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At Rapid Auto Shipping, we are proud to offer the widest variety of flatbed trailer options for domestic and international shipping needs. Our experienced professionals understand the unique needs of various businesses and strive to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions that keep your shipments safe and secure. From LTL to oversize loads, our experienced staff is ready to deliver on time and within budget. Trust us as your flatbed shipping carrier and let us help you maximize efficiencies while reducing costs.

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Flatbed auto shipping Carriers

Specific automobiles that cannot be put onto an open auto transport carrier because they are too large, heavy, or damaged are transported using flatbed transporters; there are other issues as well, including a vehicle not being able to roll or turn. Rapid Auto Shipping offers flatbed automobile shipping throughout the USA. With years of expertise in this niche field, Rapid Auto Shipping is knowledgeable about heavy and non-running machinery and can help you choose the best carrier.

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You can fill out our free online quote request form to receive a free quote in your email that was computed by one of our auto transport staff members, and we can get you bids to ship via flatbed Auto Shipping carrier from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S. at a reasonable and competitive fee. If you'd prefer to call into our office and speak to one of our live auto transport representatives, we can do that as well. 

What is Flatbed Shipping?

Flatbed auto transport is exactly what it sounds like. It consists of a flatbed vehicle trailer attached to a truck, similar to an open or enclosed trailer, and can be of various lengths and widths as long as they fit traffic regulations. All are intended for different types of loads. The following are some of the most prevalent types of flatbed carriers used in automobile shipping.

Flatbed Shipping Advantages with Rapid Auto Shipping 

If you're like the majority of Americans, chances are good that you've, at some point or another, followed a flatbed truck with a sign reading "Oversize Load." That is because flatbed trucks are ideal for oversized cargo. If your item doesn't fit in an enclosed trailer, flatbed trucks are a lifesaver whether you're moving large pieces of construction equipment or weirdly shaped furniture. So call on our flatbed drivers for your next trucking task if you need clarification on whether your items will fit in an ordinary truck bed or container.

There are several advantages of flatbed carriers with Rapid Auto Shipping, including:

Ship Almost Anything: Flatbed truck loads have few constraints on size or shape, allowing you to ship almost anything. Because flatbed trailers lack walls, they are simple to unload from the back or the sides. With a forklift or other tool, you may reach the materials and take them immediately off the trailer.

Gain access to regional and international flatbed trucking firms: You can choose the service provider who best meets your demands by searching on Rapid Auto Shipping for both local and nationwide flatbed trucking companies.

Always Get the Best Flatbed Quote: We provide flatbed truck shipping quotes from a wide range of trucking firms, so it's simple to obtain the most affordable flatbed load rates for your shipment.

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Flatbed Rates

The cost of flatbed varies depending on a variety of variables, such as where you're shipping from, where you're shipping to, what you're shipping, the cost of diesel at the time of shipment, and the firm you're utilizing for transportation.

The amount of trucks that your flatbed freight carrier has available might also affect flatbed auto shipping charges. Your flatbed price will be better and vice versa depending on how many flatbed vehicles are available. The time of year might also affect the price of flatbed shipment. Flatbed auto shipping services are in greater demand throughout the summer because there is more construction taking on. Flatbed trucking costs thus tend to increase during such months.

Get a free flatbed quote from Rapid Auto Shipping if you're seeking the finest flatbed auto shipping rates. We can assist you in locating the most affordable flatbed trucking rates per mile for your shipment because we have access to several transportation providers across the nation.

When Do You Need LTL Flatbed or FTL Flatbed Loads?

In general, the Full Truckload transport service (FTL) is suggested for large and heavy cargoes, while the Less Than Truckload transport service (LTL) is appropriate for smaller loads. However, there are other factors to consider to comprehend these two modes of transportation completely.

how to load a shipping container on a flatbed?

Flatbed auto transport providers use straps and chains to attach the vehicle to the flatbed trailer. The autos are secured, so they do not shift or move during transportation. The cars are safely transported to their destination and unpacked. For unloading, the straps and shackles are removed. The flatbed trailer has a low profile, making loading and unloading the car simple.

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how to secure a shipping container to a flatbed?

Ratchet straps are the finest technique to secure an automobile on a flatbed trailer. These are also tied-down straps constructed of a flexible and resilient material that can withstand significant pressure. They are often composed of polyester, nylon, leather, or coated polymers and contain a pair of hooks at either end. Once the car is in position, a beautifully built ratcheting mechanism will allow you to tighten the straps.

Every set of ratchet straps you use must be known to you. Each set's working load limit and break strength are indicated on the label. Before beginning your task, you may determine the maximum load for each ratchet strap.

how to unload shipping container from flatbed truck?

You should use caution when emptying it as well. The following advice will help you securely remove the load from your flatbed trailer:

DO NOT UNLOAD ON A SLOPE: Never empty a trailer on an incline. If you do, the load can move, and the trailer might topple. Additionally, ensure there are no hills or depressions and that the ground is firm and free of debris. This is especially true if you're unloading your trailer with a forklift truck.

SEE TO IT THAT YOU HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO UNLOAD: Make sure you have space to unload the trailer. You ought to be aware of your surroundings and have enough space to reach the trailer bed.

COMMENCE AT THE BACK: You may access the load without having to climb up the trailer's tyres or other sections by using a safety ladder or flatbed trailer ladder when emptying your trailer. A sturdy trailer safety ladder with solid traction on the steps and support grips is a must. Additionally, since you'll have easier access to the contents, you'll be able to empty the trailer more quickly.

Choosing the Right Flatbed Trucking Company: When selecting a flatbed vehicle shipping carrier, it is crucial to consider a number of considerations. Choosing a seasoned and dependable auto shipping company should be your priority. The carrier for flatbed auto transport should have a solid track record of on-time and safely delivering autos.

It is also crucial to select a carrier with insurance coverage for any harm that can happen while in route. Rapid Auto is an ideal business to work with when planning to ship a flatbed car shipping.

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Ship your car with Rapid Auto Shipping at an affordable price, on-time delivery, and hassle-free service.

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