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  1. Tips for RV trailer moving service
  2. How Does RV Trailer Moving Service Work?
  3. How Much do 5th Wheel Movers Charge for Shipping RVs?
  4. How to Prepare for RV Movers' Shipping?

Tips for RV trailer moving service

Hire Professional 

When shipping a vehicle like RVs, you have to be very careful, as a few irregularities can incur huge losses to your vehicle. Hiring a professional shipping company that can ship your RV in an affordable but reliable shipping process is recommended.

As RVs are large, they need proper equipment and skills for shipping if an individual tries to move an RV from one place to another, which could incur a huge cost, whereas Auto Shippers like Rapid Auto Shipping provide proper equipment and expertise to ship RVs easily.

Research and Compare 

As there are a lot of shipping companies that offer RV trailer moving services, finding the best for yourself could be difficult; that is why it is important to compare the past work of the company; for this, you can check the feedback and Number of shipping done by a company.

It would be beneficial to check the work of other auto shipping companies as it will help you get a value for money auto shipping service for your RV.

Get multiple quotes 

The RV shipping quote depends on many factors like Fuel prices, Distance, and Type of RV, making the quote vary from individual to individual. To make the process more convenient, Rapid Auto Shipping as an Auto movers provides an Online cost calculator that helps get estimates per your requirements.

Ensure cost is transparent 

To see that the company is genuine, see the customer's reviews and feedback about the company's work, mainly on the goggles reviews. It is important to know the company doesn't charge for unnecessary services. If the company is offering a price lower than the market condition, they are cutting corners that can endanger your car while shipping.

Known the options

Auto shippers offer many shipping services. Compare all the available options and choose what best suits your requirements. RVs are usually shipped through Open air carriers, Enclosed carriers, Flatbed carriers and Tow dollies. These carriers come in different costs as per their working so choose the carrier that suits your RV best.

Communication is the key 

It is common to have doubts about shipping as this only happens occasionally, so contact the chosen auto shipping company expert and discuss every little detail about the shipping. Rapid Auto Shipping offers 24/7 customer care which helps many individuals get fast and accurate answers to their doubts. We also offer a tracking system and expert when your car is getting shipped so that you can take regular updates.

Flexibility and Accessibility  

When shipping an RV, there could be delays in pickup and drop-off from both sides as any unforeseen event could happen during shipping. That is why it is important to book in advance or book for 5 to 6 days ahead, as you and the auto transport company will have sufficient time to prepare for shipping, and you can get affordable shipping service.

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How Does RV Trailer Moving Service Work?

As many types of RVs are available in the market, Rapid Auto Shipping offers different types of carriers for easy and fast RV Movers' Shipping . Let us know the types of carriers and which types of RV they can ship easily: 

Open Air Shipping:

These carriers have an open design with no walls and roofs and these are the most affordable shipping service due to their large capacity. These carriers are easily available, but they also expose your RV to unwanted elements. These carriers are best for shipping travel trailers and small RVs.

Enclosed Auto Shipping:

These carriers are mostly used for ship[ping high value vehicles as they provide an extra layer of protection while shipping, protecting your vehicle from road debris and weather conditions these are best for shipping delicate and premium RVs like Luxury RVs and Motorhomes.

Flatbed Transport:

These carriers are used for shipping Class A, B and C RVs. These carriers are capable of shipping any type of RVs these carriers are mostly used to ship custom and large RVs on long distances.

Tow dolly:

As RVs easily get attached to the back of cars many people choose to move them while driving. This method is mostly good for smaller RVs and for shorter distances, making them cost effective.

How Much do 5th Wheel Movers Charge for Shipping RVs?

When shipping RVs, many things should be considered to calculate the shipping cost. As these vehicles have large sizes and need proper specialization, that adds up to the cost. There are different types of RVs, so we offer different carriers to ship them from one point to another. This carrier comes at different costs and as the requirement of individuals differs from each other, the cost also varies. 

On average the shipping cost of RVs comes at $ 2.87 to $4.72 per mile for a route under 1000 miles, whereas the average shipping cost for a route above 1500 miles comes to around  $ 1.38 to $2.45.

There are certain factors that affect the cost and timing of the  shipping let us discuss the major factors that affect the cost and timing of RV trailer moving service : 


It is important to understand that longer routes take more time to cover and shorter distances take less time. In longer distances we have to stop at some points to load and unload other vehicles that could decrease the operating cost.

Vehicle Dimensions:

Heavy RVs take more time and cost to ship as need more space in trailers or special trailers and expertise, whereas small RVs take less time and less expertise while shipping.

Fuel Prices:

The trailers run on fuel more the price of fuel increases more the cost for shipping increases this mainly affects the operating cost of enclosed carriers due to their limited capacity.

Type of Carrier:

Open carriers are more affordable due to their easy availability and shipping capacity, whereas enclosed carriers cost more due to their premium shipping services.

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How to Prepare for RV Movers' Shipping?

As RVs have large sizes they need proper preparation before shipping due to their different compartments there are different steps to ensure everything is right. There are four major steps for complete preparation of your RV for shipping:


As the interior  of the RV contains many things that cause internal wear and tear while shipping that's why interior items should be proper and to make them alright follow these steps:

  • Remove any painting or anything that is hanging on the walls
  • Please ensure to close every drawer, window, door and cabinet if they are unable to close tape them properly
  • Tight or remove any loose items
  • Properly remove connections of gas and electricity 


After completing the interior work start on the exterior and follow these steps: 

  • Check all the locks properly 
  • Secure windows by covering them with papers 
  • Check all the signal lights, ensure indicators are working properly and if not please maintain them.


After doing all the work please take out a pen and copy and follow these steps : 

If there are any dents and damage in the RV please note them down

  • Check the fuel level and fill it to quarter half
  • Check for the air pressure in the tires
  • Ensure that other safety measures are working properly


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