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  1. How do I Ship My Car Cheaply to Another State?
  2. Which Is Cheaper Drive a Car to Another State or Ship a Car to Another State?
  3. How to Calculate Cheap Car Shipping Quotes?
  4. What are the Tips and Tricks to Get Cheap Car Shipping Services?
  5. What to Keep in Mind While Looking for the Cheapest Car Shipping Service?

How do I Ship My Car Cheaply to Another State?

There are two ways to get cheap car transport service. Open and Terminal to Terminal car shipping are the most affordable car shipping service provided by major Auto Shipping Companies, Including Rapid Auto Shipping. Let us compare them.

Bases  Open Car Shipping  Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping
Carrier type Open Air Carrier Either open or enclosed depends on availability
Cost  More affordable Little costly
Pick up and delivery location Near the provided customer  location At specific terminals
Convenience More convenient Less Convenient
Security Highly secured  Prone to damage at Terminals
Flexibility Less (Requires proper scheduling) High (you can drop off at the terminal as per wish)
Duration (Timing) Fast Slow due to the waiting period

Open Air Car Shipping : 

Open Air or Open Carrier car shipping is the most common and affordable modern car transport method. As it is highly available, it generally costs less, becoming the cheapest way to ship a car to another state. It offers door to door car shipping service, making it more convenient.

Rapid Auto Shipping ensures following every measure to provide the utmost safety while shipping your car, but it is exposed to dust and Traffic grains (just like driving your car but on a carrier).

As they are highly in demand and need to follow proper protocol, you have to Rapid Auto Shipping experts and schedule a particular delivery and pick-up time. It is fast as we load your vehicle and ship your car to the location without waiting.

Terminal to Terminal Car shipping 

The oldest in the Auto Shipping Industry. These were common back in the '90s, but due to massive changes in the industry, demand for this car shipping service decreased. In this, you have to drop off and pick up your car from the closest terminal near you.

Nowadays, terminals are located near only urban cities where carriers are usually stored, which makes their low availability. They used to be the most affordable, but now cars need storage areas in the terminal for safety, which comes at a cost.

Sometimes, cars stay at the terminal for as long as weeks, which makes the cost way higher. As carriers must be available for your car, it takes time to load and ship it. You must find the terminal, deposit the car, and wait for days or weeks.

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Which Is Cheaper Drive a Car to Another State or Ship a Car to Another State? 

Whether you drive your car or ship it to another state, many factors add up to cost. Let us see the factors in the following table : 


Bases  Driving  Shipping
Cost  High (Fuel, Repair, Toll, Food etc.) Low (Only process fee is required)
Wear and Tear High  Nearly to zero
Risk  High (Due to uncertainty) Moderate (mostly to zero)
Suitability  Not good for long distance Suitable for all distance
Hidden cost  Speeding tickets, Parking tickets, etc All cost is added to the pack

It is better to ship a car if you are moving to another state or across the country. Auto shippers like Rapid Auto Shipping handle your vehicle with utmost care and cheaply. 

How to Calculate Cheap Car Shipping Quotes?

Are you looking for someone who can help you get an affordable price for Car Shipping? Don't worry Rapid Auto Shipping is here with their Cost calculator and Auto shipping experts.

Cost Calculator is an online tool that takes your requirements as instruction and then calculates the estimated cost to ship a car. It charges between $ 1.75 to $ 2.90 per mile for distances less than 250 miles, whereas the average cost to ship a car for more than 1000 miles varies between $0.58 to $0.98.

Distance(Miles) Estimate cost per mile  Distance (Example) Estimated Price ($)
1 to 100 miles $2.70 84 miles $ 227
101 to 250 miles $1.95 280 miles $ 546
251 to 500 miles $1.50 350 miles $ 525
501 to 1,000 miles $1.30 700 miles $ 910
1,001 to 2,000 miles $0.88 1,450 miles $ 1,276
2,001 to 3,000 miles $0.68 2,350 miles $ 1,598

Note: Prices are based on recent sedan shipping and the current market scenario. For a Customised and Accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll-free number: +1 (833) 233-4447.

What are the Tips and Tricks to Get Cheap Car Shipping Services?

Some tips and tricks always help save money during Car transportation. Experts of Rapid Auto Shipping have seen the following information and tricks that help many people get cheap car shipping.

Go with Open car transport:

If you're looking for cheap car shipping, you must go with Open car transport, which is the most reliable in the industry. It is like driving your car but in a carrier without any wear and tear and not adding any miles to your car.

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Get Multiple Quotes:

As the Cost calculator is free, you can get the quote as many times as you want. It is advisable to get as many quotes as possible; it will help to know the Car shipping process.

Ask for a Discount:

Look or Ask for discounts from many auto shipping companies, including Rapid Auto Shipping. There are always some discounts going on throughout the year. 


You can negotiate with Rapid Auto Shipping experts on price. Our experts could provide you with an extra discount. 

Prepare your car for shipping:

After booking the Cheap car service, wash your car, clean the car insides, Document the car conditions, and Remove or cover any tags of the car.

Check the Car  For Leaks:

Check the fluids level and tire levels they should be up to the mark and, most importantly, keep the fuel level quarterly.

Fix your Car:

it would be better if your car is in running condition it will save you a lot. Try to fix the car.

Prepare for shipment and pickup:

Be ready with all the paperwork and spare key at the time of pickup and delivery it will save a lot of time.

If you follow these 8 points, you could score a better deal on Car shipping. These points will help you get the cheapest way to ship a car. 

What to Keep in Mind While Looking for the Cheapest Car Shipping Service?

If you want to get the best deal for your car when looking for Car shipping. You should choose only what is required and ensure to book in prior. More importantly, always keep this in mind to check customer reviews and feedback for a better opinion of the company, and it is better to go for Auto shipping that provides value money service.

\If a company is the cheapest in the industry, it would be lacking somewhere (cutting necessary corners to reduce cost). Rapid Auto Shipping always provides value-for-money service to its customers with the best safety measures.


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