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  1. How Much Does It Usually Cost Of Shipping A Car?
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  3. What Factors Affect How Much It Cost Of Shipping A Car?
  4. What Is The Typical Cost Per Mile To Ship a Vehicle?
  5. Car Shipping Costs via Carrier
  6. Cost To Ship A Car By Distance
  7. Costs Of Short-Distance Car Transportation
  8. Costs Of Additional Car Shipping
  9. Transport Mode
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How Much Does It Usually Cost Of Shipping A Car?

According to our study, the cost of shipping a car is between 40 cents and $1.96 per mile. Shipping costs depend on many things, like the company you choose and the services you need.

In a survey of the auto transport business, our review team talked to 1,000 customers and found that 41% of them paid between $1,000 and $2,000 to ship their car. The table below shows how much the people who took our poll said they paid for car shipping services.

Cost Of Shipping A Open Car

Costs for open car travel depend on what you need. Rates for moving open cars rely on several different things. Some of these things are the make and type of your vehicle, the total distance of your move, and whether or not your car runs.

When you're ready to get service, our instant open car transport cost calculator makes it easy to get quotes for moving an open car. You can even stay anonymous! Just tell us a few essential things about your vehicle and its route. You'll have exact open car shipping rates to choose from in seconds.

What Factors Affect How Much It Cost Of Shipping A Car?

Distance is the most important thing that affects how much it costs to move, but it's not the only thing. The end price is also based on several other factors.


The distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations is a factor in determining the cost. Additionally, the prominence or difficulty of these locations is also a factor.

Popular cities for auto moving will have more competitors for your company and will cost less to relocate into or out of. In contrast, rural areas that may be difficult or time-consuming to reach will be much more expensive to move into or out of.

Vehicle dimensions and specifications:

Moving a small automobile is less expensive than driving a large truck probably comes as no surprise. However, the vehicle's valuation and additional features also affect shipping costs. The more special handling a car requires, the higher its shipping cost.

Shipping alternatives:

Having your vehicle transported on an open trailer is the least expensive option, but several other options impact the total cost. Your vehicle is safeguarded by enclosed trailer shipping but at an additional cost.

Door to door shipping eliminates the need to pick up your car from a shipping center across town; however, the added convenience will increase your shipping bill.

Transport duration:

If you are not in a rush, you can save money by allowing the shipping company to operate at its own pace. The method also enables them to combine your vehicle with others traveling to the exact location, thereby minimizing costs.


Similar to the majority of industries, automobile shipping is governed by supply and demand standards, which have an impact on consumer prices.

When demand is high, such as when many people move south for the winter or return home in the spring, transporting your vehicle will be higher than during the off-season.

What Is The Typical Cost Per Mile To Ship a Vehicle?

The average cost per mile of transporting a vehicle is approximately $1.17. However, the cost of shipping a car differ significantly based on vehicle size, distance, route, and time of year. Auto shipping suggests obtaining multiple auto transport estimates before selecting a company.

Car Shipping Costs via Carrier

Open Car Shipping Cost:

For travels of 1,500 miles or less, open shipping costs $328 less than enclosed shipping. According to our industry survey, the cost of shipping a car an automobile is much more significant for covered transport.

The average of open and enclosed shipping will be broken down into the following parts to highlight the price difference between the two car transport options.

Enclosed Car Shipping Cost:

According to our research, enclosed shipping costs can range from $1,414 to $2,085; the average cost is $1,800, or $1.20 per mile. Enclosed transport is more expensive because it protects precious vehicles, such as vintage and luxury brand automobiles, from the elements and road risks. The table below shows enclosed carrier transport services' lowest, highest, average, and cost per mile.

Cost To Ship A Car By Distance

The cost of shipping a car is determined by the distance your vehicle must be shipped. In terms of total cost, short-distance car shipping is less expensive than long-distance shipping, yet, long-distance shipping is more affordable per mile. In the following sections, we will discuss how distance impacts shipping prices.

Costs Of Short-Distance Car Transportation

Transporting goods over shorter distances is often less expensive than enclosed shipments, although the cost per mile is slightly higher. A short-distance car shipment can cost between $500 and $1,800.

Costs Of Additional Car Shipping

Even if you want to save money on car shipping, there are a few extras to think about. The following are the extra services and prices you may wish to include in your car transport or skip entirely.

Add-on insurance:

Carriers must possess basic liability insurance. However, most car shipping companies offer gap coverage and parietal deductible payments for an additional fee.

Fee for expedited shipping:

People who need their car sent soon can choose the expedited shipment. Most auto transport firms offer expedited shipment; however, the more the cost of moving a vehicle, the faster the service.

Fee for Cancellation:

Once you hire your carrier, you are committed to transporting your vehicle, and you will be charged a price if you cancel. Fees differ based on the provider.

Transport Mode

Time Of Year:

The season can have a significant impact on car transportation costs. During the summer, car manufacturers and dealers move vehicles across the country the most frequently, increasing demand for vehicle transportation services. Before shipping a car, find out when the industry is slow.

Spring and fall are typically the best periods to transport a vehicle but remember the forthcoming holidays. Truck drivers, who must convey gifts and other commodities, are in high demand throughout the holiday season.

You're less likely to obtain a decent rate if transferring a vehicle around a working holiday because many truck drivers have taken time off and need to be available.

Calculate Your Instant Car Shipping Quote

With our online auto shipping calculator, you can get an estimate quickly and easily. Enter your transportation information and review your quote before booking your reservation online or by phone.

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