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I would always love to give them positive rating as i found them the best shipping company to ship my vehicle and i like the way they carried the whole process and in the exact way they told it.'s In This Article?

  1. Ship Your Car from Illinois to Maine in Just Three Easy Steps:
  2. What is the Cost for an Illinois to Maine Car Shipping Service?
  3. Which Trailer is Best for Illinois to Maine Car Shipping Service?
  4. What Steps Should Be Followed While Shipping a Car from Illinois to Maine?

Ship Your Car from Illinois to Maine in Just Three Easy Steps: 

You can rely on Rapid Auto Shipping for Illinois to  Maine vehicle transport Service, as we can ship your car from Illinois to  Maine in three steps. The steps are as follows: 

Car Shipping Quote:

Use the Car Shipping Cost Calculator and fill in the requested details like location, car model, date, and carrier options. You will only be asked for shipping-related details, not personal details, to calculate the Illinois to Maine car shipping service cost.  

Pick up in Illinois:

Our auto shipping experts will reach out to you and take an inspection of your car. Then, it will be loaded on our trailer on the provided date with a proper inspection of your car. We operate at every location, either residential or business. We are here to ship your vehicle from Illinois to  Maine, so don't worry about the locations.

Delivery In Maine:

After completing the loading, your car will be shipped. You can track your car through our provided tracking system while your car is on its way. After your car enters Maine, our experts will contact you to confirm the location and timing for delivery. Once your car is delivered, please inspect it properly to ensure it is shipped in the same condition.

 What is the Cost for an Illinois to Maine Car Shipping Service?

Many factors determine the cost of the Illinois to  Maine car shipping service. As these factors keep fluctuating, affecting the cost, the main factors are Distance, Vehicle condition, Time of the Year, Pickup and Delivery Location, Availability of Carrier, and Vehicle condition.

As these factors are not fixed, the exact cost for shipping can not be calculated, so the price is based on estimation. From the recent shipping, Our experts have created the following table, including the Time, Distance, and Estimated Shipping Cost: 


From Illinois to Maine Distance (Miles) Average Cost Average Shipping Time
Chicago, IL To Portland, ME 1085 miles $450 to $ 875 2 to 4 days
Waukegan, IL To Saco, ME 1105 miles $454 to $ 884 2 to 4 days
Elgin, IL To Scarborough, ME 1118 miles $458 to $ 887 2 to 4 days
Joliet, IL To Auburn, ME 1126 miles $462 to $ 892 2 to 4 days
Illinois  To Lewiston, ME 1150 miles $465 to $ 900 2 to 4 days
Rockford, IL To South Portland, ME 1168 miles $468 to $ 905 2 to 4 days
Champaign, IL To Brunswick, ME 1198 miles $475 to $ 910 2 to 5 days
Naperville, IL To Bangor, ME 1239 miles $482 to $ 958 2 to 5 days
Peoria, IL To Sanford, ME 1211 miles $487 to $ 962 2 to 5 days
Springfield, IL, To Biddeford, ME 1244 miles $498 to $984  2 to 5 days

Note: Prices are based on recent Sedan shipping using Open Car Carrier and current market scenarios. The provided time to ship a car is the time taken after your vehicle is loaded on our trailer. For a Customised and Accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll-free number: +1 (833) 233-4447.

Illinois to Maine auto transport Service

Which Trailer is Best for Illinois to Maine Car Shipping Service? 

As the route from Illinois to  Maine car shipping is about 1300 miles, the demand for shipping different vehicles also increases, leading to the availability and need for many shipping routes and carriers. Rapid Auto Shipping also provides the following types of carriers to deliver your car from Illinois to  Maine auto shipping service. The following is the list of carriers in high demand on the Illinois to  Maine route.

Open Car Carrier:

The standard carrier is used to ship cars like sedans and regular cars that families and students commonly use for day-to-day activities. Your car will get open space in this carrier, making proper airflow. Due to the high availability of these carriers for Illinois to Maine routes, they are most affordable and suitable for families and students.

Enclosed Car Carrier:

These carriers are like closed containers, making them perfect for transporting high-value cars that are unique and exotic. Enclosed carriers provide safety and security to your vehicles. These carriers could cost more, but they are worth their service.

Single Car Carrier:

These are special carriers used for shipping special vehicles these are commonly used to ship one car or vehicle at a time, which need a special type of shipping service. These carriers are commonly used for exotic car shipping bought through online auctions and need to be shipped safely to their owners.  

Flatbed Carrier:

Automobiles or heavy-duty vehicles (SUVs or custom cars) with huge sizes and trouble settling in Standard Carriers are usually shipped by these heavy haulers. These carriers can hold large automobiles such as vans, small trucks, and caravans.

