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  1. What Is The Procedure For Antique Car Shipping?
  2. Kinds of Antique Car Shipping
  3. What Type of Antique Car Shipping Is The Safest?
  4. How to Get Your Vehicle Ready:
  5. How to Ship An Antique Car?
  6. How Much Does Antique Car Shipping Cost?
  7. How Long Does Antique Car Shipping Take?
  8. Recommendations For Antique Car Shipping
  9. Conclusion: Antique Car Shipping

What Is The Procedure For Antique Car Shipping?

There are different ways to antique car shipping. Auto shipping companies usually use enclosed carriers to ship antique cars after carefully looking at the situation and thinking about what their customers want.

Enclosed carriers provide the most safety and protection during the process. Auto shipping companies only ship your classic car in modern, protected containers.

Their strong carrier network can offer top-notch services for moving cars in all 50 states. If you are a buyer, seller, or collector of antique cars, you can count on their fleet of covered carriers to move your everyday vehicles.

Antique Car Shipping

Kinds of Antique Car Shipping

When shipping an antique car, you have a few choices. The best one for you will depend on how comfortable you want to be and how well your vehicle needs to be protected.

Open Car Shipping

RORO transport, which stands for "roll-on/roll-off," means that you drive your car onto the deck of a specially equipped cargo ship, where it will be parked and protected with other vehicles.

This method includes driving your car onto an open trailer and securing it. Open transport is usually less expensive because it costs less for antique car shipping but offers less protection for your car.

Even if your vehicle is covered, it can still get scratches, dents, and other damage from bad weather. This last point should be of particular worry if you live in an area where hail is expected.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Your vehicle is loaded and secured within an enclosed trailer, and the exterior door is sealed and affixed for a safer antique car shipping option. An antique car can also be shipped across the ocean in a steel shipping container.

These containers are identical to box trailers in that they are fully enclosed and accommodate vehicles up to 40 feet long. A ship is then used to convey the containers.

Antique Car Shipping

What Type of Antique Car Shipping Is The Safest?

The most common type of vehicle transportation is open automobile transport. It is affordable, quick, and easy to plan. It's adequate for the typical sedan, but owners of more expensive and valuable vehicles prefer to transport them in an enclosed trailer.

The amount of protection offered for cars is a drawback of this auto transport service. Thanks to increased security, you can travel confidently, knowing your priceless asset is safe and secure.

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready:

Check what your carrier tells you to do to get the antique car ready for shipping. There may be rules about what personal things can be left inside, how much gas can be in the tank or other safety concerns.

Also, make sure your car is clean and carefully check it over. Take photos of the whole vehicle from different points with good lighting. This will help you find damage if something happens while your old car is being shipped.

Antique Car Shipping

How to Ship An Antique Car?

Antique car shipping is a straightforward process:

Plan the shipment: You will save the most money if you get quotes at least two weeks before sending your vehicle. Expedited shipping incurs additional fees.

Get quotes: Car shipping brokers have access to various networks of enclosed carriers; therefore, comparing car shipping quotes online is prudent.

Set up your vehicle: Clean your automobile, remove all your personal belongings, and check for any technical issues.

Record the condition of the vehicle: You will sign a bill of lading detailing the car's state on the day it is picked up. Taking photos at this moment is also a smart move.

Check the car when you drop it off: When you drop off the vehicle, look over it for damage and sign the bill of lading.

How Much Does Antique Car Shipping Cost?

The most important thing that affects the price of antique car shipping is how far it has to go. This includes cities, space, possible costs, and estimated delivery times.

Since most antique cars are moved in enclosed vehicles, the price per mile decreases as the shipping distance increases. The typical cost of antique car shipping is about $2 per mile.

How Long Does Antique Car Shipping Take?

How long it takes to move a car depends on many things. Distance is the easiest thing to understand. But driving your car can also depend on where it is picked up and left off the weather, and the time of year. The Department of Transportation also caps drivers' hours to ensure truck drivers get enough rest and can drive safely.

Recommendations For Antique Car Shipping

We observed that Montway Auto Transport, Rapid Auto Shipping, AmeriFreight, and uShip provide excellent antique car shipping services.

These top four firms will provide you with economical auto shipping, safe transportation, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. You will have a great experience whether you are relocating or transporting a car to a car show.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Service

Montway Auto Transport has been in business since 2006 and can ship cars and motorbikes throughout the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping choices include door-to-door delivery, open trailer and enclosed vehicle transfer, and expedited delivery.

The company's services are typically well-received by customers, as indicated by its 4.2-star Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating based on over 2,300 reviews.

Rapid Auto Shipping: Reliability and Service

Rapid Auto Shipping has a BBB rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, so working with the company should be simple for owners of antique cars.

The organization is well-known for providing some of the industry's highest-quality services, making it a perfect choice for exotic, antique, and luxury vehicles. Rapid Auto Shipping will also give you guaranteed rates, ensuring no price rises occur throughout your shipping.

AmeriFreight: Best Deals

AmeriFreight is well-known for offering substantial discounts to military people, first responders, medical staff, students, and retirees.

AmeriFreight has over 19 years of experience in the sector and can safely move precious autos across the country. The company's exceptional skill is evident in its 4.2-star BBB rating based on over 800 reviews.

uShip: Best Marketplace

This company is different from the others in that it is a marketplace for classic automobile transport rather than an intermediary. This concept entails posting your antique or sports car for bidding by several transporters who browse the website for available tasks.

You can negotiate extraordinarily competitive pricing because numerous truck drivers may be interested in your consignment.

Because uShip does not conduct background checks on the auto transporters listed on its website, you should undertake extensive research before giving the keys to any motorist who contacts you.

Conclusion: Antique Car Shipping

Transporting a rare and expensive vehicle via antique car shipping causes anxiety. You will receive considerate and efficient service when you choose one of the above-mentioned dependable carriers.

To make sure you get a great deal on antique car shipping, it is recommended that you compare quotes from them and other reputable companies.


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