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  1. How Long Does It Take to Transport a Car?
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  3. Time-Affecting Factors In Car Shipping
  4. Indicate the Locations for Pick-up and Drop-off
  5. How Long Does Enclosed Transport Take to Ship a Car?
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How Long Does It Take to Transport a Car?

Giving precise car shipping estimates can be difficult, especially if you must know all the nuances involved in the auto export procedure.

Road conditions, the time of year, the availability of truck trailers, the number of vehicles, auto shipping services, route distance, and more can all affect how long it takes to ship a car cross country.

The expected time to ship an automobile from one location to another can vary based on various factors. Based on these variables, you might also be charged differently for comparable shipping services.

Therefore, the anticipated shipping time and cost to ship a car can grow or decrease depending on the distance, route, or other pertinent considerations.

Use our automobile shipping cost calculator to obtain free, reliable estimations of the cost of transporting a car. To find out how much it will cost to ship a car across the country, fill out the required information on our website.

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The Procedure for Shipping a Car | How Long to Ship a Car

Transporting a car is a multifaceted process encompassing various steps, starting from selecting a shipping company and concluding with the final delivery at the intended destination. Now, let us delve into a more detailed examination of the standard car shipping procedure.

Choosing a Car Transport Company:

To begin the process, it is essential to carefully select ship a car company that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Numerous auto transport companies are in the market, each offering its distinct features, pricing options, and range of services.

You can utilize online resources such as search engines to find the best auto transport company. By conducting a thorough search, you can read reviews from previous customers and compare quotes from different companies.

This approach will enable you to make an informed decision and select the most suitable option for your needs. It is essential to choose an auto shipping company that is reputable and reliable to guarantee a smooth and trouble-free shipping experience.

Getting Your Car Ready for Shipping:

After choosing an auto shipping company, properly preparing your car for transportation is essential. The auto transport company will offer instructions on adequately preparing your vehicle for shipping. These guidelines may involve removing personal belongings, cleaning the car, and securing loose parts.

Transporting Your Vehicle:

Once the auto transport carriers and truck drivers are involved, they will assume responsibility for transporting your car.

The carrier will carefully load the car onto the truck and securely fasten it in place for transportation. Afterward, the driver will transport the vehicle to its destination by following the assigned shipping route.

Organizing the Pickup:

Once you have selected the shipping method, the next step is to arrange the pickup of your car. The shipping company will inform you of the designated pickup date and time. You must be present and ready to transfer the vehicle to the carrier.

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Time-Affecting Factors In Car Shipping

 Distance traveled 

The distance between the pick-up and delivery sites is a critical consideration that most automobile shipping firms consider when determining shipment time slots.

Auto shipping companies demand expensive rates to send a car over large distances or to another state. Several legal considerations for cross country transport can ultimately extend the delivery window.


Delivering a car to a place with inadequate infrastructure amenities requires extra time, money, and labor. To ship your vehicle to your desired location, car shipping businesses may link with other carriers or employ cutting-edge technology. Setting up the facilities and resources for a seamless shipping experience could take much time.

Vehicle make and model 

Comparatively speaking, shipping non-operational and damaged vehicles presents a significant challenge for auto transport firms. They might need to arrange to transport tools and equipment to load and unload your malfunctioning cars.

Furthermore, you can only anticipate receiving your automobiles in one or two working days if you transfer functional heavy-duty vehicles.

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The time of year 

Compared to other seasons, scheduling your car shipment for the specified dates during the summer and the holidays is rather challenging. It is regarded as the busiest time of year for the shipping sector.

Due to the increased demand for shipping services, locating a suitable shipping carrier for your automobiles could take longer.

Shipping procedures

The arrival estimates for your vehicles are greatly influenced by the shipping methods you select. We provide a wide range of shipping services, from enclosed auto transport to expedited shipment services.

You can choose the delivery method that best satisfies your demands and specifications for shipping. You can select open auto transport services for a less expensive car shipping experience.

Traffic situation 

Unwanted traffic mishaps could be caused by poor road conditions, which would delay your shipment. Some traffic problems are occasionally out of our control.

We will make sure to update you along the way in the event of any inadvertent delays. During the transportation procedure, you can contact our professionals for a timely update.

Other elements 

Most vehicle shipping companies also consider the weather, the number of vehicles, drivers' hours, and door to door and terminal-to-terminal services.

Indicate the Locations for Pick-up and Drop-off

Please provide the location for both the pick-up and delivery of the car. If either of the sites is located in challenging-to-navigate neighborhoods or rural regions, the driver must detach from the main route, resulting in a longer travel time. These two locations may influence the shipping time of ship a car.

How Long Does Enclosed Transport Take to Ship a Car?

On average, enclosed auto transport tends to have more extended pick-up, execution, and delivery times than open vehicle transport. Additionally, it is essential to note that the average cost of transporting a car using an enclosed hauler is considerably higher than shipping it in an open carrier.

Please note that the duration of enclosed auto transport may vary depending on the specific auto transport company and the time of year.

As a result, allocate a few additional days, on average, for the transportation process. While it may not always be the situation, it is consistently beneficial to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.


Several factors can influence the duration of a country's car transfer. When planning a country trip, it is essential to be prepared for a timeframe of approximately ten days to two weeks for the entire journey. 

If you want your automobile to arrive on schedule, it is advisable to collaborate with a reliable auto shipping company. Auto shipping company offers car moving services that are not only affordable but also trustworthy and remarkably user-friendly.


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