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How to Find Cheap Car Shipping Services?

Finding cheap car shipping services involves a few steps to ensure you get the best value without compromising on quality and safety. Here's a guide on how to find affordable car shipping:

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Consider Open Transport-

Open car carriers are generally more affordable than enclosed carriers, although they expose vehicles to the elements during transit. If your car isn't a luxury or classic model, open transport can be a cost-effective choice.

Flexible Delivery-

Opt for a flexible delivery window, which can often result in cost savings. Transporting your car with a more extended delivery time might be more economical.

Terminal-to-Terminal Shipping-

Choosing terminal-to-terminal shipping can be more budget-friendly than door-to-door service. You'll need to drop off and pick up your vehicle at specified terminals.

Shared Transport-

Sharing transport with other cars can reduce the overall cost. While it may lead to minor delays, it's an economical option.

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Seasonal Discounts-

Keep an eye out for seasonal discounts or promotions offered by car shipping companies. During off-peak seasons or specific times of the year, you might find better deals.

Check Reputation-

Ensure the company you choose has a good reputation for safety and reliability. Reading reviews and asking for recommendations can help you avoid companies that might offer low prices but compromise on service quality.

Verify Insurance-

Always check that the car shipping company has adequate insurance coverage to protect your vehicle during transit.


Don't be afraid to negotiate the price with the car shipping company, especially if you're shipping multiple vehicles or have some flexibility in your schedule.

Plan Ahead-

Booking your car transport well in advance can sometimes lead to more affordable rates. Last-minute bookings may come with higher costs.

Remember that while cost is essential, ensuring your vehicle's safety and the reliability of the service is equally important. Striking the right balance between affordability and quality is key when finding cheap car shipping.

Things to Know About Cheap Auto Transport

Cheap auto transport refers to the affordable services offered by car shipping companies for transporting vehicles over long distances. To secure budget-friendly rates, customers often opt for options like open car carriers, which are cost-effective but expose vehicles to the elements. Additionally, flexible delivery windows can help reduce costs.

However, when choosing a cheap auto transport service, it's crucial to research and compare multiple quotes, check the company's reputation and reliability, and ensure they have proper licensing and insurance to safeguard your vehicle during transit. While cost savings are important, it's equally crucial to balance affordability with a level of service that guarantees a smooth and secure vehicle shipping experience.


    Carrier Type Shipping Route  Rate Per Mile
Open El Paso, Texas, to San Antonio (554 miles) $1.17
Open Reno, Nev., to Kansas City, Mo. (1,605 miles) $0.90
Enclosed Reno, Nev., to Kansas City, Mo. (1,610 miles) $1.10
Open Philadelphia to San Francisco (2,905 miles) $0.67


What are the Various Types of Cheap Car Transport Services?

Cheap car transport services come in various forms to suit different budgetary needs. Here are some common types of affordable car transport options:

Open Car Carriers-

These are the most cost-effective options. Vehicles are transported on open trailers, exposing them to the elements. While this method is cheaper, it's suitable for most standard cars.


With this service, you drop off and pick up your vehicle at specified terminals, which can be more budget-friendly than door-to-door services.

Economy Service-

Some car transport companies offer an economy or budget service, which might involve longer delivery times but come with lower prices.

Shared Transport-

Your vehicle is transported along with other cars, reducing the overall cost. It's a good choice for those looking to save on expenses.

Flexible Scheduling-

Opting for a more flexible delivery schedule can often result in cost savings. This means your vehicle might not be shipped as quickly, but it can be more economical.

Seasonal Discounts-

Some car transport companies offer discounts during off-peak seasons or specific times of the year, which can significantly reduce costs.

When choosing a cheap car transport service, it's essential to assess your specific needs, vehicle type, and budget constraints to find the most suitable and cost-effective option while ensuring the safety and reliability of the service.

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Who are the Cheap Car Shippers?

Cheap car shippers are transportation companies that provide cost-effective options for moving vehicles from one location to another. These companies specialize in offering budget-friendly solutions for a variety of reasons, including long-distance relocations, car purchases, or seasonal migrations.

They typically provide open car carriers as a more affordable choice, which may expose vehicles to the elements during transport.

While their pricing is competitive, it's essential for customers to compare quotes from various cheap car shippers, scrutinize the services they offer, and consider factors like their reputation, insurance coverage, and customer feedback to ensure a balance between affordability and the safety and reliability of their vehicle's transport.


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