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  1. How Does A Car Hauling Shipping Service Work?
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  3. Enclosed Car Hauling Shipping
  4. Door to Door Car Hauling Shipping
  5. Preparing Your Car Hauling Shipping
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  7. Car Hauling Shipping Quotes

How Does A Car Hauling Shipping Service Work?

You must first place an order. A professional car hauling shipping comes to your specified location to take up your vehicle. Please remember that it must be large enough for an 18-wheeler to enter, safely stop to load your car, and depart to the main road.

Car hauling shipping ensures the carrier has the necessary equipment to load your truck. If you wish to send a non-operational car, it must be able to roll, stop, and steer. Remember to inform the company sales representative about the condition of your vehicle.

If your car is inoperable and does not roll correctly, it may be transported. In such circumstances, you or the pick-up contact must arrange for specialized equipment, such as a vehicle forklift. This allows the automobile to be raised and put securely onto the open trailer.

Car Hauling Shipping

Only a few car hauling shipping companies like dealing with such difficult removals, but it's not an issue for us or the carriers we work with.

Your vehicle will be picked up on a pre-arranged date. The final information will be sent to you by phone and email.

The trucker will then call your pick-up contact directly to establish an exact time and to ensure that the location is suitable for the trucker to load the automobile securely.

When you make your reservation, you must choose the most convenient dates for you or the pick-up contact. We will make sure that the courier comes on schedule.

When your vehicle is picked up, the driver will deliver it as soon as feasible. Some firms have faster pick-up and delivery transit times than others. We endeavour to work with the quickest.

Open Car Hauling Shipping

Consider what you may observe on the highway as an open-air car hauling shipping numerous new automobiles to an auto dealership. Open car hauling shipping often entails loading your vehicle onto a multi-car carrier with other cars before being relocated.

Car Hauling Shipping

A flatbed truck may carry a single vehicle, although it is more expensive and is often used for door to door deliveries.

While open car hauling shipping is a popular and cost-effective option, clients worried about the weather and road debris may prefer enclosed car shipment's total protection.

Enclosed Car Hauling Shipping

Enclosed automobile shipment protects your vehicle from the elements while providing the most significant value. The company has two kinds of enclosed car hauling shipping options soft-sided and hard-sided.

Soft-sided enclosed car hauling shipping employs canvas or vinyl-enclosed car hauling shipping, providing minimal protection from weather and road conditions but more than open car hauling shipping. Most damage from tiny pebbles, wind, and rain may be avoided using soft-sided carriers.

Hard-sided enclosed car hauling shipping is suggested for further protection from weather and traffic dangers. Hard-sided enclosed transport, one of the finest vehicle transport choices available, protects your car from travel conditions and weather, keeping it shut off from the outside.

Car Hauling Shipping

Door to Door Car Hauling Shipping

Having your car picked up from a specified place of your choosing and transported to the intended destination is what door to door delivery entails. Choose your preferred location - home, company, or someplace else handy.

You do not need to drive your vehicle far for the pick-up with door to door delivery. However, someone must be present for both the pick-up and the drop-off. That someone may be you or another person of your choice.

Even though this may seem fine for many, there are times when you must relocate ahead of your car shipment and will not be in the nation for the pick-up. This problem, however, may be prevented with proper preparation.

Preparing Your Car Hauling Shipping

Clean Your Vehicle:

Wash the interior and exterior of your car before dropping it off. Washing the outside will enable you to notice and record any dents and dings. It would help if you also secured all belongings in the vehicle.

The road may be rough, and objects like phone chargers, car seats, pencils, and loose cash can scratch your vehicle's interior. You don't want to leave any liquids or aerosols, such as energy drinks or hairspray, since they may rupture and ruin the inside of your vehicle.

If you must leave personal belongings in the vehicle, place them in the truck where no one can see them. The sun may also be quite harsh, so leaving goods out in the sun might be harmful.

You may not have access to your vehicle for a week or two, so take any papers you may have in there with you. Insurance cards, passports, and meditation should always be carried with you.

You should also remove any automobile accessories. You may reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle and accessories by removing your bike and baggage racks.

Take Photographs:

You should photograph your vehicle as you would when renting a car. Take photos from all angles, and record any damage. When you get to your location, you can compare your vehicle to the images and check for any additional damage.

Many companies will do this for you, but you should do it for your records. If you choose a reliable firm, you shouldn't worry about someone driving your vehicle without your permission. To be sure, snap photographs of the odometer at drop-off.

Tank is drained:

You are not required to fill up your tank before transporting your vehicle. A full tank increases the car's weight and may raise the shipment cost.

It should be complete since the tow truck driver must manoeuvre the vehicle on and off the transporter. You should also have enough petrol to drive it to a gas station when you pick it up. It is advised to leave around a quarter of a tank.

Keys in Reserve:

Another of our car hauling shipping suggestions is to have a backup key produced. You may lock your automobile once it has been put onto the trailer for further safety and security.

However, the driver may need a key if the vehicle must be shifted during transit. You must refrain from handing over your keys to the towing firm.

Tracking Car Hauling Shipping

Yes, internet monitoring is available 24 hours a day and is constantly updated. When you arrange your shipment, you will be assigned a unique booking number that will enable you to track the progress of your shipment online.

Your tracking link will also allow you to live chat with a shipping professional who will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the status of your shipment.

Car Hauling Shipping Quotes 

To offer an exact quotation, the firm must know the location you are shipping from and to, the kind of automobile you want to transport, and the date your vehicle will be ready for pickup.

Use the company's fast online car hauling shipping quotation calculator above, or contact one of our car shipping pricing experts for a phone estimate. You may get an estimate for transporting your car in any case.



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