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Ship a vehicle with them and enjoy the best shipping in USA. I have worked with different company but they gave me complete satisfaction. Call the Phone number to speak with the live person and get your shipping quote instantly. Thankyou Rapid Auto Shipping once again.

They are Excellent when it comes to look for one of the best Auto Shipping Companies in USA. Rapid Auto SHIPPING company offers the best Auto Shipping Quotes as i tried comparing with others as well.

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I needed to ship a car from Texas to California for my son, so I contacted Rapid Auto Shipping Transport here in Texas, and they were able to make it happen. Excellent service and a smooth, dependable, and professional process.

I love the way they shipped my vehicle Volvo XC 60 . It was given back to me in the same way as i have handed it to over them.


They were good while delivering my vehicle. it was the first time i have ever used the service of transporting my vehicle and i ended up with good experince all because of Rapid auto Shipping will recommened it to my friends as well.

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Best car shipping i have ever come across with. they did their job in the best way i gave them full rating. Thank you, Rapid auto shipping

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No comparison when it comes to vehicle transportation in United states. they are working in the best way i and after working with them i found it out them this is the actual way of doing any professional work. I was relaxed as i was getting proper updates and shipping a car with rapid Auto Shipping was one of my best decision as they were really rapid and just the Perfect!


I would always love to give them positive rating as i found them the best shipping company to ship my vehicle and i like the way they carried the whole process and in the exact way they told it.

What's in this article?

  1. What Is A Car Shipping Calculator?
  2. How Does Car Shipping Calculator Work?
  3. What Is The Cost Of Shipping?
  4. What Are The Factors Determining The Cost Of Shipping?
  5. Benefits Of Using Car Shipping Calculator:
  6. How To Reduce The Shipping Cost?
  7. How To Get The Best Car Shipping Quote?
  8. What Is The Process For Booking A Car Shipment?
  9. Why People Choose Rapid Auto Shipping?
  10. Conclusion

What Is A Car Shipping Calculator?

A car shipping calculator is a tool that helps users estimate car shipping costs and determine the shipping charges they will have to pay for the shipment. It is a convenient and easy option. Most car shipping companies provide a car shipping calculator on their websites. We do not charge anything on our shipping calculator. You can use our car shipping calculator for free. We will give you an instant free car shipping calculator.

How Does Car Shipping Calculator Work?

The car shipping calculator offers a free online instant car shipping quote. You must enter the required details to get the free car shipping quote.

  • You need to enter the vehicle type and model you will transport.
  • Pickup and delivery address.
  • Shipping date and time you want.
  • You must choose the type of transport, whether you need an open or enclosed car transport.
  • You must enter your contact details, such as your phone number, email address, and pickup and delivery address.

Car Shipping Calculators

What Is The Cost Of Shipping?

We offer auto shipping services at competitive prices, and our car shipping services are not the cheapest or very expensive. We will safely transport your vehicle with the utmost care to your address. The shipping cost is affected by several factors like distance, vehicle, and the car transport type you select for the shipment of your vehicles. When you have the quotes of the different shipping companies, you can choose the best and most affordable car shipping services per your requirements.

What Are The Factors Determining The Cost Of Shipping?

The cost of the shipping is affected by several factors. The factors determining the cost of the shipping are listed below,

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle you are going to ship affects the cost of the shipping. The shipping cost is calculated based on the vehicle's size and weight. A large, heavy vehicle will cost more than a small, daily-use vehicle.


The distance between the pickup and the delivery location will be calculated for the automobile shipment.

Route and Location

The route and location also determine the cost of the shipping. If you are transporting your vehicle in metropolitan areas, there will be several roads for transportation rather than to rural areas.

Types of auto transport

The type of transport you choose is between open and enclosed transport. Open car transport is more affordable than enclosed car transport.

Types of shipping service

The cost of shipping is affected by the method you choose. Door to door car shipping is more costly than terminal to terminal shipping.

Seasonal demands

The seasonal demands also affect the cost of shipping. During peak seasons, such as summer and spring, transport will cost more than off-season and winter shipping.

Date and time of shipping

The date and time of the shipping also determine the shipping cost. If you are transporting a car with expedited shipping, it will cost more than the usual shipping.

Benefits Of Using Car Shipping Calculator:

A car shipping calculator is the best option and will give you an estimate of the car shipping cost. We have shared a few benefits of using a car shipping calculator.

  • It is the easiest and the best way to get quotes from different car shipping companies, saving you time. It will also help you to select the best shipping quotes that meet all your requirements.
  • It will save you money. Many people spend a lot of money on shipping companies to ensure the safety of their cars. The car shipping calculator is the best to choose the best option for transporting your car.
  • The car shipping calculator asks for details like the vehicle type and type of car transport you want for the shipment of your car. Enclosed car transport guarantees the safety of your car. It helps you decide which car transport is best for your car.
  • It is a convenient way to know how much it will cost to transport your car.
  • It offers you the customization price rate as per your vehicle.

Car Shipping Calculators

How To Reduce The Shipping Cost?

If money is your concern and you want to save on car shipments, consider the points below. With the help of these points, you will surely save on shipping costs.

  • Use open car transport if you want to save your money.
  • Avoid using expedited car shipping.
  • Use terminal to terminal car shipping.
  • If you want to transport multiple vehicles, you can use open car transport, which can load up to eight vehicles and is the cheapest car shipping option.
  • If you are flexible with the date and time, avoid shipping during the peak seasons. Try to transport your vehicle during the winter or off-season.

How To Get The Best Car Shipping Quote?

