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  1. What Is The Average Car Shipping Cost?
  2. Car Shipping Cost Is Based On Distance
  3. How Much Does Car Shipping Cost Per Car Type?
  4. When Would You Like To Get The Car?
  5. What Is Foreign Auto Shipping?
  6. How Can You Estimate And Calculate The Cost Of Getting An Automobile Delivered Online?
  7. Is Shipping A Vehicle Worth The Cost?
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What Is The Average Car Shipping Cost?

The average car shipping cost per mile to transport a vehicle, according to a company study, is between 40 cents and $1.96 per mile. Car shipping costs are significantly influenced by a variety of variables and may vary depending on the firm you choose and the services you want.

While conducting a car shipping industry study, the company review team questioned 1,000 auto transport clients and discovered that 41% spent between $1,000 and $2,000 for their vehicle transportation.

Car Shipping Cost Is Based On Distance

How far your car needs to go will determine how much it will cost to ship. Short-distance shipping is cheaper than long-distance shipping, but long-distance shipping is more affordable per mile. The company talks about how distance changes the car shipping cost in the following parts.

Costs of Car Transport Over Short Distances:

You can pay anywhere from $500 to $1,800 to tow a car a short distance. Usually, faster shipping routes have a lower overall cost but a slightly higher price per mile. The table below

Costs of Long-Distance Car Shipping:

How much does it cost to move something from Washington, DC, to Seattle, WA, between $1,100 and $3,100? Even though the overall cost of long-distance shipping is higher than that of short-distance shipping, the cost per mile is cheaper.

Some companies, such as auto shipping companies, will charge as little as $0.40 per mile. Here are the lowest, highest, and average prices for long-distance open car travel the company's review team found.

Car Shipping Cost

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost Per Car Type?

For trips of 1,500 miles or less open car shipping costs an average of $328 less than covered shipping. As part of the company's study, the company found that it costs much more to drive a car in a protected vehicle.

In the following sections, the company compares typical prices for open and enclosed shipping to show how enclosed shipping is more expensive.

Open car shipping cost:

You can see how much it costs for open carrier transportation services and how much it costs per mile. The company's review team examined how much the average open vehicle with 1,504 miles of mileage costs. The company found prices between $1,110 and $1,885, with an average of $1,472, or $0.98 per mile.

Enclosed is the Car Shipping Cost:

From what the company learned, covered shipping costs can range from $1,414 to $2,085, with an average of $1,800, or $1.20 per mile.

The price of enclosed transport is higher because it saves valuable cars from the weather and road dangers. This is especially important for classic cars and cars from expensive brands.

When Would You Like To Get The Car?

From one coast of the United States to the other, moving a car takes about 5 to 14 days. From the Midwest, it takes between 3 and 8 days to ship a car from the north to the south or any coast.

Do you want to move the date up? If you want to ship your car quickly, you must pay more. This could be between $200 and $500 more than the introductory rate.

This could be added to the extra $200 to $300 it costs to ship a car during peak season. This usually happens in the summer.

If you ship during the off-season, costs can be lower, but speeding up the process will still cost more. Even if the sending procedure is done within a standard time frame, you can't finish it when you want.

Some car shipping companies try to make things less unsure by offering faster shipping, shorter pick-up times, and promised arrival dates.

You can reduce the time shipping your car if you choose a single carrier instead of a multi-car carrier. So the driver can continue to pick up other vehicles many times.

Car Shipping Cost

What Is Foreign Auto Shipping?

You can choose between open and closed car travel depending on your needs. When you move abroad, we can be an essential part of the process.

The company has been an important part of moving cars to foreign places for a long time, and the company can get your vehicle to a port on the coast to continue its trip.

How Can You Estimate And Calculate The Cost Of Getting An Automobile Delivered Online?

The company's tool is the most efficient way to calculate any vehicle's delivery cost. It is an intelligent tool that instantly considers everything to provide you with the most accurate quotes.

The distance a car needs to travel, its make and model, weather, demand for car shipping, locations where the vehicle will be picked up and delivered, current fuel costs, whether the car is running, Whether it will be shipped unlocked or unopened, and other market variables that may change, are all taken into account when estimating how much it will cost to ship a car.

Car Shipping Cost

Is Shipping A Vehicle Worth The Cost?

You can question if it's worthwhile if the car shipping cost you get is more than you can bear. The solution depends on how far you are traveling and what vehicle you drive.

Paying for a car shipping firm may be worthwhile if you're relocating from New York to Los Angeles across a great distance to avoid having to drive your car far and spend money on petrol. You can save costs on lodging depending on how you travel.

If you need to relocate quickly and want to prevent road damage to a valuable or vintage automobile, think about employing an auto transport carrier firm. You could feel more at ease if you decide on a case with a cover to protect the car.

However, if you are relocating fewer than 500 miles away and have a secure automobile, hiring a car mover may be less beneficial, particularly if you need your car right immediately after the relocation.

Don't worry if you wish to relocate to Aloha State or another nation outside the United States. There are also sensible options when it comes to driving. But remember that the only way to get a vehicle to Hawaii is via boat, and the travel time might range from eight to nineteen days.


This review went into great depth about how much it costs to transport an automobile. As you can see above, open transportation costs substantially less, and long-distance journeys cost less per mile than short-distance ones.

Even though car shipping costs constantly fluctuate, a select few companies consistently provide exceptional service at manageable prices.


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