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  1. Ship A Car to California Services
  2. What Is The Difference Between Open-Air And Enclosed Travel?
  3. What To Expect When Ship A Car to California
  4. What Is the Cost To Ship A Car to California?
  5. California Auto Shipping Requirements
  6. Documents Required To Ship A Car To California
  7. How Long Does Ship A Car to California Take?
  8. How to Pick The Best Company To Ship Your Car?
  9. Conclusion: Ship A Car to California.
  10. Car Shipping Companies In California
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Ship A Car to California Services

Ship a car to California offers an array of services. It is essential to select the service category that best meets your financial and transit needs:

Door to Door Automobile Transport: California auto transporters will pick up and deliver your automobile as close to your front door as possible.

Enclosed Auto Transport: Freight wagons and car haulers shield vehicles from the elements and road debris during transport.

Open Transport: Open Transport is the least expensive option for California auto transport.

What Is The Difference Between Open-Air And Enclosed Travel?

Open conveyance is the most common method for shipping vehicles. There are two distinct categories of open-air travel. Larger 8–10 vehicle carriers complete the majority of shipments.

More minor, two- to three-vehicle-capacity airlines are used for brief, more localized transfers. As open-air aircraft are utilized more frequently, their availability is typically greater.

When transporting classic, high-end, or rare automobiles, auto transport companies recommend enclosing the vehicle. Transporters with enclosures protect against exposure to the elements while traveling.

Due to the limited number of available carriers, the auto shipping company recommends planning for your enclosed delivery.

Ship A Car to California

What To Expect When Ship A Car to California

Due to the high volume of traffic and generally poor road conditions in California, there may be complications with the dispatch of your automobile. Your automobile shipment could be delayed, or the vehicle could arrive soiled.

When ship a car to California, you must also consider the season. Try to secure a price well in advance, as the summer is typically the peak season.

Long-distance transfers will, as anticipated, incur higher costs. Therefore, traveling from Florida to the Bay Area or New York to Southern California, you should expect a higher total cost, even if the price per mile decreases.

What Is the Cost To Ship A Car to California?

The price of shipping a car depends on its origin and final destination, but ship a car to California often ranges from $700 to $1,500.

In California, the following elements frequently affect the price of shipping cars:

Vehicle dimensions and weight: Shipping large vs. small autos is more expensive.

Type of vehicle and operability: Because luxury and non-operational cars require more labor to move, and their shipping prices are higher.

Distance: The greater the distance between retrieval and delivery locations, the higher the total cost, but the lower the cost per mile.

Transport method: Enclosed transport provides more excellent protection than open transport but at a higher cost.

Season of the year: Summer and January are the most expensive months for vehicle transport.

Route recognition: Car transports from Los Angeles, San Jose, and Oakland will be reasonably priced. Deliveries to Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona will also be less expensive.

Ship A Car to California

California Auto Shipping Requirements

Before reserving a car transportation service, you must possess some documents and information. You must satisfy all the requirements in advance so the vehicle transport process goes smoothly.

Documents Required To Ship A Car To California

Before scheduling your car shipment in California, be sure to have the following materials on hand:

  • A valid photo ID, such as a driver's license or passport, is required.
  • Make, model, year, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and license plate number are examples of vehicle information.
  • Auto insurance Documentation
  • Possession evidence, such as vehicle registration or title
  • Details about the shipper and recipient

These are the fundamental requirements for ship a car to California, but each company has slightly different standards and requirements.

How Long Does Ship A Car to California Take?

The average shipment length is between one and six days, but many things can change the dates of pickup and arrival. The shipping process might take longer if you choose enclosed shipping or a long-distance transfer.

How to Pick The Best Company To Ship Your Car?

It seems like a shot in the dark to choose a company to ship a car. But looks can be deceiving, just like when you hire a mover for the rest of your stuff. Consider the following things to help you decide which company will best meet your needs.


Costs are significant when it comes to sending a car. Luckily, there are a lot of companies that will fight for your business. One way that works is when they drop their prices or offer deals. If you need to stick to a specific budget, look for companies that provide different shipping ways or delivery times at different prices.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Keeping in mind your budget, make sure that the price being offered is the actual price. Some companies might pull a fast one on you and charge you more after the work is done.

When you're looking around, look for binding quotes and quote guarantees. Even though the price may seem higher than others, there won't be any extra costs like delivery fees or fuel costs.

Ratings of Customer Service

Companies that move cars do two things: drive your vehicle from one place to another and treat you well. Customer service is the main reason people keep returning to the same business. Shipping cars are the same. Check scores and reviews online before making a choice. Pay close attention to how customers are treated, especially when things are unplanned.

Conclusion: Ship A Car to California

This is an excellent starting point if you need to ship a car to California. This article examined the requirements, costs, and companies involved in California vehicle shipment.

Car Shipping Companies In California

We investigated the top auto transport companies and determined which ones provide California's best car transport service. According to our research, Montway Auto Transport and Rapid Auto Shipping provide the highest quality service at the most competitive rates.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Overall

Montway Auto Transport is a popular choice for car shipping in California due to the variety of services it offers, including door-to-door transport, expedited delivery, guaranteed pickup dates, and options for transporting a vehicle to Hawaii or Alaska.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded the business an A+ rating and accreditation. According to its 4.5-out-of-five-star rating on Google Reviews, customers appreciate Montway Auto Transport.

In evaluating the top auto transport companies, we awarded Montway Auto Transport 4.6 out of 5.0 stars for its outstanding customer service and reputable standing.

Rapid Auto Shipping: Reliability and Service

Online auto transport quotes are available through Rapid's marketplace, which displays various pricing options. Depending on the distance between retrieval and delivery locations, the average cost of transporting your vehicle to California with Rapid Auto Shipping ranges from $500 to $1,500.

Rapid Auto Shipping distinguishes itself as one of the top car shipping companies due to its stellar reputation and customer service ratings. We awarded Rapid Auto Shipping 4.9 out of 5.0 stars for its market-based platform and competitive auto shipping rates.


Our expert review team is happy to give you information that is correct and not biased. Based on consumer survey results and many studies, we created the following categories for rating the best car shipping companies.

Prices: Many things affect price, so comparing quotes from different companies can be challenging. Our team sends secret shoppers to test other vehicles, services, and shipping routes for this ranking.

Services: Because each customer has different needs, an auto transport company must provide various services. We consider the availability of services, the ability to guarantee pickup and drop-off dates, and the insurance coverage choices.

Reputation: When giving this score, our team looks at a company's BBB rate, service history, and number of years in business.

Customer service: Reliable car movers care for their customers in some way. We look at customer reviews, BBB issues and how quickly the customer service team answers questions.



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