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You're moving, therefore you've made the decision to ship your car. a wise concept: The more time- and money-effective, safer choice is auto shipment! Ideally, you've already done your research to find a reputable business and have discussed insurance; if not, read this post. It's time to get your car ready for the road now that you've chosen your provider! However, really. In the end, preparation helps transporters stay on schedule so they can get the show on the road. It also reduces your risk of vehicle damage and potential theft.

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How to get your vehicle ready before shipping ?

Gather the Important Documentation Make sure you have all of your car's paperwork, which is the best way to avoid stress on moving day. To verify that the vehicle belongs to you, you will require a number of documentation. To guarantee a smooth car shipment process, keep copies and originals of the following documents close at hand:

  • evidence of auto insurance
  • Registration details
  • Original title for your vehicle
  • either your driver's licence or passport
  • The bill of sale for the vehicle or some other proof that it was purchased by you
  • Any further details you'll need when picking up the car in your new nation

  • Your car needs a good wash. Washing your car makes any damage to the vehicle obvious, enabling you and the freight forwarder to accurately account for it.

    Keep a record of the car's condition. Take note of any existing dings, dents, scratches, and other visual problems with the car. Take pictures of the entire vehicle, paying particular attention to any damaged parts.

    Take out any loose or unique pieces. Remove any loose or customised equipment from the inside and exterior of the car, including bike or luggage racks, spoilers, removable stereos, GPS systems, and other pricey aftermarket upgrades unrelated to the car's mechanical performance. If you are shipping your car in a shipping container, you are allowed to stuff it with personal things. But because it will need to be driven in and out, kindly make sure that all of the windows and mirrors are open. Additionally, obstruction-free braking systems and/or manual shifters are required.

    Delete your toll passes and tags. If toll devices are left inside your car during shipment, you might be charged, so it's advisable to turn them off or take them out.

    A fully charged battery should be used.

    Disable security and alarm systems. Turn off any alarm systems in your vehicle to prevent offending the truck driver.

    Verify the tire's inflation level. Tires that are either under- or over-inflated pose the same dangers on the road as they do in transportation. You run a higher chance of damaging the tyre if your tyres are not properly filled.

    The most common times for tyre damage to happen are when loading and unloading, but if your tyres are correctly inflated, you won't experience any issues.

    Fill the tank with 1/8 less fuel. For safety reasons, carriers cap the amount of fuel that can be put in the car.

    Keep track of any mechanical issues. Make sure to give the shipping company any additional instructions needed to operate the vehicle if there are any.

    Fix leaks or report them. If your car is in a shared container with other automobiles, leaks can harm both of them, so be sure to fix any leaks or notify the shipping firm so the vehicle can be stored safely.

    Adapt the vehicle to the destination's environment. Your automobile should be equipped with engine oil, coolant, and other fluids suited for the destination in order to maintain its optimal running condition. Tops that convert securely. Convertible tops should be in good shape and securely fastened to prevent problems in the event of climate changes or other harsh environmental conditions during shipping.

    Lock your car. There is no need to open up your car once it is loaded onto the auto transport truck; wait until it is delivered. To lessen the chance of theft while it is being transported, lock everything up.

    Verify the tyre pressure. Tyres that are either under- or over-inflated are just as risky in a vehicle as they are on the road. By operating a vehicle without properly inflated tyres, you may be raising the risk of tyre damage. The most frequent occasions for tyre damage are during loading and unloading, but if your tyres are correctly inflated, you won't have any problems.

    Take pictures of the car for the record. After making a list of all current damages, take photos of each scratch, dent, paint chip, etc. and date them. Take clear pictures because these are for your records. In order to prevent any new potential scratches or dents from being challenged by the carrier or shipping business, you can attach these images with your written report. Have them prepared for when your vehicle is picked up for transport so you can quickly mark them on the Bill of Lading.

    Ship your car with Rapid Auto Shipping at an affordable price, on-time delivery, and hassle-free service.

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    300104 people shipped using
    Rapid Auto Shipping last week

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    No matter how your vehicle is sent, Rapid Auto Shipping will assist you in handling the required paperwork and adhering to international shipping laws and regulations. The majority of the time, a 20' closed cargo container is used to send your car, providing enhanced protection throughout the shipping procedure. In some circumstances, a Roll On/Roll Off service or a 40' closed cargo container may be used to move larger or multiple automobiles. We'll work with you to choose the shipping strategy that will be both cost-effective and safe for you and your automobiles. Additionally, from pick-up to drop-off at the destination of your choice, we'll take exceptional care of your car.

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    When you adore your vehicle, getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road is the finest way to get it from point A to point B. When you can't see your vehicle until it arrives at its destination, you'll need a dependable transportation firm to deliver it safely and swiftly. We at Rapid Auto Shipping has given great auto transport solutions to hundreds of thousands of consumers, and our 99+ percent customer satisfaction rate reflects our dedication to providing top-notch service.affecting or extending throughout all parts of a States

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