If you are looking for the best car shipping quote, don’t worry. We are here to help you find the best car shipping quote for your vehicle.

  • Car shipping quotes vary from company to company. You should avoid depending on and hiring a car shipping company you get first. You have to look for other car shipping companies, ask for their shipping quote, and compare them. It will help you get the best car shipping deal for your car transportation.
  • If you want to transport your car, you must book your car shipment in advance to avoid any stress during shipping. If you book at the last minute, you will get high shipping costs because the company will ask for the extra amount because of the trailer's availability. So booking your car transportation earlier is better.
  • You can use open car transport for your car, which is less expensive than enclosed car transport.
  • Avoid shipping your car during the peak seasons, like summer or springtime, because shipping companies increase the cost of shipping during these times.
  • You must be flexible about the shipping date and time and avoid using an expedited car shipping method. This method will cost more than open and enclosed car transport.
  • Car shipping companies offer door to door and terminal-to-terminal car shipping options. If you are flexible with the pickup and drop location, you can choose terminal to terminal car shipping. However, in this terminal-to-terminal car shipping, you have to drive your car from and to the terminal point.
  • Before the driver loads your car into the trailer, you have to prepare your car before the transportation because the inoperable and heavy vehicles will cost more. So, you have to be prepared and get ready with your car.

What Is The Process For Booking A Car Shipment?

With Rapid Auto Shipping, the shipping process is easy and hassle-free. To book your car shipment, follow three steps.

  • Provide us with the details regarding auto shipping and get your instant free car shipping quote.
  • Once you find a quote that meets your requirements, book and schedule a car shipment and get ready with your vehicle. The driver will load your car from your address.
  • On the day of delivery, our driver will unload your car at your location, and you must inspect it properly.

Why People Choose Rapid Auto Shipping?

Rapid Auto Shipping is a reliable and top-rated car shipping company, and we hold an A+ rating with positive client reviews.

  • We offer an instant free car shipping quote when you use our free car shipping calculator.
  • We do not charge any upfront or extra charges on shipping.
  • Open and enclosed car transport with an affordable price rate.
  • 24/7 customer support and a dedicated team to patiently answer your questions.
  • Rapid Auto Shipping lets you transport your car anywhere and anytime without any hassle.


We have been in the auto transport business for 15 years and are the top-rated auto shipping company. We have transported more than 10,000 vehicles. We are a registered and licensed auto shipping company, and our car shipping services are budget-friendly. We offer door to door car shipping services. You need not worry about the security of your vehicles. We will transport them safely to your address.

Rapid Auto Shipping

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Advantages using Rapid Auto Shipping

best car shipping in USA

Top Rated Auto Shipping Company

We have thousands of 5-star reviews for exceptional vehicle shipping services.

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Complete Vehicle Coverage

We offer the most comprehensive coverage options for complete peace of mind.

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No Up-Front Deposit Required

You don't pay a penny until the day your shipment is scheduled for pickup.

best car shipping in USA

24/7 Online Shipment Tracking

You can track the status of your shipment online anytime at your convenience.

Does it cost less to drive a car across the country or to ship it?

Driving your car may be cheaper for shorter distances, but if you need to transport your vehicle over a long distance, car shipping is more convenient. Opting for an open carrier when booking your vehicle's transportation can result in significant savings of hundreds of dollars compared to selecting an enclosed car carrier.

What is the most cost-effective method for transporting a vehicle to a different state?

Open transport is the most cost-effective method of transporting a car to a different state. Open carriers are less expensive than enclosed transport because they are more widely available through brokers and transporters, and they can transport multiple cars at once on their trucks.

What is the method for calculating the shipping cost of a car?

Car shipping companies typically determine the cost of shipping a vehicle based on the distance to be covered, using a per-mile calculation. To estimate your shipment's cost, multiply your shipment's length by the provided cost per mile.

What is the calculated shipping time for a car?

Shipping a car across the country usually takes seven to 10 days, while shorter trips can be completed in as little as one day. The trip duration varies based on factors such as the condition of the road and weather and the mode of transportation you opt for.

Car Shipping Estimate Calculator:

Online car shipping calculators are a practical tool for figuring out how much it will cost to move a car. The calculator, however, does not account for every variable, so the rate you pay can be more than the estimate you obtained from an online vehicle shipping calculator.

Request a Car Shipping Estimate.

Next, vehicle type, size, and transit mode. The estimated automobile travel cost and rounded mileage display instantly. After pressing calculate, the form auto-updates with the price—a simple auto shipping rate calculator without pop-ups, redirection, or advertising. If you like the cost, call +1 (833) 233-4447 to start!

How Does the Car Shipping Calculator Work?

Rapid Auto Shipping company provides online car shipment cost calculators. The calculator offers free quotes based on automobile data, shipment time and distance, and vehicle shipping providers. Company costs vary. All may need the following customer information: Email, phone, and customer name Pickup/delivery locations. Required auto transport type (open, enclosed) Model, year, and functioning condition. She anticipated pickup and drop-off dates.

Isn't the automobile shipping calculator dependable?

Knowing a cost calculator saves time is vital. This tool estimates prices based on automobile owners' values, facts, and information. Due to vehicle statute, shipment distance, and date, the computed cost should not be considered as the exact price. Shipping costs are difficult to estimate due to unanticipated circumstances. The automobile shipping cost calculator's estimate may be off, but it's usually correct.

How can the cost of delivering an automobile be calculated?

Calculating automobile transport costs requires several factors. Shipping a single or many vehicles is more complicated than most people realize. It's important to consider many shipping parameters when determining the cost of transporting your automobile.


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