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Car transport to Mexico

There are certain regulations and parameters must be satisfied when exporting a vehicle to Mexico by using Mexico Car Service in order for the transaction to be successful. There is paperwork to fill out, documents to send in, and fees to pay, just as there is with shipments to any other country.Make sure you read this post on the subject for more information on the fees associated with car transport to Mexico and International.

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Overview about Mexico

" Mexico " America's southern neighbor, is also one of the country's most significant trading and economic partners. "Mexico " is a recently industrialized country with a developing economy. It is the world's most populous Spanish-speaking country and the ninth most populous country overall, with a population of around 114 million people. Mexico's economy has grown quickly in recent years, and it now ranks among the world's major economies. The border between Mexico and the United States is one of the world's longest and busiest . Every day, about one million legal travelers and $1 billion worth of commodities pass through the border . While border states have reaped the benefits of this commerce, other states, such as Illinois, Michigan, "Kansas " and North Dakota, have robust trading relations with Mexico.

North Dakota, have robust trading relations with Mexico. Mexico is a federal constitutional republic with 31 states and the Federal District of Mexico City, which serves as the country's capital. A democratically elected president leads the country, which is governed by a bicameral legislature that includes a Senate and a Chamber of Deputies. The country has a diverse cultural legacy that spans centuries. Mexico's cultural customs, art, and literature have all been influenced by Spain's 300-year colonialism. Mexico's culture has also been extensively influenced by American influences in recent years. Music, perhaps more than anything else, reflects the country's great ethnic and cultural variety. Mexican music styles such as Mariachi, Ranchera, and Bands are popular not just in Mexico, but also internationally.

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Some important Guidlines while shipping to Mexico

Vehicle documentation:

  • Original vehicle title
  • Bill of sale
  • International residents:
  • Copy of passport
  • Power of attorney form for intl. residents
  • US citizens:
  • EIN letter - read more
  • Power of attorney form for US citizens


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US citizens:

  • EIN letter - read more
  • Power of attorney form for US citizens

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We are trustworthy professionals who recognise the value of understanding our industry, exceeding expectations, and avoiding politics along the way. Teamwork, honesty, mutual respect, and accountability are the keys to our success. In all we do, we adhere to the highest ethical standards. We earn our clients' trust and share long-term success by treating our coworkers and customers fairly, honestly, and with respect.Every day, everywhere, we are committed to an incident-free workplace. We are regularly working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

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We build partnerships that are open and honest.With our employees, customers, drivers, and other business partners, we strive for relationships built on honesty, perseverance, mutual trust, and integrity.Our words, behaviours, decisions, and actions all come together to form a unified whole. We don't make promises we won't be able to keep.It's crucial to keep track of commitments at Rapid Auto Shipping. It all comes down to the fundamentals of business. If you say you'll do something, follow through.

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When you adore your vehicle, getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road is the finest way to get it from point A to point B. When you can't see your vehicle until it arrives at its destination, you'll need a dependable transportation firm to deliver it safely and swiftly. We at Rapid Auto Shipping has given great "auto transport solutions " to hundreds of thousands of consumers, and our 99+ percent customer satisfaction rate reflects our dedication to providing top-notch service.affecting or extending throughout all parts of a "States "

Some secure and faster ways to ship your vehcile

RORO and container consolidation are the two most popular ways to move a car to Mexico. Both are "affordable" and won't break the bank, however, RORO shipping may be a little more costly.
Prices are for one car in a 20-foot container. This is the safest and most dependable method of transporting a vehicle across the border. Other items may be placed in the container to assist you to save money on your move.
Using the RoRo (roll on, roll off) approach saves money and allows shipments to be finished in less time. For a free RoRo quote, contact us right now.

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RORO Shipping

This is the most popular mode of transportation used by most customers to transport their vehicles. This is a type of maritime shipping in which vehicles drive themselves onto and off carrier ships. Ideal for shipping car, motorcycle, truck, specialty vehicle, equipment and boat.

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Container Shipping

This is a common shipping technique for customers who want to move their personal belongings to Mexico with their vehicles. The vehicle can be picked up from one's home or brought to a depot. Customers can choose private containers.

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Car Shipping

Because this is a land-based and land-locked mode of transportation, it takes the longest. Cars are insured and inspected on a regular basis throughout the journey, but they must first wait for a shipping date to Mexico

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John Logan


I asked them to deliver a vehicle in a trailer to Vegas. I have been using their services for many years and I am never disappointed. The vehicles arrived quickly and safely.

11, April 2019


Angela Merkle


Very accurate and in-time services. Their home pickup was excellent, and they took care of the vehicle very well. If I had known they were so good, I would have also asked them to ship my four-wheeler.

07, May 2021


Steven Faith


Accurate, home pickup, on time, excellent care of my motorcycle. If I had known they were going to be as good as they were, I would have shipped my three wheeler with them at the same time.

07, April 2020

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Mark de cole


They did a great job delivering my two-wheeler in their trailer. They did a great job of delivering it. This is my third time with them using and I am always happy with their services.

01, September 2020

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Mark Jennings


Shipping car from one state to the other state is very easy and convenient with Rapid auto shipping. they were quick and superb in responding all my queries during the transit of my vehicle.

