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  1. How Long Does It Take to Ship Car to Mexico?
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  3. How Much Is Car Shipping to Mexico?
  4. What Affects Mexico Car Shipping Costs?


How Long Does It Take to Ship Car to Mexico?

To Ship Car to Mexico takes 1-2 days for distances under 200 miles. When traveling 2,000 miles or more, plan for up to 9 days.

Although the process may be lengthy, our shipping advisers are committed to sending your car quickly, efficiently, and without delays.

Guaranteed pick-up or expedited automobile shipping are options if you need your car quickly. It will speed up the process and move your automobile.

Methods of Transportation to Mexico by Car

Ship car to Mexico:

Many people who ship car to Mexico also ship household goods and other items. The car can be delivered to the customer's home or depot.

Customers can select either a private container, typically 20 or 40 feet long, where they can store their personal belongings and utilize the additional space.

They can also share a container with another vehicle to save money. The increased precautions require further costs.

Transportation via car:

Land-based and land-locked shipping methods typically require the most extended duration for transportation. Insurance and regular inspections cover cars on the road. They must wait for a confirmed shipment date to Mexico before traveling.

Ro-Ro (Roll On/Roll Off) Shipping:

  • Roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) shipping is used for vehicle transfer.
  • Sea shipping uses roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping, pushing vehicles onto and off carrier ships using their wheels.
  • Ro-Ro ships have ramps for easy automobile loading and unloading.
  • This delivery technique works well for items with wheels, or that can be securely mounted or detached. Ship car to Mexico is the most convenient and cost-effective solution.

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How Much Is Car Shipping to Mexico?

Several factors affect Mexico's car shipping costs. The distance you want to transport your car is most important. The imminent revelation of your car's make, model, and type shall soon grace your presence.

Take heed, for these factors do not stand alone as the only ponderables. Auto transport services to Albuquerque and the state are chosen based on several considerations.

What Affects Mexico Car Shipping Costs?

However, several factors can affect the cost of exporting your car. In the next section, auto shipping will discuss the aspects that will influence whether your auto transport needs are expensive or affordable.

Type of Auto Transport Service:

Your auto transport provider will also affect the cost of shipment. Being driven to your destination is usually the cheapest option, as you only pay for the driver's time and gas.

However, single-car trailers and enclosed transport cost more due to the equipment required. The most expensive car shipping method is enclosed.

This is because it involves transporting your vehicle individually, requiring specialized equipment to load, unload, and protect it throughout the journey.


  • The distance and route can affect your car carrier service's price from pick-up to delivery.
  • High-traffic roadways in cities, like ship car to Mexico, cost more.
  • The extra time it takes to get through congested areas may lengthen a journey.
  • Car moving firms must also account for unexpected events like extensive roadworks, which may increase costs. Alternative routes may be needed in certain situations, which could lengthen the trip.

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Dates for Shipping:

The speed at which you require your car transportation service to operate can also impact the cost. Your car transport business may charge less if you change your schedule.

Because they can deliver your vehicle on their schedule, they may cut costs and pass on the savings to you. 

If you need to move your car quickly, expedited shipping costs more. The car transport firm must reserve a trailer and driver for your delivery.

Size of Vehicle:

The cost of transporting your vehicle will be influenced by its height, length, and width, collectively known as its size. Car shippers need larger trailers for oversized autos. Overall, SUVs cost more to transport than sedans.

Additionally, the auto transport business must be informed of any bike racks, roof racks, or other automotive accessories. These factors may affect delivery trailer size.

Automobile Situation:

If your car is not drivable, it may result in higher auto transport costs. Because a winch or forklift may be needed to safely load and unload your car onto the trailer. 

A locked wheel makes loading and emptying your vehicle onto a trailer difficult, requiring more time, effort, and specialized equipment than a standard car shipping service.

Automobile carriers usually consider an automobile that can brake, roll, and steer shippable.

Pickup and delivery locations:

The pick-up and drop-off locations affect car shipment costs. In cities, ship car to Mexico services are convenient. You may also find economical car ship car to Mexico if you send it to a popular destination. 

The company pays more because remote deliveries require departures from conventional routes and more mileage.

Loading your vehicle may involve extra steps if the pick-up or drop-off place is unusual or hard to reach, raising automobile shipping costs.

Tracking Car Shipping to Mexico

Auto Shipping ensures the safe, simple, and efficient transfer of your automobile, truck, or other vehicle to Mexico. The organization has decades of long-distance auto freight experience.

The company offers covered auto carriers, open carriers, and flatbed trucks to protect your car at low prices.

You can now book cargo online 24/7 through the company's secure system. Also, our skilled shipment coordinators can help. 



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