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  1. Types of Alaska Car Shipping Available
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Types of Alaska Car Shipping Available

There are some alternatives for shipping a car to Alaska (military or otherwise): open or enclosed car transporters. Learn more about each sort of shipping service in the sections below.

Car Hauler Open

An open car carrier is typically seen transporting vehicles to a dealership. It is open to the elements and can accommodate many automobiles in multiple rows.

If you're in a hurry, this automobile transportation is ideal. This is because there are many more open vehicle transporters than covered ones. When you contact and schedule an open vehicle transporter, you'll probably receive one near your preferred time and date if you want something else.

If your automobile isn't brand new or a classic, and you're not concerned about exposing it to the outdoors, an open car transporter is an excellent option.

Shipping A Car To Alaska

Car Hauler With Enclosure

If you choose an enclosed car mover, your vehicle will be safeguarded during shipping a car to Alaska. The driver will tow a trailer and transport multiple autos.

As previously stated, covered vehicle carriers are less common than open ones. This implies that there might be better options than this if you're short on time. Another alternative is to call as soon as possible and find a slot that works for you.

If you have a brand new or classic automobile, you should employ an enclosed car carrier to keep it safe while in transportation. It's also the preferable alternative if you know the car will be traveling in inclement weather like sleet, hail, or snow. All of this is possible when shipping a car to Alaska.

Terminal to Terminal/ Port to Port

Driving your automobile to a nearby terminal will save you money. Our organization will pick it up and transfer it to a terminal or port near where you need it delivered.

Transportation from door to door

Although more expensive, door to door shipping is the most convenient and hassle-free way to transfer your things.

shipping a vehicle to alaska

What Is The Procedure For Shipping A Vehicle to Alaska?

You may have concluded that shipping a car to Alaska is the best option. But what precisely is the procedure? Continue reading to discover.


First, you'll ask the vehicle shipping firm for an estimate to check whether their charges are within your budget. Typically, you have three service options: economy, regular, and expedited.

If you need your vehicle quickly, choose the expedited option since they will pick it up on the same day or the next.

If you're satisfied with the quotation, inform the firm when you'd like your car picked up. You will only have to pay something later with Next Auto Transport.


The auto transportation firm will send a driver to your preferred location to load your vehicle. If they can't, they'll contact you and meet you in a nearby parking lot to finish the work.

You'll both go through a walkthrough of your automobile wherever they pick it up to check for any prior damage.

You may be able to track the location of your vehicle while it is being transported. Some businesses have a tracking webpage, while others allow you to contact the driver directly.


When the driver arrives at your specified location, you or someone you designate can accept the car. You'll perform one more walkthrough to ensure no extra harm on top of what's already there.

You will then sign the bill of lading and receive a copy. That's all there is to it!

shipping vehicle to alaska

How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Car to Alaska?

Ship car to Alaska may cost between $1,500 and $4,500, whereas the national average shipping cost is between $500 and $1,500. The cost of shipping a car to Alaska is determined by the type of vehicle, the region from where it is being shipped, and the time of year it is being sent.

The shipping method and service you select also impact the cost of Alaska automobile shipment. In Alaska, the following services are frequently utilized for vehicle shipping:

Delivery Date: The time frame you want your automobile delivered determines how much you must pay to shipping a car to Alaska. You have a higher chance of receiving a better bargain with a reasonably flexible delivery schedule. However, you must pay a higher fee if you want an emergency delivery.

Vehicle design: Regarding cost, the car size you wish to transfer is a big consideration. Larger vehicles will cost more to ship due to their weight and the fact that they take up more room aboard the carrier.

Smaller automobiles are less expensive to transport, and numerous cars can be carried at once depending on the type of carrier used. You may also utilize this service to relocate automobiles that would otherwise be immobilized. This includes vintage and antique cars with historical and sentimental worth transcending mobility.

Dimensions: It is self-evident that larger distances would result in higher transportation costs. Because of mileage and fuel use, shipping your vehicle over a longer distance is more expensive.

The type of carrier employed: During open carrier shipping, your vehicle is secured to the rear of an open-back trailer. An open-air carrier can transport many automobiles simultaneously and is the most cost-effective way to move your vehicle.

The disadvantage is that your car is exposed to the weather. When transported in an enclosed carrier, your automobile is more protected from the elements and other road hazards.

It is more expensive than open air carriers but worthwhile, especially when moving luxury vehicles.

We obtained shipping vehicle to Alaska prices from two of the greatest car shipping firms. These rates give you a better idea of what it costs to move a car between states like Washington, Florida, and Hawaii and Alaskan towns like Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau.

Document Required to Shipping A Car to Alaska

Specific documentation and information must be present when organizing shipping a car to Alaska. Gather all details ahead of your vehicle's departure date to guarantee an uncomplicated and worry-free shipping process.

The following are the fundamental prerequisites for shipping a car to Alaska:

Photo identification: You can offer a driver's license or a passport to meet this criterion.

Automobile insurance documentation: While carrying vehicle insurance while exporting your automobile is not legally necessary, certain car carriers may.

Proof of ownership: You can verify vehicle ownership by displaying automobile title papers.

Vehicle Specifications: To obtain an estimate on shipping a car to Alaska, you'll need to enter information about your vehicle's year, make, and model.

Information about yourself and the receiver of the car: Include details about yourself and the automobile receiver when sending out your booking. The shipping business will request your name, email address, phone number, and pickup and drop-off addresses.

These are normally the industry standards for automobile transportation firms. However, some may have alternative criteria. As you plan shipping a car to Alaska, checking what each supplier requires while receiving car shipping quotes online is a good idea.

While packing personal goods in your car when shipping a vehicle to Alaska may seem like a brilliant idea, it is not. Anything broken is not covered by contingent cargo insurance, and practically every motor carrier outright opposes the practice.

Prepare Car for Shipping to Alaska

When ready for shipping a vehicle to Alaska, all cars must be in functioning order, with a functional emergency brake, and must be licensed or certified to drive on public streets or roads.

Shipping ports retain the right to refuse any cargo if it does not match our vessel operators' safe transit and handling criteria.

Clean Your Car

Ensure your car's exterior is clean so our staff can complete a vehicle survey at the load port before ship car to Alaska. If your car is unclean, it may be refused.

Remove Any Personal Property

We can only accept automobiles that have had their things removed. Standard tools and accessories affixed to the vehicle or mounted in the dash, doors, rear deck, or console are acceptable for ship car to Alaska.

Reduce the Workload

Please only fill up your tank after you give your vehicle to us. A quarter tank of petrol is appropriate for ship a car to Alaska.

Fill Your Antifreeze Container

Alaska gets chilly, especially in the fall and winter! Automobiles sent to Alaska need to have antifreeze.

Take out your fire extinguisher

According to federal laws, your fire extinguisher must be removed. We do not allow fire extinguishers to be delivered to Alaska with your vehicle.

Fill Your Propane Tanks

We demand that any cars with propane tanks for auxiliary use be empty of liquid or fumes before shipping a car to Alaska.


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