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  1. How Does The Car Transportation Cost Calculator Work?
  2. What Exactly Is International Auto Shipping?
  3. Car Transportation Cost Calculator Per Mile
  4. Open Car Transportation Cost Calculator
  5. Enclosed Car transportation Cost Calculator
  6. Expedited Car Transportation Cost Calculator
  7. Additional Car transportation Cost Calculator
  8. Factors Affecting The Cost of Shipping A Car
  9. How Are Shipping Costs Determined?
  10. Tips For Lowering Auto Shipping Prices
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How Does The Car Transportation Cost Calculator Work?

Determining how much you'll spend on automobile shipments should be relatively straightforward. A vehicle shipping calculator is a quick and easy method to acquire a car transportation cost calculator.

You can get an immediate quotation depending on the quote calculator. Others may need you to provide your contact and vehicle information so that a salesperson may call you later.

Although automobile shipping calculators vary from business to provider, you will almost certainly be required to provide the following details to get a quote:

  • Company needs your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Locations of pickup and drop-off
  • Vehicle type, manufacture, model, age, and operability
  • Shipping dates preferred

Car Transportation Cost Calculator

What Exactly Is International Auto Shipping?

When you migrate abroad, the company may play an essential role. The company has been shipping vehicles to foreign ports for many years and can ensure that your vehicle arrives at a port on the coast ready for the next leg of its trip.

Open automobile travel and enclosed auto transport are possible depending on your requirements.

Car Transportation Cost Calculator Per Mile

The auto shipping company is a well-known auto shipping firm that ships vehicles across town and the nation. If you pick a company, you may get pricing estimates on the company's official website. Here's what you may be charged.

  • $1.95/mile for the first 500 miles
  • For 500-1500 miles, the cost per mile is $1.35.
  • For more than 1500 miles, pay $0.95 per mile.
  • As a result, the price per mile reduces as the distance increases.
  • However, traveling a shorter distance will cost you less.

Car Transportation Cost Calculator

Several elements affect the cost of relocating your vehicle to another area. Even though these are just typical vehicle shipping rates, they will indicate how much money you may have to spend to get your automobile to the desired place.

However, the simplest way to receive an estimate is to utilize the car transportation cost calculator on the website of the car shipping provider.

Open Car Transportation Cost Calculator

Check the pricing breakdown and cost per mile for open carrier transportation services. The company research team compiled data on the average cost of open transit for a 1,504-mile package.

The company discovered a price range of $1,110 to $1,885, with an average fee of $1,472 or $0.98 per mile.

Enclosed Car transportation Cost Calculator

According to a research by a car shipping business, enclosed transportation costs may range from $1,414 to $2,085; the average price is $1,800, or $1.20 per mile.

Enclosed transport is more expensive because it protects precious vehicles, such as vintage and luxury brand automobiles, from the elements and road risks.

Car Transportation Cost Calculator

Expedited Car Transportation Cost Calculator

The price will increase if you want a quick pick-up and fast delivery of your automobile or other vehicle.

These expenses will rise for an accelerated delivery since a carrier could need to alter their plans or timetable at the last minute. Their increased risk results from needing a motorist to travel a route they typically follow throughout the day while making a few stops.

Additional Car transportation Cost Calculator

Even if you want to save money on automobile shipping, there are a few extras to think about. The following are the extra services and prices you may wish to include in your automobile transport or skip entirely.

Add-on insurance:

Carriers are obliged to have basic liability insurance as well as add-on insurance. Most automobile transportation firms, however, include gap coverage for an extra price.

Fee for expedited shipment:

If you need your automobile sent soon, expedited shipping is available. Most auto transport firms provide expedited shipment; however, the more the cost of moving a vehicle, the faster the service.

Cancellation cost:

Once you hire your carrier, you are committed to transporting your vehicle and will be charged a price if you cancel. Fees vary based on the supplier.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Shipping A Car

A car transportation cost calculator results may change later on for various reasons. Here are a few elements that affect the cost of exporting a car:


Automobile transport companies charge by the mile whether you're moving across huge distances or sending your automobile less than 500 miles. Although the total cost may be more significant, you will pay less per mile for longer-distance shipments.

period of time:

In the car transport sector, demand is often greater in the summer and in January, which drives up costs.

Transportation of vehicles:

Although it costs more than open transport, enclosed transport provides your car with extra security throughout the shipping process. Luxury and vintage automobile shipment often involves using an enclosed car carrier.

Price of fuel:

Costlier gasoline often results in more expensive automobile shipment.

How Are Shipping Costs Determined?

Shipping & Handling are included in the shipping cost. Shipping is the price of transferring an order or vehicle from the seller's warehouse or storage facility to the customer's door.

It also includes the cost of postage and transportation. The labor expenses involved in order fulfilment, such as inventory gathering, packing, label creation, loading, and other warehouse tasks, are covered by Handling.

Tips For Lowering Auto Shipping Prices

You must ensure you receive the most value for your money as you prepare to relocate your automobile from one location to another and compare car shipping prices. Take a few actions to lower the overall cost of automobile shipping.

Lighten the automobile Load: Take everything out before giving it to the auto carriers. Ensure the weight is lighter to lower the cost of shipping an automobile. The cost of transportation may increase due to the added weight.

Choose to ship from terminal to terminal: You pay less to send an automobile, even if it's less handy than door to door shipping.

Pick flexible dates for pick-up and drop-off: The cost of the automobile shipping service is often affected by the accessibility of the car carriers. The auto transportation business may offer lower prices if you can be flexible with your dates.

Advance car shipping reservation: Always reserve in advance to save on the expedited auto shipping fee. To get quotes from vehicle transporters, use the calculator to estimate the cost of transporting an automobile.


You have seven days to complete your reservation after receiving your quotation estimate. Afterward, the price could alter based on consumer demand. Transporting companies consider the current market demand in addition to the distance, transit method, vehicle size, and weight.


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