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What's In This Article?

  1. How to Get a Trailer Transport Service for Myself?
  2. What Type of Trailers Are Shipped by Trailer Transport Service?
  3. What is the Cost of the Trailer Shipping Service?
  4. How is the Cost of Trailer Transport Service Determined?

How to Get a Trailer Transport Service for Myself?

It is easy to get a trailer transport service for yourself with proper information. For proper details, let us know about the trailer shipping service and the steps to ship your trailer from point A to point B.

The trailer shipping service seems daunting, but it is much easier. It is just like the car shipping service. But here, we deal with Heavy or oversized vehicles that are generally new or sometimes inoperable. 

With the help of Rapid Auto Shipping, you can get trailer shipping service in three easy steps:

Study and Research -

Note the details of your trailer, which is needed for trailer transport service. Under this, you have to note down the dimensions (Weight, length, height, and width), conditions (operable, inoperable), and the type of trailer (Camper, Lowboy, etc).

Company and Quote Comparison -

Now you have the required details, start searching for Auto shipping companies that can ship as per requirements; you can look for customer reviews and feedback for better understanding. With the help of a Cost calculator, you can get as many quotes as possible for a better understanding of the price and working of the company.

Contact and Confirm -

Now you get the company and quote as per your requirements, so contact their experts, clear everything, and get an appointment as scheduled. If you go with Rapid Auto Shipping, you can get hassle-free trailer shipping consultancy and booking by just giving us a Call or text at live chat.

If you follow these three easy steps, you can ship your trailer from any trailer shipping company easily and hassle-free. For more information, contact Rapid Auto Shipping experts at +1 (833) 233-4447.

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What Type of Trailers Are Shipped by Trailer Transport Service?

Various types of trailers are available in the market, like Campers or 5 axel trailers. There are N numbers of trailers that are used for shipping cars, equipment, and many things, but what about these trailers that are used for shipping they sometimes also need shipping. That's Why Rapid Auto Shipping  is here to help you; following is the list of trailers that have recently shipped by us :

Camper Trailer:

These trailers are lightweight and used mainly by travelers who travel the whole country. These can be towed by various means.

Utility Trailer:

These are small carriers for shipping one car, and car collectors, restoration firms, or movers own most. They are shipped through open shipping or flatbed.

Box Trailer:

These trailers are small enclosed trailers often used for moving cargo and are slightly big in size and shipped by towing or flatbed.

Boat Trailer:

These trailers are used for boats. These are always in demand in seashore areas. These are shipped on a lowboy trailer or flatbed.

Cargo Trailers:

These are box-like trailers used for transporting goods and tools from one state to another. They are big in size and shipped only by flatbed or Low boy trailer.

One to Five Axle Trailer: 

Axle means wheels; they are various axle trailers. As the number of axles increases, the size of the trailer also increases, hence making it challenging to ship. Rapid Auto Transportation provides trailer shipping service for One to Five-axle trailers as they can shipped through Lowboy Trailers.

For more clarification, we have created a proper table for a better understanding of these trailers that can be shipped by trailer transport service :  

Type of trailers Dimension (weight) Trailer shipping method
Camper trailer 1,500 to 11,000+ pounds. Two dolly or Flatbed 
Utility trailer 1,000 to 6,000 pounds. Two dolly or Flatbed
Box trailer 1,500 to 13,000+ pounds. Flatbed or Lowboy 
Cargo trailer 1,500 to 14,000+ pounds. Flatbed truck 
Boat trailer 500 to 7,000+ pounds. Tow dolly  
Five axle trailer  3,500 to 20,000 ponds Tow dolly or Lowboy

What is the Cost of the Trailer Shipping Service?

Various factors determine the cost of shipping a truck, making it quite difficult to provide an exact cost for trailer transport service. Cost is based on the average of past trailer shipping and current market conditions.

You can use the Cost calculator available at the Rapid Auto Shipping website free of cost and get the quote as per your requirements. For more specifications, we have developed the following table: 

Type of trailer Distance (miles)  Estimated Time  Estimated Tow Dolly Cost  Estimated Flatbed shipment Cost
Camper trailer 1250 5 to 9 days  $800 to $1600 $550 to $1200
Utility trailer 1250 4 to 8 days  $500 to $1100 $550 to $1200 
Box trailer 1250 4 to 7 days  $840 to $1550 $740 to $1770
Boat trailer 1250 5 to 9 days   $620 to $1120 $690 to $1420
Cargo trailer 1250 5 to 9 days   $850 to $1540 $650 to $1700
Five axle trailer  1250 7 to 10 days  $820 to $2000 $950 to $2000

Note: Prices are based on recent shipping at a distance of 1250 miles, and current market scenarios are mainly affected by the weight of the trailers. For a Customised and Accurate Auto Transportation quote, please call our toll-free number: +1 (833) 233-4447.

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How is the Cost of Trailer Transport Service Determined?

Many external factors affect the truck shipping service cost. It is essential to know these factors as they come in handy while calculating the cost. These factors are as follows:


As the trailers are large and heavy they cost more to ship but make sure to remove any external accessories to reduce the weight of the trailer.

Miles to Cover:

Longer routes mean less per mile cost but higher shipping costs. Short distances can reduce the cost per mile to ship a trailer but in summation, it would cost more.

Gas prices:

The higher the fuel price, the higher the shipping cost, and vice versa. This factor is fixed as gas is necessary to run the carrier for shipping.

Insurance Coverage:

Different trailer transportation service packages have different insurance coverages it is better to check and take the coverage as per suitability.

Time of year:

Stay away from the Winter season due to foggy and winter conditions. Summer is a peak season, but negotiation can get you a good deal.

Area of pickup:

In rural areas, pick up and delivery usually charge more due to less connectivity. Try to ship from urban regions or locations with proper routes, such as  metropolitan areas. 

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How do I book a trailer transport service

You can book by contacting a reputable transport provider, requesting a quote, confirming the booking, and coordinating pickup and delivery details.

Is it safe to ship my trailer using these services?

Yes, when you choose a reputable provider and ensure your trailer is prepared correctly, it's a safe way to transport.

How long does it take to ship a trailer?

Transit time varies but can range from a few days to a week or more for longer hauls.

Can I ship my trailer internationally?

Yes, international shipping is possible with the right service that handles customs and regulations.

What if my trailer is oversized or overweight?

If it exceeds limits, you'll need permits and may require escorts for legal and safe transport.

Can I transport personal belongings inside the trailer during shipment?

It's best to check with your service provider; many prefer personal items to be removed from the trailer.

What should I do in case of damage to my trailer during transport?

Document damage upon delivery, contact the provider, and work through the claim process with their insurance.

Can I track my trailer during transit?

Many services, including ours, offer tracking options for real-time updates on your trailer's journey.

How can I ensure a trouble-free trailer transport experience?

Research and select a reputable provider, communicate your requirements word by word, and follow their measures for a smooth transport process.



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