22, September 2019

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Estep Meade


I would highly recommend Rapid Auto Shipping company for snowbird shipping services. They did remarkable job and really at affordable price. Best Auto shipping company in USA for Snowbird Shipping. Thank you, Team.

07, April 2020

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Sherry Street


Thank You Rapid Auto Shipping for delivering my vehicle. this is the second time i have used your service and found to be amazing both the times.

11, April 2019


Mark Hill


Their services are accurate whether it is home pickup or taking care of my vehicles. I was happy with all their services and their shipping and transport services were better than anyone else

22, September 2019

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Frequently asked questions


Certain regulations and parameters must be satisfied when exporting a vehicle to Mexico by using Mexico Car Service in order for the transaction to be successful. There is paperwork to fill out, documents to send in, and fees to pay, just as there is with shipments to any other country. Make sure you read this post on the subject for more information on the fees associated with transporting an automobile internationally. It's also crucial to consider the country's weather conditions. The climate of Mexico varies from desert-like to tropical, depending on where you are in relation to the shore. The country's northwest is desert, dry, and hot, whereas the coast is humid, wet, and warm. Summers in Mexico City are pleasant, and winters are mild. May is the hottest month of the year, while January is the coldest, with frost forming on cars on certain evenings. The wettest month is July, while the driest is February. It's generally better to transport your car somewhere in the middle of these two options. As is always the case, learning about the country's weather trends will help you comprehend any shipment delays that may occur. It is possible to travel to Mexico and import items all year. It is simple to traverse Mexico and maintain friendly relations with a country with such a long history and strong ties to the United States. As a result of rising imports and tourists, Mexico's customs and laws governing movement and shipping into the country are highly strict. However, There are several popular shipping destination ranging from Acapulco, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Guadalupe, Morelia, Tijuana, Cancún, Hermosillo, Gutierrez, Ecatepec, Mexicali, Reynosa, Zapopan, Guadalajara, Mexico City to Saltillo and so forth.


The cost of transporting a vehicle from the United States to Mexico can range from a few hundred dollars to $2,500 or more. The distance, which mostly depends on where the vehicle is being shipped to and from within the United States and Mexico, determines a large portion of the cost. ​Your ground transportation quote is also influenced by the distance to the nearest port and the shipping method you choose. ​Prices and delivery time are estimated. Normally, it takes 7 to 10 days to ship a vehicle across the border. ​Prices also vary from the type of vehicle. For instance, if you want to ship a sedan car from Mexico to the USA, then the price will be cheaper but, on the other hand, it will be a bit expensive if you want to ship SUVs. ​To Transport a vehicle to Mexico, Our calculator will assist you in obtaining an immediate shipping cost. Enter the vehicle's VIN and location in the United States, then select Mexico from the drop-down menu to acquire a precise price.

Some Important Information to consider while shipping

Any non-permanent or external pieces of your vehicle should be removed prior to shipment, as they could cause issues throughout the lengthy delivery procedure. Many firms may also want you to thoroughly clean the inside of your vehicle, which is especially important if you opt to employ a RoRo service (more on that soon). Additionally, before leaving, steam-clean the interior of your vehicle so that it is not quarantined before being sent. The shipping business you choose will not have to transport your vehicle to a quarantine facility, a cleaning facility, and then back to the shipping facility, which will speed up the delivery procedure. By skipping these long procedures, you can expect faster delivery and a lower risk of damage to your vehicle. Make sure to get rid of all of your vehicle's air-conditioning gases as well. If you're unsure about your vehicle's shipping eligibility, consult Title 19 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations.


Anyone looking for the best and cheapest international shipping services is in luck. Well, multiple companies ship to Mexico but Rapid Auto Shipping is a global shipping firm capable of transporting almost anything, including household products, automobiles, heavy equipment, and big freight. We will provide you with the cheapest shipping services to Mexico. So, if you need to ship big equipment or huge freight from the United States to Mexico, we've got you covered. It makes no difference to us what you're transporting; we want you to call us. We are confident that we will be able to find a shipping solution for you. Not to mention that, as registered transportation specialists, we supply each of our customers with state-mandated insurance coverage. We also provide alternative insurance policies at modest extra charges for more safety.


For clients transporting large or heavy cargo overseas, Rapid Auto Shipping offers a variety of transportation services to ship to Mexico. Only part of our services may be offered to you depending on the sort of goods you want to be shipped to Mexico. We can inform you which choices are available when you provide us with specifics about the equipment or goods you want to export. Our shipping experts will assist you in making decisions and ensure that you are well-informed about the options available to you. They'll even make professional recommendations for you. Here are all of the international transportation options we have available:

  • Flat Rack Shipping
  • Container Shipping
  • Roll-On/Roll-Off Shipping
  • Lift On/Lift Off Shipping
Only one of the shipping options listed above is an enclosed service. Because of the added security provided, container transportation costs a little more than open-air services. However, your cargo must fit into a 40-foot container to use this form of transportation. Flat rack transport is the safest technique for open-air shipping. Your package is securely fastened to a metal frame for this delivery method. Although Ro/Ro shipping is the most cost-effective option, it is only available to ship operable, functional equipment and vehicles. Lo/Lo shipping is for anyone who has created cargo or inoperable equipment that needs to be lifted onto a ship by a crane.

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Leading dealerships, auctions, museums and events ship their vehicles, motorcycles, and special projects around the world with West Coast Shipping. We have the expertise to handle them all.

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