you need to ship goods to another state or even abroad, you may have to pay extra for overland shipping.

Oversees: This is often used for shipping abroad. For foreign boat transportation, the shippers load the customer's boat onto a ship to move it safely.

Some companies have guides for hire who can carry a customer's boat from one harbor to another if it needs to be moved over a short distance.

Air shipping: Some shipping companies can use cargo planes to get boats to their destinations. Most of the time, shipping by land or water is faster and cheaper. However, a cargo plane might be the best way to ship smaller boats or boat parts, like masts for sailboats and yachts.

How To Prepare A Vessel For Transport

Depending on the level of service the boat shipping company provides, you may be required to prepare your vessel for transport thoroughly, or the company may do so on your behalf.

  • Remove all personal belongings from the watercraft.
  • Reduce the fuel level to one-fourth of the tank or as specified by the shipper.
  • Secure systems
  • Eliminate antennas, satellite dishes, and radar systems.
  • Close and secure windows and entrances
  • Separate cells
  • Drain water reservoirs
  • Secure or disconnect every line.
  • Ensure that every function is accessible.
  • Verify your insurance coverage with your agent.

Benefits Of Using A Yacht or Boat Shipping Companies

Using a yacht and boat shipping company has some advantages, such as:

Expertise: Expertise: Yacht and boat shipping companies hire people who know how to move boats and yachts. They have the skills and understanding to handle your watercraft safely and effectively.

Convenience: Shipping a boat or yacht alone can be challenging, especially if you need to learn how to do it. A shipping company can handle all the details, making the process easier and less stressful.

Safety: Yacht and boat shipping companies use special tools and methods to ensure your watercraft gets to its destination safely. They also have insurance to protect your boat or yacht if it gets damaged while moving.

How Much Does Transporting A Boat Or Vessel Cost?

The cost of transporting a boat or yacht depends on some variables, including the size of the vessel, the distance it must travel, and the services required. To compare prices, it is recommended to obtain quotes from multiple companies.

How Long Does Transporting A Boat or Vessel Take?

The time required to convey a boat or yacht depends on some variables, including the critical distance, the route, and the mode of transportation. Ask the shipping company for an estimated delivery time.

Considerations When Selecting A Boat Shipping Company

It is crucial to hire the right boat shipping company when needed. There are characteristics to consider when selecting the top boat transportation company.

Includes tracking utilities

Verify the dependability of any transportation company's tracking device before hiring them.

Due to the advancement of technology, it would be beneficial to employ a shipping company that offers satellite tracking services. However, many businesses have a reliable system for tracking shipments.

Communicates effectively

There are numerous stages required to ship a boat. You and the shipping company must communicate clearly and effectively to comprehend the process.

Positive reviews:

Investigate any shipping company you intend to hire. Reading online reviews is one of the best methods to determine the dependability of a shipping company.

However, the comments of customers can sometimes be relied upon. There are manipulated evaluations; search online review sites for additional information on any company of interest.

Operating region:

A reputable shipping company will transport your boat to its destination without incident. This will demonstrate that the transportation company is easy to contact and will use your provided information.

In addition, it implies that your vessel will reach its destination without delay. Ensure that your shipper offers international shipping if you're shipping internationally.

Has demonstrated its financial growth:

A company's dependability can also be determined by its financial stability. Research the company's financial reports to decide whether or not they indicate growth.

Some companies become leaders in the transportation industry after only a few years in business. A stable and trustworthy business will not engage in dubious transactions.


Transporting a boat or yacht can be challenging, but yacht and boat shipping companies can make the process simpler and more convenient.

The companies listed above offer a variety of services to transport your watercraft to any location in the globe safely and efficiently. When selecting a company, consider the above factors: experience, reputation, services, and cost.

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