Lowboy Carrier:

These are special carriers for shipping large vehicles like trucks and construction machinery, mainly heavy and large vehicles. They are specialized in shipping automobiles that require assistance from other carriers.

As Maine is known for its nature and wealthy lifestyle, many people are shifting to retirement or a new and peaceful life. Due to this, there is a hike in demand for vehicle transportation services, increasing the availability of different and useful carriers.

Illinois to Maine vehicle transport Service

What Steps Should Be Followed While Shipping a Car from Illinois to Maine? 

When transporting your vehicle or car from one state to another, some rules and steps help in shipping services. Following are the rules that make Illinois to Maine car shipping processor easier :


Start by washing your car and cleaning the interior of your car. Take your car out for a wash or do it yourself at home and clean the interior by removing all the unwanted and personal items from your car. This will help you to get a clear view of your car and allow you to take out every important thing from the car that you have stored in the car.


After washing the car, you will get a better view of it than before. Take a proper inspection of the car, note the present condition, and take pictures of the car, especially if there is any damage, scratches, or dents to your vehicle. Please inform the experts that there is severe damage, and please send us a copy of the notes.


Please gather all the necessary papers related to your car and also, please collect and read all the papers provided by Auto shippers, as they will help you to get a better idea about the process. These documents will allow us to identify you and your car.


Some vital checks have to be done before shipping. Check tire pressure, Fluid level, and Battery power, and fill the fuel tank only to a quarter or a half. Please ensure you check all these out, and if there is any default, make it right before shipping, as major faults could damage your car and another vehicle in the trailer.

Spare Keys:

When your car is loaded on the trailer, please hand over spare keys to the expert, as it will help load and unload the vehicle or move it from one to another in need.

How to ship Vehicle Illinois  to Maine ?

It's as simple as 1-2-3 to ship a car from Illinois  to Maine with Rapid Auto Shipping.

Step 1: Get a quick auto shipment quote for Illinois  to Maine Auto Shipping and schedule a pickup time that works for you. With our online quote form, you can easily get a quote, enter your origin and destination, choose your shipping dates, and book your reservation online or over the phone for your Illinois  to Maine car shipping!

Step 2: Your vehicle will be picked up from a certain place in Illinois . Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected and put onto the carrier on the day of pickup. Our direct service allows us to pick up from any home or company in Illinois .

Step 3: Your vehicle is delivered to the address you provide in Maine . Your vehicle will be offloaded safely, and a final examination will be performed to ensure that it was delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.

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What Kind of Paperwork Will I Need to ship my car from Illinois  to Maine ?

When transporting automobiles from one state to another, a bill of lading - or, as previously stated, a vehicle health report - is required. Every car transporter carries one with them, either online or on paper, for each vehicle they move. You will also receive a duplicate.
Provide no ownership or certificate of sale. The deal with the car transport provider will say that you are authorizing them to send the car whether or not the owner is in your name. When purchasing from a sale or a vendor, keep the title and car transport services distinct. You don't want papers to get lost or overlooked, so have the title shipped straight to you!

Can I put personal items in the car from Illinois  to Maine ?

Yes, but only up to 100 pounds at a time and at your peril. Visit our help subject for shipping a vehicle with belongings to learn more.

What Kind of Tracking Services Do You Offer from Illinois  to Maine ?

We offer a standard monitoring device to keep track of your car while it is in transit. You can monitor your shipment using the online tracking function 24/7. It's all part of our dedication to our clients. To monitor your vehicle shipment, please provide us with your tracking information, name, email address, and/or phone number.

Is My Pick-Up or Delivery Date Guaranteed while shipping my vehicle from Illinois  to Maine ?

Guaranteed pick-up is the best choice for those who want to prepare ahead of time and ensure that their vehicle arrives on time. The service is not inexpensive because it is tailored to your specific requirements.
You can choose the precise day your vehicle will be picked up with this service, which can save you time and money. Furthermore, you will have a piece of mind knowing that everything will go easily with your relocation.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on Shipping My Car from Illinois  to Maine ?

The expense of car transport to or from Alabama is highly influenced by the sort of vehicle, the distance traveled, and the technique used.
Transporting a car from a greater distance costs more. Longer distances, on the other hand, may result in fewer average kilometres per dollar than shorter ones.
For a precise vehicle shipment price for Alabama, use our free instant car shipping estimate calculator above.

Should I Expect Any Extra Charges Once My Car is Delivered from Illinois  to Maine ?

The price is significantly influenced by the distance your vehicle is shipped. If you are shipping your vehicle from or to a remote place, you may be charged additional costs. Auto carriers, for example, may charge an extra fee to drive your vehicle to a less crowded area because it requires more time and is usually much farther away from the carrier's next location.


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