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  1. How To Select A Right Shipping Company?
  2. What Are The Types Of Car Shipping Services?
  3. Cost Of Car Shipping:
  4. Car Shipping Options:
  5. Which Type Of Carrier Is Right For Your Vehicle?
  6. Important Key Points You Should Consider Before You Book Your Shipment:

How To Select A Right Shipping Company?

Shipping your car is risky, and trusting a stranger is not so easy. Selecting the right shipping company for your car transportation is a challenging task. Let us discuss on this, and we hope it will help you select the right shipping company and professional car carriers for your car transportation needs.

  • Research About The Company:

You should research the company before hiring for your car shipping; you have to look for their registration number and experience in car transportation. You must visit their website, look for the registration number, and verify their contact details and address.

  • Verify Their License:

Verify their license to see whether they are a registered and authorized company. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau and Check for their DOT carrier number for verification.

  • Car Carrier Transport Types:

The next thing you must do is search for their car carrier type and whether they have the car carrier service as per your need. You have to check for the carrier features to ensure your car's safety and whether they have both carrier options, open car and enclosed car trailer type.

  • Car Shipping Options:

Check whether they have better car shipping options like door to door and terminal to terminal shipping. If you want to ship your car to some other regions like across the country or want to ship to Hawaii, then look for the door to port and port to port shipping options because some of the companies do not provide door to door shipping.

  • Customer Reviews:

In every business, customers are their first priority, and they always look to provide them with the best service. Some newly established companies also provide clients testimonials to showcase their work. You should check customer ratings and reviews about the companies on Google, Trustpilot, etc., or some other online website. It will give you an idea about the company’s service.

  • Customer Service And Support:

You should always pay attention to the reviews of the customers because it will help you to know more about the company. Look for their customer support and their team and how they work and support their customers. You can also ask for a reference.

  • Payment Options:

The most important thing is to verify their payment options, read the contract carefully before you sign it, and ask for a written copy of your car shipping contract. Nowadays, scams are common, so you should not pay via external links to avoid getting scammed.

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What Are The Types Of Car Shipping Services?

Car transportation companies provide multiple car carrier types for your car shipping. When it comes to shipping your classic car, you have to choose the best carrier for the transportation of your car. It is more important to understand the features of the carrier type you choose to know their pro and cons and select the best carrier as per your vehicle requirements.

Open Car Transport Enclosed Car Transport
Open-air long trailer Enclosed long trailer
Cheapest method  Expensive method
Safe and secure, but there is a risk of damage Provide more and extra protection, risk-free
No need to book in advance Need to book before the shipping

*Note- For better understanding, please read below.

Open Car Transport:

Open car transport is the most common type of transport, and it is the cheapest car transport. It is easily available in the market and is usually used by individuals and vehicle dealers who want to ship more than one to two vehicles. They can ship their vehicle at the same time to save their money and time. It is a cost-effective transport, but the main disadvantage is that your vehicle will be loaded in the open-air trailer, exposed to external debris, and may risk damage.

Enclosed Car Transport:

It is the most expensive means of car transportation, but it is best for those who want to ship their luxury and premium vehicles. In this, your vehicle is loaded into a closed trailer, providing extra protection and safely delivering your vehicle to your destination point. The main drawback of enclosed car transport is that it is more expensive than open car transport, and you must book your shipment in advance.

Expedited Car Shipping:

Expedited car shipping is the fastest mode of car shipping, and it is helpful for those who need to ship and deliver their car quickly and securely. This expedited car shipping is more costly than normal car shipping.

Cost Of Car Shipping:

The cost of car shipping is affected by several factors, like vehicle model type, shipping date and time, location and carrier shipping options, etc. Usually, the cost of car shipping depends on the distance covered from pickup to delivery location. The most affordable option for a journey of less than 500 miles can still amount to over $700. The cost per mile of car transportation decreases as the distance traveled increases.

For example, it starts at approximately $3 per mile and gradually reduces to $0.35 for distances exceeding 1,500 miles. You can also use our online cost calculator to estimate car shipping costs.

Car Shipping Options:

Safe car shipping is a great responsibility, so you can transport your car securely by choosing the best car shipping options. There are two main car shipping options they are Door to Door and Terminal to Terminal car shipping.

Door to Door Car Shipping:

Door to Door car shipping is the most convenient and easiest. You need not go to the designated point here. You just need to give the address. Our driver will come and pick up your car from your doorstep and drop it off at your given address.

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Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping:

In terminal-to-terminal car shipping, you have to leave your car at the designated terminal point, and when the driver reaches the terminal point, you have to be there to get your car. It is economically beneficial.

Which Type Of Carrier Is Right For Your Vehicle?

Before selecting the carrier type for your car shipping, you must consider your car's safety and budget. Choosing the right carrier type and shipping option is most important to ensure the safety of your car. Open car transport is common in the market and is cost-effective, and it is best to ship more than two vehicles.
If money is not your concern, you must select an enclosed car transport, because it has highly protective features and will protect and deliver your car safely.

Important Key Points You Should Consider Before You Book Your Shipment:

Multiple car shipping companies are in the market and provide the same car shipping services. It is not about the quantity. It’s about the quality. So, before the shipment of your car, you have to look for some important key points to find and choose the best and right shipping company for the shipment of your car.

  1. Do not rely on one company. You have to look for other companies and ask for their car shipping quote, compare the company's quotes, and select the best one per your budget and vehicle requirements.
  2. Do not run behind companies offering low prices and huge discounts on their car shipping service. They might be scammers, and you will get the service you pay for.
  3. You must research the company and check its license and registration number to ensure reliability. Read the customer reviews. It will give you an idea about their company.
  4. Check their insurance coverage and their cancellation policy.
  5. To experience the best car shipping and avoid misunderstandings and disputes between both parties, you must maintain proper professional communication with the car shipping company and the driver to get live location updates of your car.
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