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  1. Insufficient Research
  2. Selecting the Incorrect Car Shipping Company
  3. Neglecting a Final Mechanical Inspection
  4. Failure to Verify Insurance Coverage
  5. Failure to Document Damage
  6. How Can You Avoid the Issue?
  7. Conclusion

Insufficient Research

People frequently Google "Car Transportations Companies" and make reservations with the first business they come up with. 

However, there are some dishonest business people, so you must conduct an adequate investigation. Our blog contains a wealth of helpful information. 

These shady businesses frequently employ the pricing strategy of bait and switch. Once they gain control of your car, they notify you that there has been a problem and that you must pay additional money.

It's possible that you will need to pay several hundred dollars if you want your cargo to continue. If you don't pay, they will keep your automobile, and you may have to go to court to get it back. 

It's possible for other businesses to decline to cover the harm they caused to your car. Some companies offer subpar customer service.

There are several trustworthy, competent, and dependable car transportations firms out there, so all is not lost. 

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Selecting the Incorrect Car Shipping Company

Some automobile shipping firms will go to any length to keep customers, such as lowering total expenses or going out of their way to provide exceptional customer service.

This is how they keep clients. Later, they may change their tune by becoming less accommodating or breaching your contract.

To remove these bogus organizations from your list, you must learn how to choose the best shipping company for your automobile. Here are some suggestions to assist you in reducing your list:

  • Check with the Department of Transportation (or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if you're sending a car across state borders) to see if the company is registered. The car transport service should have its registration number.
  • Perform a background investigation on the company to determine its legitimacy. Examine the company's online reviews. You can also use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to conduct a search. 
  • When comparing businesses, speak with each one and discover more about how they will transport your vehicle. This may help you gain a better sense of how they operate, their degree of customer service, and your level of comfort with them.

Shipping a car with peace of mind requires completing your homework before paying for the service. Choose a business that provides transparency and quality service if you want to transport your vehicle from one location to another without a problem.

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Neglecting a Final Mechanical Inspection

There are numerous reasons why someone may forget to have their vehicle inspected by a mechanic prior to shipping. One reason for these car care blunders could be a lack of time.

Others may overlook this critical stage in the car shipping process, especially if they make their reservation at the last minute. A last-minute inspection is critical since it proves that your car is in excellent condition, which you can verify before shipping your car. 

Damage is uncommon, but if it does occur, you'll have documentation that your car was in good condition. If you request documentary evidence from a professional mechanic, you will be more likely to receive compensation if you submit a claim for damages. 

It can also be quite helpful if you are unsure about regular car maintenance and want to ensure your vehicle transport service is roadworthy. 

By having the following items checked, you can avoid the most typical car maintenance issues:

  • Check for leaks and have them repaired.
  • Check that the tire pressure is correct.
  • Make sure the battery is ultimately charged.
  • You must ensure that the brakes are in good functioning order. 

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Failure to Verify Insurance Coverage

An auto transport firm will usually provide some type of insurance coverage. However, it is your responsibility to determine what coverage is available and whether it fulfills your requirements. It's also critical to know where liability begins and stops. 

Request a copy of the insurance certificate from the car shipping firm and cross-check the information with the Department of Transportation.

In most cases, a carrier's insurance will pay for the harm that they create. However, it may not cover accidents committed by another driver on the road or damage caused by inclement weather. As a result, it is critical that you properly review and comprehend the insurance coverage

Failure to Document Damage

Another typical blunder is failing to do your homework while documenting the condition of your vehicle. 

A professional carrier will always request that you and the driver submit a vehicle inspection report. You will assess the physical condition of your vehicle and note any scratches, bumps, or dents in the inspection report or bill of lading. 

You must be present when your vehicle is picked up and delivered. It is your obligation to ensure that the information contained in the report is correct.

It's also a good idea to retain your own records of your car's condition in case the firm fails to complete this check or the paperwork goes missing. Take as many shots of your car as you can from all angles. 

Make sure you are present when your automobile is delivered to inspect it for any damage. Look for any scrapes or dents. You have something to compare it to because of the pick-up inspection report. While the driver is still there, you must cross-reference and verify the information.

How Can You Avoid the Issue?

Keep track of the itinerary, and make sure to pass it along to the auto transporter. In this manner, you can avoid switching vehicles off and in transit. This will considerably lessen the likelihood of automotive damage.

You also don't want to provide the incorrect vehicle to a customer. As a result, you must strictly adhere to the itinerary. Again, meticulous planning is required to flourish in this profession. 

  • Unexpected auto transportation booking

Auto transportation can be a time-consuming task. While you want to keep your promises, you don't want to go too fast and risk an accident. 

What are your options?

Accept no last-minute reservations. Although you wish to satisfy all customers, late bookings can cause additional vehicles to be delivered late to all clients. Be open and honest. The best course of action is for everyone to wait a little longer so that their vehicle can be delivered on time, you should say to the latecomers.

Another way to avoid late deliveries is to arrange your journey more efficiently. Allow plenty of time for possible delays along the way. 

  • Failure to Provide Adequate Insurance Coverage

This is essential. Despite your best efforts, you can never tell when a catastrophe may occur. If you are not adequately insured for all of the automobiles you intend to transport, you may find yourself in a lot of difficulty.


By doing your study and due diligence, you may avoid the majority of these frequent mistakes while transporting your car. Choosing a reputable car shipping firm, on the other hand, can make all the difference.

Car transportations will walk you through the entire car shipping process, ensuring that your vehicle is shipped safely and securely. 


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